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Reagan was unable to do anything about this, other than to suggest a new nominee in the hope that they would be accepted instead. The presidents power of persuasion is also illustrated by his role as chief diplomat for the United States. In this position, he negotiates major treaties with foreign countries, such Carters Panama canal Treaty or Bush Snr. S Chemical weapons Ban. Even so, it is the job of the congress to ratify the treaty; it has no legal authority until it has been accepted by the senate with a two-thirds majority. As such, the president can only persuade the senate to accept it, arguing for its merits or using his limited access to patronage. For instance, the Treaty of Versailles drawn up President Wilson in the aftermath of the first World War was rejected by the senate, resulting in America being unable to join the league of Nations, a pet-project of the President.

Presidents have been left with very little power, if only the power of persuasion. However to what extent is this true? Theodore roosevelt famously stated that he was both king and prime minister, even though other presidents, such as Johnson and Truman have stressed the weakness of the presidency. The argument that presidents have only the power to persuade can be seen in many of the formal powers of the president laid out in Article ii of the constitution. We will write a custom essay sample on give me a free essay specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on give me a free essay specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on give me a free essay specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, this can perhaps best be seen in his powers of nomination, both for federal judges and executive branch officials. The president has only the power to suggest appointments to these positions; the final confirmation of the presidents choice lies with Congress. This will sometimes mean lengthy negotiations between the branches of government, with the president using his pork barrel in an attempt to win over Senators. In 1987, reagans nomination of Robert Bork was rejected by a senate vote of 42 to 58, resulting in embarrassment for both the president and his nominee.

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In the end, i want to appreciate this person again. He changed my personality from both sides. Now I can talk to strangers actively, even some times I will find interesting things to make a joke to them. As a result, i got a lot of new friends in different areas, and I learned to not be afraid to them, thinking that maybe they want to talk to me as well. I have positive and optimistic new heart; Eason, thanks you gave it. When composing the constitution in 1789, the founding Fathers were anxious to stress that the executive branch of the new republic was to be subordinate to the peoples representation, the congress. They achieved this through the separation of Powers, a theory of government thought up by the French philosopher Montesquieu to prevent over-mighty or tyrannical government. The elaborate system of checks and balances introduced greatly reduced the traditional authority of the executive, leaving some to argue that. .

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In that call, eason said he wished the fan could recover from way the cancer, and he really wish the fan could see him at his live concert. However, the cancer was too hard on this fan, and he died with the ticket before the show opened. Despite the sadness, his parents think he was fortunate, and they really thank eason a lot, because he gave their son a positive and optimistic power not only in his health time but also in his painful and sick time. In the end of the letter, the parents wish Eason keep his style and make more wonderful songs to help more people. This moment moved me a lot. I really felt this positive personality which is what I really need. It can help both me and other people.

One day, he got news that Eason would make a show near his home after one year, and he really wanted to attend the live concert. Unfortunately, he suffered a kind of cancer, which is very dangerous. He treated his illness actively, but he always kept the optimistic mind during his sick time. However, he became worse very quickly, and finally fell into a coma. Everyday, his parents played songs which were sung by his favorite singer, eason, and wished that he would recover. One day, eason learned the story of this fan. He was very worried about him and would make a call to him. On that day, miraculously, the insensible fan had a little move when he heard Easons voice through the phone. He must have felt warmth from Easons encouraging words.

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In CDs, i can only imagine the scene through his colorful voice and the meaningful content. Live, i can know the initial meaning by the great scenery, the extreme sound, the luxury clothing and the wonderful dance. Adding his broad range and strong appeal power, every audience member who attended the live concert was affected by his mood. Even in the end of the concert, almost every audience stood up and sang his last song together. How exciting a scene! I thought if he can affect essay other people using his honest and positive heart, even his laugh, why cant. Meanwhile, eason told me to be positive and optimistic in the same way in some tv shows.

