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30 Lysander house farnborough road 12 31 Meteor house filton Croft 13 32 Northolt Tower Yatesbury avenue 92 16 One of the 'centre 8' tower blocks. 33 oakington house watton Green 13 pioneer house farnborough road 12 34 Shawbury tower Yatesbury avenue 92 16 One of the 'centre 8' tower blocks. 35 Ternhill house 13 Topcliffe house hawkinge Drive 12 built on top of Topcliffe Primary School. 36 Trident house farnborough road 12 37 Valiant house manby road 13 Vanguard house farnborough road 12 38 Viscount house farnborough road 12 39 Vulcan house farnborough road 12 40 by the end of the 1960s, castle vale had a population of around 20,000 people. Many of the new residents were of Irish descent citation needed, previously living in inner-city slums such as Aston and Nechells. 10 As well as high-rise tower blocks, castle vale also had 27 four-storey blocks of maisonettes, three-storey blocks of flats, over 100 bungalows and hundreds of terraced and semi-detached houses.

10 The summary following is a list of the tower blocks constructed on the estate. Name location Number of flats Number of floors Additional notes References Abingdon Tower Yatesbury avenue 92 16 One of the 'centre 8' tower blocks. 12 Albert Shaw house longcroft Close Andover house padgate Close 13 Argosy house farnborough bim road 12 14 Auster house farnborough road 12 15 Avro house farnborough road 12 16 bovingdon Tower Yatesbury avenue 92 16 One of the 'centre 8' tower blocks. 17 Chivenor house Drem Croft 12 built on top of Chivenor Primary School. 18 Comet house farnborough road 12 19 Concorde tower Hawker Drive 116 20 The tallest tower on the estate. Built alongside castle vale Shopping Centre. 20 Cosford Tower Yatesbury avenue 92 16 One of the 'centre 8' tower blocks. 21 Cranwell Tower Yatesbury avenue 92 16 One of the 'centre 8' tower blocks. 22 Ensign house donibristle Croft 13 23 Hampden house farnborough road 12 24 Hawker house farnborough road 12 25 Hercules house 12 Hermes house Innsworth Drive 13 26 javelin house farnborough road 12 27 Kemble tower Yatesbury avenue 92 16 One of the 'centre 8'. 28 Kestrel house farnborough road 12 29 Lyneham Tower Yatesbury avenue 92 16 One of the 'centre 8' tower blocks.

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Sheridan-Shedden, which consisted of housing for 5,000 housing units along two spines of housing running along the length of the estate, commenced in 1963 and the first residents moved in a year later. The estate was completed in 1969. Reinforced concrete was the main material help used due to its low cost and ease of use. 9 30 of the houses constructed were intended for private sale, an unusually high percentage, with most of the privately sold houses being around the park lane area of the estate. 10 As well as residential properties, there was also a shopping centre in the eastern part of the estate, five schools, two churches and a swimming pool. There were some clear links to the aviation heritage of the site within the names of the roads, with the three main roads running the length of the estate being constructed on the runways of the airfield, and the 34 tower blocks that contained 2,000. There were two major concentrations of tower blocks within the estate: fourteen along Farnborough road, and the 'centre 8 a group of 8 large tower blocks in the centre of the estate.

hairdressing business plan pdf

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9 he needed was quickly succeeded. Sheridan-Shedden, the deputy city Architect who held the position temporarily. Upon taking the position, he designed a revised masterplan for the castle Bromwich Airfield estate. The new masterplan used the radburn layout which consisted of super-blocks of housing, schools, retail and offices around a communal open space, a concept which was created by Clarence Stein in Radburn, new Jersey in 1929. 10 The council attempted to limit the damage caused to their reputation as a result of the scandal surrounding the resignation of Fidler by agreeing to embark on the major building project at Castle Bromwich with five new goals. These were increasing housing output at the estate by a further 4,000 homes, which was aimed to reduce the cost of dwellings, introducing industrialised forms of construction to save labour, attracting new national contractors to work in Birmingham, and increase capacity by providing continuous work. 9 Construction edit At a time when major house-building firms were receiving large subsidies from the government for the construction and pioneering prefabricated, system-built tower blocks, there was major competition between companies who offered various construction systems. Had developed a system called the bison Wall Frame system 11 which was offered to the council who then accepted it and commissioned Bryants as the contractor. 1 Construction of the layout designed.

