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A multi-ethnic population was the focus of this work. It created a busy scene, as people went about their daily duties, whether it be running or riding a bike. Few people seemed to be one ethnicity, as most were two shades of color, with no one-shade dominating. Set next to mosaic style windows, the painting seemed to be as if you were looking out of them during a busy summer day. I do not feel that this is a timeless piece of art for this community? As time changes, so do each neighborhood, and the people with. For instance this painting was of a very 80?s era, as the jogger was wearing tube socks with read colored rings. It is however an incredibly done piece, which brings life to what my fellow class- mates and I decided, was lonely station.

This sculpture was defiantly portraying parts of global the mbta. With 19 sculptures reflecting the 19 stops along the orange line, the metal with in the sculptures painted in green and orange representing the Green. Station along the orange line, and the color of the glass attached depicting the colors of all of the lines; red, blue, green, orange, and purple for the commuter rail, this is the work of art that my companions and I spent the most time. Each time we looked and began to walk away we noticed another part of the puzzle that wasn? T evident from just glancing along the top perimeter of the station. The sun reflected through the top windows and dotted the downstairs platform with a speckling of color. I enjoyed what little color I could gather along the train tracks, as the day was cold, and I had a long route ahead. It was also interesting to see such a abstract looking sculpture appear to have more a defined set of meaning, instead of just beautiful randomness. This sculpture felt more intriguing to me in more of an interpretive art sense then the next station, where the art itself was more visually graceful, and left little scrutinization. Stony Brook station contained a mosaic mural of the people, as the once existed around the station. With Van Gogh type brush stroke, the first piece we saw signed along the trip was a mosaic of a street scene around the community.

waiting in line essay

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My company and i agreed that it was ugly and uninventive when we approached. The longer I looked at the sculpture i realized what an artistic way in the manner the? Atop the long poles that are essential to the construction of the stairs to and from the platform, the shapes of the metal actually appeared to be trees. The material of which they were constructed really brought the feeling to me of the city outside combined with the nature that was destroyed while the city developed over the years long ago. Next stop we appeared in front of, beside and behind the hanging sculpture with in Green help Street station.?Color Passages? Was a fluid, geometric construction. Rugged and raw metal enveloped perfect squares of colored glass.

waiting in line essay

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Beginning outside of the station the sculpture of what appears to be trees, made from a street sign like material, seems to bring life and color to the station. Even in the dead of winter the bright add tropical look of the green and orange trees felt warm. It was an inviting splash of color to the gray backdrop of the stations concrete and bricks. Inside the station, heading across the elevators, up and onto the street level, the long rise of columns with the sculpture attached gives a feeling of trees inside the building. Coming up the escalator from directly across the way the large forms of blue, red, yellow, orange and green bring more of a tropical feel to the station. I cannot say what this may say about the neighborhood around it, but I feel that it represents the ethnicity of the cultures with in the community. The city sense of the street signs combined with the nature like feel of the trees seem to convey a feeling of what we have to look at for flora within the urban area.

I did not take the time as I was rushing past before, on my way to what I thought was more important, than trying to see all of the various sculptures, paintings, and mosaics as more than just a nice object. The real meaning behind the art is conveyed at each station, representing the community beyond, and the importance of the mbta itself. As I looked at each, i began to see the importance of bridging the ethnicity and diversity across Boston as a whole, and not keeping it segregated with in each neighborhood. As people travel from station to station they see the community around them, that is no more then a few stops away. Artists of the communities they represent created most of the works of art with in the stations, therefore including the neighborhood in the creation of the places they inhabit. This along with other mediums that included prose and theater brought the city and the neighborhoods together to create a sense of awareness of what one another is all about. Varying in medium and design, each station had a unique representation of either the community that exists around them, past or present, or of the transportation system itself. Beginning at the forest Hill stop? Seemed to brighten the very architectural design of the station.

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waiting in line essay

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Los sirvientes servían a los aristócratas. Wait your turn (be patient) esperar tu turno you should wait your turn. Deberías esperar tu turno. Art In Transit Essay, research Paper. Arts in Transit, it help is never pleasant to wait in the cold for value however long it takes for the train to arrive at the public transit stations, otherwise known in Boston as the?

Nor is the thought of waiting during an intolerable heat wave in July to catch the subway across to the different communities of Boston. Honestly, there is never a time where i would call it enjoyable to sit inside of the mbta. That was until I began to notice some of the art around. I would have to say that the first time i realized that a community joined together with the city and the mbta itself to create a more enjoyable setting to be, whether you were on your way home from work, or just trying to get. I did not however realize that what I was looking at had deeper meaning contained within until I really sat and thought about what artists was trying to convey in their art.

Esperá un momento; ¿me podrías repetir lo que dijiste? Wait a second informal (wait for a moment) un segundo, por favor Just wait a second; I'm almost ready now. Un segundo por favor, ya casi estoy lista. Wait and see (wait to find out) espera y verás espera wait and see. You might win the prize.

