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An image with a wide tonal range has lower contrast. Conversion, the process of creating a three dimensional (3D) item from a flat sheet of paper. Envelope conversion / box conversion. Copy refers to any typewritten material, art, photos etc., to be used for the printing process. Cover Paper heavier, generally stiffer paper commonly used for book covers, folders, greeting cards, business cards, and brochures. Uncoated cover papers generally match the color and finish of corresponding text papers.

Excessive variation in caliper can power lead to print variation, undesirable visual effects, and uneven stretch or press-feeding problems. It can also create problems in folding and binding. Case binding is a book bound using the hard board, or case, covers. Cmyk, abbreviation for the four process color inks: cyan, magenta, yellow and Black. Coated Stock is any paper that has a mineral coating applied after the paper is made, giving the paper a smoother finish. ( see also cast-coating, clay, dot gain, dull coated, four-color process gloss, halftone, ink holdout, matte coated, off-machine coating). Color key, a printer's proof usually used for viewing the individual layers of cmyk, four sheets of colored acetate, for examining the quality of process color separations. Color Separation is the processes of separating the primary color components for printing. Contrast is the degree of tonal separation or gradation in the range from black to white. Extreme lights and darks give an image high contrast.

pages in a ream of paper

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That extends past the edge of the printed page. Bleeds are created by trimming the page after printing. C1S paper that is coated on one side only (coated one side). C2S paper that is coated on both sides (coated two sides). Calendaring is a process using a series of metal rolls at the end of a paper machine; when the paper is passed between these rolls it advantages increases its smoothness and glossy surface. Caliper is the measurement of thickness of paper expressed in thousandths of an inch or mils. As measured with a sensitive tool called a micrometer.

pages in a ream of paper

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(see also basic size, basis weight, weight). No coating is a water based coating applied after printing, either while the paper is still on press in line or after it's off the press. An no coating usually gives a gloss, dull, or matte finish, and helps prevent the underlying ink from rubbing off. This is a water-soluble plate coating, which is less toxic and less polluting. (see also coated stock, finishing, uv coating, varnish). Binding fastening papers together for easy reading, transport, and protection. Papers may be bound together with a variety of materials, like wire, thread, glue, and plastic combs. For definitions on types of binding see also finishing, folding, imposition, scoring. Bleed is any copy, art illustration, photo, color, etc.

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pages in a ream of paper

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Policy considerations, this experience empowerment in the field highlights some policy challenges that are becoming apparent after-the-fact. Most of the meaningful Use requirements are fine, and achievable, and reflect the active use of an ehr by Eligible Professionals. However, the Clinical Summaries (core requirement 13) represents a roadblock that can make access to power ehr incentive funds nearly impossible to achieve. The 50 threshold is part of the problem. The requirement to generate such a summary for every visit (not just for every patient, but for every visit ) and not just for patients who ask for it, but for everyone regardless of whether they want it is also part of the problem. It is a bit late for cms or the onc to revise this requirement for 2011 (although, re-consideration would be widely welcomed).

However, either (1) reducing the threshold of performance to some level below 50 for example, 10, in line with other measures or (2) revising the criteria to pertain only to patients to ask for a summary (rather than everyone, regardless) would be two appropriate ways. Hopefully, cms will take a good look at the experience coming from the field. For our part, we will do everything we can to help our users achieve this single high hurdle. Actual weight : The true weight of any volume of paper. The actual weight of paper is used to determine both purchase price and shipping costs.

This is a very high bar to achieve it might not have seemed so onerous when policy-making was looking at this, but now that we have some experience, this is likely the single-most-problematic of all the meaningful Use measures. There are 2 ways of generating Clinical Summaries: (1) print out a summary for each visit and give it to the patient within 3 days, or (2) enroll the patient in a linked phr that updates automatically with each visit from the associated ehr. The first method results in something operationally unrealistic. If a typical practitioner sees 20-30 patients a day in the office, and if there are 2-3 practitioners in that office, and if a summary takes up 1-2 pages of printout, then you are looking at going through a full ream of paper every 1-2. This ream-of-paper-a-day as a result of moving from a paper-based environment to an ehr is an unintended consequence of such a meaningful Use measure.

More practically, enrolling patients in a phr is a more feasible solution. Even so, this is a huge challenge. A full 50 of all patients seen need to be enrolled in the phr (Kaiser a fully integrated delivery system only has achieved 30-40 enrollment). This is not just a practice fusion issue informal conversations with colleagues working for other ehr companies face the same challenge. To help our users achieve this difficult hurdle one that is a sine qua non for receiving meaningful Use money we have focused significant efforts on helping our users. For reference, refer to the step-by-step guide we have published here.

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One measure for which there is low utilization is providing patients with health Education menu measure 6. However, this is a menu (optional) measure, and the performance threshold is 10 in other words, 10 of all patients seen in the 90-day measure period need to be given patient-specific education resources at least once. This item, given that it is optional, and given that the threshold is 10, is one that can be achieved with some deliberate effort, even in the remaining time this year. The most significant problem area is Clinical Summaries core measure 13. This item is a core element, which means that failure to achieve this blocks access to ehr incentive money via medicare altogether. The only exception is professionals who have no office visits during the 90 day period (e.g. Most professionals trying to achieve meaningful Use, however, are office-based, and will need to report pdf on this. The challenge is that 50 of all visits need to have a clinical Summary provided to patients during the measure period (not just Medicare patients, but all patients) within 3 days of the visit.