One time, i attended a tv show which interviewed Eason. In that show, he received a letter from one of his fans parents. It was an appreciation letter. From this letter, i know this fan was a big fan of him. He began to hear Easons songs when he was a junior school student. When he had some problems, easons songs always accompany him. It is the spiritual pillar to him.

He will continue to sing even if his voice was hoarse and every word what he had said in his performance was useful in his live concert. Although this is not the famous song of him, i like it most. He became famous by lots of love songs which describe the relationship of the couples, the family members, the brother and sisters and. For me, i love the fast and energetic song from him, because this kind of song that I think it can show his sing and life style which I liked better. He always faces every trouble in a positive way, and will never yield to any power. Every time i feel uncomfortable with some bad or unlucky things, i will admire his song for a while.

Even if just one active song, i will feel better from bad mood and also will active to think about how to deal with the problem, like he does. As a result, my personality had changed. I tried a lot and pushed myself to talk with strangers. I always displayed more activity than anyone else in class. However, these changes just improved one side of my life style. I had just made progress on myself, and I didnt make some benefits to other people. While i did have another change after i attended his live concert, it was a totally different experience from listening to his song through CDs.

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After I was fascinated by him, i wanted to know him well, so i used several days to listen to almost every songs. I found his songs were very different from other singers. He tried almost every kinds of music in his songs, such as classical, hip-pop, jazz. Although there are a lot of kinds mood were integrated into his songs, i think his positive and optimistic mood was what affected my personality most. Every time i listened to his fast and energetic song, beauty i will have an impulse to move with the melody. His has a very energetic song which can express his extroverted personality totally. This song shows that he has responsibility to transmit the song and the content of the song to all of the world.

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For example, in that song, eason used a narrative way to express that someone like a person such as like the fuji mountain, because he always can see it, but he cant move. The only way to close envelope it is he moves himself. He used a little sad voice to explain this meaning to audiences. Meanwhile, he used his own ability to perform the story of the song. Also, he wore a dark coat and walked in a path of a little city in the video. There were some petals of a cherry blossom that dropped from the sky. He looked at them and sang the song. The content of the song and his performance combined together and let me have a imagine place to think about the meaning.

recently, and it felt very meaningful for him. He wanted me to listen to it and feel its comfortable mood. That was the first time that I listened to easons song. I didnt understand all of the content of this song because it was a cantonese song, so i didnt very much like the song. However, i still thought his songs and his performance have a magic power. Because after the first party we organized, we did the singing party when we had a holiday every semester. I heard that song every time at the party, and one time i felt extremely like this song suddenly, even I could use the word love to describe that feeling. Now I think the reason that I was absorbed by his song is that he uses his heart to sing and transmit to the audience every detail which the song writer wants to express.

I felt very happy because we hadnt seen each other for a long time. Although we were best friends, i felt a little embarrassed because of my introverted personality. One of my friends advised that everyone should order at least five songs to sing in front of the tv, like singers. It was time to me to choose songs. However, i didnt know what I should do, because i was really worried about the outcome. As a result, i decided that I wouldnt go to sing. My friends didnt say any criticism to me, but i knew essays that they felt unsatisfied and sorry. They knew my personality and wouldnt compel.

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We will writustom essay sample. An Important Person Who give me a new heart. For only.90/page, order Now, before i knew this person and his songs, my life was always focused on the myself. I was an introverted person. Even though I cant say that i am an extroverted person now, i really have had some big changes in recent years after I met him. I got a new heart that I can use in a positive and optimistic way to face my life, and I really appreciate him. His name is Eason. There was a party day of our high school classmates after we graduated.

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I have positive and optimistic new heart; Eason, thanks you gave it. Suggest the precautions that a person can take while travelling alone. Do you ever feel like someone or something is trying to hinder.

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  6. Give me a free essay. When composing the constitution in 1789, the founding Fathers were anxious to stress that the executive branch of the new republic was to be subordinate to the peoples representation, the congress. A persuasive essay is an essay used to convince a reader about a particular idea or focus, usually one that you believe e convince me! Persuasive activity is an easy way to practice persuasive writing at home, without the worry of getting a good grade.

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