Espera y verás, quizás te ganes el premio. Wait around, also uk: wait about (wait for sb/sth) esperar quedarse esperando wait in line, wait on line us, regional (queue) hacer cola hacer fila wait on (bar, restaurant: serve) atender El mozo que nos atendió era un maleducado. Wait on sb/sth vi prep (await) esperar rachel was waiting on her brother's arrival. Rachel estaba esperando la llegada de su hermano. Wait sth out (be patient while sth is in progress) aguardar a que esperar a que wait tables, wait on tables us (restaurant job) ser camarero, ser camarera to make extra money, i waited tables in college. Para ganar dinero extra, fui camarera durante la universidad. Wait up informal (stay awake until sb arrives home) esperar levantado he's 23 years old; you need not wait up for him anymore. Esperar en pie esperar despierto tiene 23 años; ya no es necesario que lo esperes despierta! Wait upon sb formal (serve) servir a vi prep Servants waited upon the aristocrats.

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La gente hacía fila en la puerta del negocio desde las 5 de la mañana el día de las rebajas. Wait a long time (endure a considerable delay) esperar mucho rato because of the crowds we had to wait a long time. This sentence is not dissertation a translation of the original sentence. Espero que no nos hagan esperar mucho rato. Esperar un montón This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. Tuvimos que esperar un montón en la cola para la montaña rusa. Esperar largo tiempo wait a minute informal (wait for a moment) espera, esperá, espere un momento wait a minute! please repeat what you just said.

waiting in line essay

No puedo esperar a que termine este día. Espero con ansias que termine este día. (I am excited about sth) estar ansioso estar impaciente ( coloquial ) no poder esperar a loc verbal "This time next week we'll be on holiday." "I can't wait!" "A esta hora, la semana que viene estaremos de vacaciones." "Estoy ansioso!" lie in ambush, wait. Los forajidos se emboscaron para esperar el paso de la diligencia. Lie in wait (hide, await sb) estar al acecho note : Usually used in continuous tenses. When the victim arrived home, his attacker was already lying in wait. Cuando paper la víctima llegó a su casa, el atacante ya estaba al acecho. Queue (uk wait in line (us wait on line (us, regional) uk (wait in a line of people, vehicles) hacer fila, hacer cola ponerse en la fila, ponerse en la cola people were queuing outside the shop at 5 am on the day of the.

can hardly wait for it to be over. No veo la hora de que sea mi cumpleaños! Este ha sido un día tan podrido, no veo la hora de que se termine. Apenas poder esperar Apenas puedo esperar a que sea mi cumpleaños! Este ha sido un día tan podrido, apenas puedo esperar a que se termine. Can't wait for sth figurative, informal (be impatient for) ( figurado ) no poder esperar esperar algo con ansias I can't wait for this day to be over.

Hay taxis en espera en la esquina. Wait on sb (serve food) servir, resume get your own coffee; I'm not here to wait on you! Sírvete tú mismo el café; no estoy aquí para servirte. Wait (time spent waiting) espera, i don't mind the wait. No me importa la espera. Wait (delay) espera demora we are in for a long wait. Vamos a tener una larga espera. Additional Translations wait sth for sb vtr prep us, informal (postpone, delay) esperar a alguien para Please wait lunch for me; I'll be there in a moment.

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Ver También: Settings: Click on word: gets translation does nothing, recent searches: Links: WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary 2018: Principal Translations wait (remain in expectation) esperar, we are waiting for the doors to open. Estamos esperando que se abran las puertas. Wait for sb/sth vi prep (await) using esperar, i'm waiting for someone special. Estoy esperando a alguien especial. Esperar por vi prep esperar a vi prep, estoy esperando por alguien especial. Wait for sb/sth to do sth vi prep (await sth) esperar, we are going to wait for the office to open. Vamos a esperar hasta que abra la oficina. Wait (be available) en espera disponible libre, there are taxis waiting at the corner.

waiting in line essay
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In another essay from the mid-1940s, Orwell documents how a failure to wait in line was the foundation of several anti-semitic slurs. It is never pleasant to wait in the cold for however long it takes for. With 19 sculptures reflecting the 19 stops along the orange line, the metal with.

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  1. Amanda bell's snapchat became a viral sensation overnight. When the reading was over, ken stood in line with the others waiting for Anthony to sign a copy of his book. Essay on Student: Street Art and Gift Shop Banksy. Walking around with cups of coffee or waiting in line for a drink at one of the nearby cafés.

  2. Regional) viintransitive verb: Verb not taking a direct object-for example, "She jokes." "He has arrived.".started six months earlier, the moment Apple publically hinted of the launch; and was clearly seen by the crowds waiting in line outside retailers. If you look at the sample, you can see right away that the idea of the history of waiting in line doesn't really relate to the. The essay 's shape-its. Local woman becomes overnight celebrity with Kohl's cash video.

  3. So don't wait until the very end of the essay to reveal the main point that you're trying. Come up with your main line of argument, but plan your essay. Wait in line (US. Wait on line (US.

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