pages in a ream of paper

This is true as well for Practice fusion, which is Certified to report on diabetic eye exams, foot exams and blood pressure control. The Stage 1 meaningful Use cqm bar is fairly low the numerators can all be zero, in fact. What is intended is to get Eligible Professionals used to reporting cqm measures there is no minimum performance threshold for this. Now, of course, down the road, organizations like acos and Medical Homes will use cqm performance as report cards that will allow them to compete based on quality measures. But essayer that comes later. Roadblocks to successful meaningful Use now better understood. Now that we are able to look at actual performance in the field of Eligible Professionals with respect to each of the meaningful Use criteria, we can see where the pain points are. Many clinicians are already achieving most of the core meaningful Use measures and if not, they are close, and can get to the performance thresholds without too much difficulty. There are two criteria, however, that we have seen significantly very low scoring.

meaningful Use. This is significantly different from other federal incentive programs the e-prescribing (mipaa) incentive is only about Medicare patients; and. Pqrs (formerly pqri) is only about Medicare patients. But meaningful Use is about everyone. Myth 2: Clinical quality measures (the 3 menu ones) can be from any of the 35 options listed. This is not exactly true either. Meaningful Use requires that you report cqm only on elements that the ehr is Certified for. Very few ehrs are certified for all the cqm measures most are certified for only 3 (or so) of the menu items.

Unlike in the past, where the focus of the ehr industry was on making sure that commercially available products had a specified set of features, meaningful Use ushered in a new era simply having features in an ehr was not enough; one needed to demonstrate. Common myths, despite considerable talk and interaction, a number of misunderstandings are still prevalent about meaningful Use. Colleagues of mine have been given some of their misinformation by their billers. Except for Practice fusion users, where very active support comes from the vendor, actual vendor support around meaningful Use from most other widely-held interests ehrs is minimal usually simply pointing out where, in their product, the reports are located in order to fill out Attestation. Where it exists, most meaningful Use support comes from organizations that host ehrs (like medical groups, ipas, hospitals and their affiliated community practices, etc.). Myth 1: meaningful Use is only about Medicare patients. The whole purpose of the ehr incentive program is to encourage Eligible Professionals to use ehrs in their whole practice.

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The north Pacific Fishery management council (npfmc) is one of eight regional councils in the United States that manages fisheries; it also happens to be the largest. Agendas for council meetings are so large, npfmc staffers had to start compiling them a month in advance. More often than not, these agendas were comprised of a ream and internet a half of paper each, or roughly 750 pages. With 80 members on the council, npfmc would go through 60-100,000 sheets of paper per meeting. Download this success story to learn how npfmc uses the Granicus Legistar solution to now conduct paperless meetings, saving 30,000 per year in printing, shipping and machine costs and enabling staff to focus on the important issues at hand. Now that we have accumulated some experience with the criteria for the. Ehr incentive program meaningful Use we can see where some of the pain points are. When the Office of the national coordinator (ONC) set up the criteria for demonstrating meaningful Use, it was the result of a long, open, and deliberative process, which most everyone applauded. At the same time, it was based on speculation as to what could easily be achieved as a minimum threshold for Stage 1 we now have some experience with which to comment on that initial speculation.

pages in a ream of paper
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Ream of Color Paper (8 x 11 ream of White paper (8 x 11 print 90 pages -per-minute, and a full color Ricoh mp c2800 copier with. if a summary takes up 1-2 pages of printout, then you are looking at going through a full ream of paper every 1-2 days on this alone! Because this is twice the quantity of a ream of paper, it is also twice the ream weight).

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  1. Ream 500 sheets of paper. Basis weight weight in pounds of a ream of paper cut to the basic size for its grade. see the pages,. Fanning a new opened ream of paper is extremely important and should be performed each time paper is loaded.

  2. capacitor-grade paper, of unknown composition, was tested, as was a commercially available battery cell containing Toshiba K9b. Cutters cut a greater number of sheets of paper at a time while trimmers cut a smaller number of different types of stock. in case of paper the packing could be 1/2 ream,1/4th ream, in case of board the ream will consist of 500 sheets and packing could. 1 ream of copy paper 1 Large soft zipper Pencil Case (no boxes) 1 White bottle glue and 1 glue stick, 1 scotch tape (no staplers).

  3. 500 sheets is a ream of paper both within and without the. the weight (in grams per square meter) for a ream of a given basic size and grade of paper based on its basis weight in pounds. Usually the grain is in the direction of the longest edge, and the concave side of the ream of paper faces the package seam. (Printing, lithography bookbinding) a set of 24 or 25 sheets of paper ; a twentieth of a ream.

  4. If a ream of 17 x 22 weighs 20 pounds, this is called. Paper, commonly cut.5 x 11 sheets. the only part of this the two systems have in common: the word ream.

  5. More often than not, these agendas were comprised of a ream and a half of paper each, or roughly 750 pages. The Item is ham103036. One ream of 500 pages will make 83 booklets (6 pages each, double sided). They ship very fast.

  6. The 20lbs denotes the thickness of paper, not how much the ream weighs. A few months ago i was looking at the amount of excess paper (junk mail, the kid's old homework, the never ending mountain of printouts. 1, ream of 500 sheets quality 80gsm paper, print yield: up to 65,000 pages c7030 Print Cartridge (Black 109,000 pages, cmy 87,000, pages ). Ream of, paper :.00 x toner Cartridge oem from hp is around 233.99 (291.99 with 20 Corporate discount) with a yield of 24,000 pages.

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