State of the union address essay

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The lifetime members and rose delegates with us today serve as a testimonial of oseas strength. I referred to them last year as elders. I was mistaken; they are so much more than that. These members are the trailblazers, the visionaries and the sterling example of the solid foundation osea was built. Life was not easy for them. But, through thick and thin, they built and strengthened osea much in the same fashion as we did this year.

No one on this Conference floor can do it all. Thankfully, we are extremely blessed to have an amazing staff that is committed to osea and its members. We have staff introductions later on the agenda, but I just wanted to personally recognize the efforts our best entire crew provided to our chapters this year. Delegates, please join me in thanking our staff. This years Conference theme highlights what we believe —. O ur, s trength, e ndures,. For 80 years, our members, activists, leaders and staff have faced down many challenges, and they have not only survived — they have flourished. We have welcomed all newcomers without hesitation into our chapters and into our hearts. Our unity, our sense of purpose and our resilience is what defines us as an organization. There is little question we are strong. You only have to take a look to two groups on the conference floor to see where we get it from.

state of the union address essay

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I would like to thank each of you for the work you do in our chapters! Besides our Conference regulars, i see a lot of new faces out there on the floor today. I would like to welcome you to your twist first osea family reunion. You come from chapters throughout the state and are here because you care about your union and the members you are representing at this Conference. Would our first timer delegates please stand? Lets give them a big welcoming applause. You may be seated.

state of the union address essay

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When our leaders in chapters large and small became aware of the. Janus threat and reviewed their membership numbers, they readily faced these challenges by conducting chapter membership drives. I will talk more about this later, but it needs to be noted up front that our leaders, worksite organizers and other chapter activists really stepped up to the plate on this one while still fulfilling their normal duties as advocates for the employees. I would like to take a moment here and ask all delegates to stand. As I look out over the floor, i see local chapter leaders, stewards, worksite organizers and chapter activists. (Yes, delegates are activists, too!) every one of you in this room represents the core strength of osea! Please, give each other a round of applause.

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state of the union address essay

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That passion has driven our organization since 1938, and i am glad to see it continues to thrive from one generation to the next. We may have differing opinions during Conference business sessions — and on issues we debate — but in the end we all want the same things: Respect for the work our members. Safe learning environments for students and staff. A fair living wage with hours of work that qualify our members for benefits and an adequate retirement income. And for Oregon to adequately fund education and public services. To achieve these things, osea must continue to have influence within the education community and among elected representatives at all levels of government to provide the resources necessary for our members to do their jobs well.

But, even more important, is the support and activism of our members. To that end, this year we embarked on a huge statewide campaign to strengthen our organization. These efforts were, in part, spurred on by an expected negative decision in the. Afscme, supreme court case. But just as important was the realization that many of our osea chapters were experiencing low membership numbers and a general lack of engagement with their members.

Ninety chapters — either on their own or assisted by osea staff — conducted a series of membership drives that ultimately raised the unions overall membership rate by more than 7 percent. Stoelb warned delegates that in the wake. Janus they should expect the anti-union Freedom foundation to mount a full-scale attack on union members by encouraging them to drop their membership. We must stand united and defy this blatant assault on working people, and i know we can be successful, Stoelb said. We can easily counter the supreme court decision and tactics of anti-union groups by simply continuing to do what we have done for the past few months: Talk to our members and engage new hires to become members!

Stoelb told delegates to consider two simple, basic truths: Without members, we have no strength; and without members, we have no union. We control oseas destiny, stoelb said in conclusion. If we want to continue to be successful, we need to be united and All. The following is the full text of oseas 2018 State of the Union: good morning delegates. Thank you so much for that generous applause and for the grand reception during last nights introduction of your osea board of Directors. Welcome to what I like to call oseas annual family reunion. It is our 80th anniversary as an organization, and its great to see this room filled with chapter leaders, activists and members who have taken the time to be delegates to this years Conference. The State of the Union is an annual message to osea delegates that celebrates our victories, recognizes our losses and provides guidance to our delegates on setting the direction of osea for the year ahead. Our delegates, leaders and staff all care deeply about osea.

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The national Interest' s advisory council. Rand paul (r-ky) delivers the official tea party response to President Obamas State of the Union address 2013 /uCjscehookq, immediately following President Obamas State of the Union address, cato Institute scholars gathered to discuss and analyze many of the key policy points addressed by the. Were pleased to be able to offer their insights in essay this specially prepared video. President Tim Stoelb described oseas efforts over the last year to sign up new members as he delivered the unions first post. Afscme state of the union address. Stoelb told Conference delegates that osea launched its statewide All In Membership Campaign back in november in anticipation of the. Supreme court ruling fair-share fees unconstitutional.

state of the union address essay

He referred to himself as commander-in-chief, but his priorities clearly lie elsewhere rather than in that particular role. After his inaugural address, which barely touched on national security at all, many overseas observers wondered just how important that issue really was to this president. The State of the Union address provided the answer: It remains on the presidents radar way screen. But it is not nearly as important as other issues, and holds nowhere nearly the same priority for him as it did for his predecessor. Dov zakheim served as the undersecretary of defense (comptroller) and chief financial officer for the. Department of Defense from and as the deputy undersecretary of defense (planning and resources) from. He also served as dod's civilian coordinator for Afghan reconstruction from 20022004. He is a member.

the european Union and beyond - microsoft Store. Ratings and reviews, no one's rated or reviewed this product yet. To rate and review, sign. February 13, 2013 Topic: Congress, domestic Politics, the Presidency, national security remains on the presidents radar screen. But it is not nearly as important as other issues. In a speech that lasted just about an hour, President Obama devoted perhaps ten minutes to national security matters.

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State of the union

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state of the union address essay
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From believing women to fighting for lgbtqia rights, here are just six of the most crucial issues young people are fighting for in 2018. Scholarly debates focus predominantly on constitutions beyond the state, while the predicament of domestic constitutionalism is much less considered. The collection of essays addresses a range of critical challenges including societal acceleration, depoliticization, civic engagement, multi-faceted.

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  1. They were joined by deputy Attorney general Sally yates. Allen, mayor Luttrell and Chief otoole will be seated in the box with First Lady michelle Obama,. Jill Biden and Valerie jarrett during the State of the Union Address tonight.

  2. We ratcheted up our training and focused on the organizing piece of unionism. From Created On Description. Writing the 2012 State of the Union Address.

  3. In a cbs news poll of those who watched President Donald Trump's first State of the Union address on tuesday night, 54 percent said the issues he addressed would help them personally, while just 14 percent thought they would be hurt by them. President Tim Stoelb described oseas efforts over the last year to sign up new members as he delivered the union s first post-Janus. Afscme state of the union address.

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