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When writing a positioning statement, consider using these keywords and filling in the gaps with information about your business: for (define your target customer here) who (describe your target customers' needs or pain points here), (include your business name here) is a (identify your product. Unlike (identify your main competitors here), (include your business name here) provides (state the key difference between your product or service and your competitors here). be flexible and adjust this template to fit your business, if needed, and maximize the power of your positioning statement by making it clear, specific, and credible. Related: leverage your business's unique value position. The benefits of a positioning statement. Your business may offer many products or services and provide a variety of benefits to your customers, but it's helpful to distill your message into one simple statement.

Luckily, the Philosophy team is ready to roll up their online sleeves and lend a hand. Give us a call at to learn how we can help you with your company positioning., randall Erkelens. In just one or two sentences, a positioning andragogy statement specifies your target market and explains how your business serves that segment better than your competition. "Your positioning statement won't resonate with everyone, and it shouldn't says Brandi Starr, president and brand strategist of Cassius Blue consulting. "It lets your ideal audience know that you are not only a solution to meet their specific needs, but the best solution — making your competitor's offer irrelevant.". In addition to introducing your business to customers, a positioning statement can guide your marketing strategy and communicate your brand to internal and external partners, such as new employees and potential investors. How to write a positioning statement. Successful positioning statements should be concise and follow a formula. For example, look at one of Amazon's earliest positioning statements, and note the keywords we boldfaced: for, world Wide web users who enjoy books, m is a retail bookseller that provides instant access to over.1 million books. Unlike traditional book retailers, m provides a combination of extraordinary convenience, low prices, and comprehensive selection."1. While this example is specific to Amazon, many businesses follow this general formula.

value positioning statement

How to Write a positioning Statement : 8 Steps (with

In addition to walking away with a solid positioning statement, all participants have greater alignment and a renewed sense of team and community. Youre actually bringing your team closer together with a greater sense of purpose. And we all know that with the right product mix, team and communication, your bottom line will reap the reward. Now that youve undergone a thorough and rigorous positioning exercise, you are ready to plow full dream steam ahead. A great next step is to define messages. Your positioning statement is your foundation—the trunk of your company tree—now you can create branches (key messages) that further elaborate and define your core values, beliefs and differentiators. Read all about how to define key messages here. If all of this sounds daunting, its okay—its because it is—and its hard work.

value positioning statement

How to Create a positioning Statement, that Stands Out

But be sure to wrangle your group to get to the sessions primary outcome: the positioning statement. How long should it take? Typically, a four to five hour session will get you through the process of discovery and craft a preliminary positioning statement. Mornings are always best to conduct your thinking sessions—we tend to think faster and are more alert in in the mornings, so everyone contributes more. Remember, a good positioning statement gives your brand clear direction on how to lead your future marketing activities. Its not a mission statement to be shared on your website for consumers but rather a guiding statement about how to get through to your customers. The value, theres great value in this approach because the entire team is in agreement by the end of the process and the company has a newfound focus that can offer a fresh business perspective.

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value positioning statement

How to determine a brand positioning statement

We worked through the following steps over a few hours and walked away with an approved positioning statement. The resulting document was stronger and the team was more likely to adopt it because they worked as a group to create. A typical positioning statement has four key elements: Target Market (the group of consumers at which your product or service is aimed). Your Category (the specific market you conduct business in). Brand Promise (the promise you make to your consumer). The reason to believe (the reason to believe your brand promise.

Usually, its your core page values and brand attributes that either individually or as a group form a unique selling proposition for your Target Market to choose you over your competition.). What to expect, plan on lots of discussion throughout the process. You must leave room on the table for a few philosophical side discussions about topics related to the exercise. Sometimes, a seemingly unrelated side-note becomes fodder for a greater understanding of the organizations purpose. Healthy debates often occur. Foster whatever conversation leads you to the strongest list of core values, end consumer benefits and competitive differentiators.

This article gives you a peek under the surface and takes you through the key components to developing your own positioning statement. First, what is a positioning statement? A positioning statement is not a mission statement. I was conducting a brand audit recently (a brand audit is our process that leads us to positioning statements and I realized our client thought a positioning statement and a mission statement were the same thing. A mission statement is a loftier notion that guides how you conduct business in this case, a nonprofit. A positioning statement defines an organizations place in the market and differentiaties a business from its competition.

Because my client was a nonprofit that helps people in need, they had a hard time understanding why they needed to be competitive. I explained that everyone has choices—including the people they help, the organizations and individuals that provide donations, and the employees and volunteers who donate their time. This particular organization had a 60-year history, so naturally they had different ideas about who they are, whom they serve and how they talk about themselves as a group and as individuals. The situation reminded. Ford Kanzlers remark where he says, without direction or focus, a business or organization often acts like a multi-headed creature—speaking from many mouths, saying nothing and going nowhere. A survey that went out before the audit revealed that no two people on the leadership team had the same way of describing their roles, values, assets or history. They had more than 50 core areas of strength and wanted to list them all in their positioning statement.