Remnants of the airfield also exist such as a row of ex-raf housing along Church road, and the three main roads on the estate were the original runways on airfield. Castle vale estate edit Planning edit At the end of World War ii, one third of housing within Birmingham was declared unfit for habitation and a major construction programme was needed to deal with problem. 1 by 1950, birmingham City council had been constructing municipal housing to accommodate the rising population of Birmingham and to accommodate those who had been displaced by the slum clearances in the inner-city areas of the city, similar to the process which had started some. Municipal house construction developed into high-rise construction in the mid-1950s with the guidance of Alwyn Sheppard Fidler, the city Architect of Birmingham. By 1962, however, the city council was demolishing more houses than it was constructing and Fidler urged the council to adopt the French Camus system which consisted of housing at a density of approximately 50 houses per hectare and 80 people per acre. The council refused this and demanded 48 homes per hectare with 75 people per acre. In a final attempt to convince the council, he proposed a 'garden city' layout for the castle Bromwich Airfield site in 1963. This too was rejected and, as a result, fidler resigned from his position.

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hairdressing business plan pdf

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7 In the interwar years, the aerodrome had a dual military and civilian function. In these early days, it was the busiest airport in the area due to power its passenger, post and railway air business. A large tract of land adjacent to the airfield was marked out for the British Industries fair (BIF) in 1920, which was advertised nationally. 1 In 1937, more hangars and a squadron headquarters were built for the royal Air Force and in 1939, it was extended further to become a fighter station, a base for other units and a dispatch site for aeroplanes english built at Castle Bromwich Aircraft Factory. At its peak, the airfield would be used for testing 300 Supermarine Spitfires per month for World War.

1 Various units used the airfield following the war and there was an annual display to mark the anniversary of the battle of Britain held at the airfield. Civilian flights returned, including the first scheduled helicopter service from London. The buildings that were used for the bif were sold as storage units for various companies. 1 In March 1960, the airfield was closed as a result of the impending expansion of the airport at Elmdon, the airfield site, the bif site and nearby farmland was sold for construction of the overspill estate which started in 1964. 9 The last hangars were demolished in 1992 for an industrial site. 1 There are some strong symbolic links to these times in the shape of the sentinel sculpture, a stained glass church window, and the names of tower blocks and streets on the estate.

Mary to serve people housed in nearby nissen huts. It was dedicated on 17 December 1923 but was destroyed by fire in 1926, only to be rebuilt soon after and fall into disuse. 6 Castle Bromwich Aerodrome edit main article: Castle Bromwich Aerodrome The area was a flat plain when it became the berwood Playing fields. 7 In 1909, local mechanic louis Maxfield assembled a flying machine in Berwood Playing fields. The plane took off and is said to have reached a height of 50 ft (15 m making it the first flight in Birmingham.

7 The site's suitability was investigated and it soon became the castle Bromwich private aerodrome. By 1911, a pilot was giving demonstration flights in a bleriot monoplane. In the london to manchester air race of 1914, competitors stopped at the aerodrome for refuelling. 7 The start of World War I meant a change at Castle Bromwich Aerodrome and it was requisitioned by the war Office for use by the royal Flying Corps and flying schools in 1915. 5 Flying School was established at the aerodrome in the same year. Pilots were accommodated in tents and huts located around the site and on 1 September 1915, 19 Squadron was established at the aerodrome.