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Why would they spend them with you? Are you providing a clear understanding of why your product or service is better than your competitors? Are you talking to the right customers to begin with? Are you helping your product or service stand out? . you need that single, defining sentence to evaluate every marketing initiative; you need a positioning statement. So how do you come up with a positioning statement, you ask. Luckily the creative types at Philosophy have been carving out and writing positioning statements for clients for years. We have a process that evaluates all your company communication and precisely defines your market position.

value positioning statement

I promise to use it only to send you more west business Resources. Read more the relationship of analyses to strategy in your business: Return to Strategy. Or return from Value statement to more for Small Business Home page. Build a specific Small Business Strategy to achieve your goals. Review the criteria required to build a value chain Analysis for your business). Posted on December 5, 2016, randall Erkelens, confusing, chaotic, disjointed marketing strategies not only cost you customers, they also cost your bottom line. Todays consumers have hundreds, even thousands, of choices about how to spend their dollars.

will never act. Keep your focus on what you believe in and what you want your employees to commit. And make sure that your values are in alignment with your vision statement. Your statement should become part of your Strategic Plan to ensure that you build those values into how you plan to operate your business. This statement is your business' commitment to operating with honesty, values, morals, ethics, integrity and your commitment to social and environmental concerns. Make your statement meaningful to you and your business. And then make sure you consistently operate your business in alignment with those values. More-for-Small-Business Newsletter: For more timely and regular monthly information on managing your small business, please subscribe here. Email Name Then Don't worry - your e-mail address is totally secure.

Ensure that your report small business management is aligned with your company's values, as well as your mission and vision statements. For example, when decisions need to be made make sure that you make those decisions in the context of your values. If you need to reduce spending do you lay-off staff or do you cut in other areas first? If you need to choose between one supplier and another (and price and quality is equal) do you select the supplier that has values similar to yours? Communicate your values from the front office to the back office of your organization. All of your employees need to understand what your company stands for and how your values relate to your business. It's a good idea to post your vision, mission and values statements where all your employees, and even other stakeholders, can see them. Business owners who understand what they value, also understand the positive impact their statements will have on decision making, effective problem solving, managing change, resolving conflict, and leadership. A value statement for your business environment might read as follows: we will: Conduct our business with integrity; Strive for excellence in all we do; Embrace continuous improvement; Treat all stakeholders with dignity and respect; Allow our customers to define quality; Display reliability and consistency.

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A value pdf statement needs to be part of your business. Hr strategic planning process. Your definition of values (including values, morals, ethics and integrity) needs to be the heart of your strategy, your business culture and your hiring and management policies. Search This Site, custom search, value statements are intended to provide the organization with a structure or a foundation from which the business will operate. Business values or culture guide you in managing your business and they also provide a framework for key stakeholders (your employees, your customers, and your suppliers). Build a statement that reflects values you support and stay focused on the type of corporate culture you want in your business when writing business plans. Develop your statement through the human Resources (HR) Strategic Planning Process. Including the statement as part of your simple business plan outline will help you keep your values in focus, and in the plan.

value positioning statement
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Successful positioning statements should be concise and follow a formula. Related: leverage your business's unique value position.

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  1. They are subjective statements rather than objective statements -. They carry value judgments. How to write a positioning statement.

  2. However, it is important to recognize that these statements are separate and distinct, each with its own connotation. A positioning statement is your most precise and concise description of how you differentiate your product or service from that of your competitors and provide unique value to your customers. What is Lexus positioning statement? "the relentless pursuit of perfection" Actually, that's.

  3. By writing a simple positioning statement, you create a reference point for all of your marketing. They are easier to understand and follow, provide more value, and will better meet the needs. E easy to confuse the concept of a value proposition with a positioning statement.

  4. This unique positioning can be done by a positioning statement which has the key message the firm wants to deliver, brand benefits, and the additional value that the customer can derive which is not. If statement value position. Asked Mar 24, 2012 by marty-wallace. What is the difference between the 2 statements.

  5. Creating a simple statement will still provide value.buying decisions (their frustrations, attitudes, values, challenges, likes and dislikes, the competition, etc). You can construct the positioning statement in several ways, but we like the following. Both positioning and value statements should generally reflect a unique selling proposition (USP) that the product embodies.

  6. The value proposition, the heart of any positioning statement, needs to be decisive and lucid. What's the idea underlying the offer? Your positioning statement is your foundation—the trunk of your company tree—now you can create branches (key messages) that further elaborate and define your core values, beliefs and differentiators. You can simply write your positioning statement in a brainstorming session, although it may be more useful to develop it as part of a wider journey.

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