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Bagot sold 344 acres (1 km2) of plan land in Berwood to the birmingham, tame and rea district Drainage board, and a further 358 acres (1 km2) were sold to the board on 29 September 1888. 2 Home farm was in the north west corner, near Tyburn house, and the land consisted of a large orchard, however its main function was to spread sewage brought from the city of Birmingham over the rest of the land. In 1898, filter beds were constructed as the volume of sewage was becoming too much with the rest of the land becoming farmland or swamp, surrounded by forest. In 1842, the birmingham and Derby junction railway was completed to the southeast of Castle vale with a railway station serving the area on the line. Another railway branch, the sutton Park line was completed in 1879 and formed the eastern boundary of the area, roughly marking the boundary of the land in the Arden/Darcy dispute. 1 In 1900, john Dunlop opened a tyre factory on the opposite side of the Chester road to where the castle vale housing estate now stands and gradually expanded over the next few decades to become one of the largest and most recognisable tyre factories. The name. Mary was revived in Berwood upon the construction of the Church.

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King Henry viii for 272 10s. The hall fell into disrepair 3 and when it remained as just a shell, the property was confiscated by the Crown and given to Edward Darcy after the previous owner, Edward Arden, was convicted of treason and hanged. 1 The son of Edward Arden started studying law and commenced several court cases to regain control of the land from Edward Darcy. When Darcy learned of a case to regain half of the land, he deforested it and moved the valuable timber to his land in Minworth, 1 leaving a swampy area which was prone to flooding and with poor quality soil for agriculture. 4 The hall was eventually demolished although the moat still remained into the 20th century. 5 A later house (Berwood Hall) was built outside the moat, which was eventually the site of Berwood Hall Farm. A mill stood in Berwood 2 on Plants Brook in the 15th century. 6 In 1789, the birmingham and fazeley canal daily was completed to the north of the area which gradually encouraged an industrial presence along.

by the Arden family. 2, a moated house, st Mary's Chapel, a hermitage, a bake house and farm buildings were built for them, although St Mary's Chapel was demolished in the 15th century after it fell into disrepair. Under the ownership of leicester Abbey, the Arden family became tenants, despite having owned the land previously. In 1356-7, sir John de Arderne briefly gained ownership of the property but the abbey regained it in 1360. 2, donations were made by the Arden family to the clergy and in 1244, a donation of land resulted in two priests being sent to the manor to maintain a shrine, pray for Sir William Arden and to assist travellers through the area. 1, during the, dissolution of the monasteries in 1536, Thomas Arden purchased the property from.

Saxon 'bearu' meaning 'the woods'. 1, historically being a boggy and wooded area, the area remained undeveloped for most of its history until the deforestation practices of Edward Darcy in the 17th century and the construction of the. Birmingham and fazeley canal in the 18th century. In the 20th century, the land became the site for the first aeroplane take-off in Birmingham which led to a long aviation history being associated with the area. Castle Bromwich Aerodrome was established on the site and operated from 1914 to 1960, being a major airfield in both World Wars and also having industrial importance as the testing facility for locally manufactured aeroplanes paper and the location for the. Despite being steeped in aviation history, castle vale became infamous from the 1970s onwards as a large scale example of a failed postwar overspill estate, which suffered from poor construction and maintenance, social deprivation and high levels of crime. The area became the focus of a targeted regeneration initiative, led by the castle vale housing Action Trust (cvhat) from 1993 to 2005, where the estate witnessed the demolition of many of its housing stock and facilities, the refurbishment of remaining properties, and the construction.

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Castle vale is a housing estate located between. Erdington, minworth and, castle Bromwich. Currently castle vale votes with Tyburn Ward which is part. Erdington constituency, 6 hippie miles (9 km) northeast. Birmingham city centre in England. The area has an approximate population of 10,000 people and has a distinctly modern residential character stemming from its history as a postwar overspill estate. The area was originally known as Berwood, from the.

hairdressing business plan pdf
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