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During the adolescent years, there are many emotions that a teen may experience. These emotions can range from sadness or stress to guilt and low self-esteem (Why do 1). Death is the major cause of this motive for suicide. If a teen loses a close friend or other individual he or she may feel a lot of despair. It is often times difficult for a teen to understand why a person that he or she cared about has passed. The teen may feel guilty for not doing more or because it wasn t themselves that died. Death is always difficult, but it can be especially difficult for those teens that do not understand death and also do not talk with adults about the issue.

That is an astonishing percent.5 that used firearms in 1994 out of all of the youth suicides (McIntosh 4). There are many essays reasons why a male may choose to take his life. There are numerous feelings that occur throughout the growth stages. Some teens feel that their situations will never change (Why do 1). An example of this type of situation is a boy that feels he will never be good enough to make the basketball team. This boy feels a hopelessness that he will never be able to play no matter how hard he tries. In his moment of despair he does not comprehend that he may be able to practice more and next year make the ere are biological reasons such as chemical imbalance, physical disability, or physical dependency on alcohol or drugs that may cause a teen. A teen with such an emotional problem may not be able to understand that suicide is not his or her only option. Their substance abuse problem might make his or her thinking clouded. The teens may not feel comfortable reaching out for help or that if they ask for help, he or she will only encounter trouble with their parents or the law.

the youth essay

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A teenager may feel as though he or she is not worth anything if his or her family doesn t have much money. The lowest family incomes are found mainly in the south, but there are also lower expectancies of youth from the south. One source explained that maine has had a consistently higher suicide rate than the national average (Maine youth 1). Researchers are unsure of why teen suicide has become so prevalent in maine, but the group is pursuing an answer for the parents of teenagers, so that awareness of warning signs is established. The majority of youth suicides homework occur with the help of a firearm. Often times a girl may use a less violent way, but most male youth suicides occur through a more violent method. In 1994, there were 3,344 youth suicides that were performed by use of a firearm.

the youth essay

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This is a difference in rates of about.1 (McIntosh 3).The facts on white teenage male suicide are what will help everyone to grasp a basic knowledge of the issue of white male teenage suicide. There are distinct regional patterns in which more white teenage males commit suicide. In the United States teen suicide rates are the lowest in the south, north Central, and North Eastern states. The suicide rates are highest in the western states and Alaska (Youth suicide 5). This is surprising because there can be many sociological problems that may lead to suicide. One factor may be coming from a divorced family. These types of family problems can often times lead an adolescent down a path of bewilderment and confusion. Another factor may be family income.

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the youth essay

Essay on the, youth

In 1994, the category of young adults (15-24) consisted of 4, 956 suicides. White males accounted for 3,550 of these suicides. This number post gives evidence that the shocking rate for white male teenage suicide.1 of all teenage suicides. Only 556 of these suicides were accredited to black youths. The rate for that group is high also with a rate.6 (McIntosh 3). The numbers of male teenage suicides to female teenage suicides show a great diversity in the numbers. Suicide rates in males have always been significantly higher than the rates in females (McIntosh 3).

While many females may make unsuccessful attempts at suicides, men are far more likely to commit suicide than women are (San Francisco 1). The ratio of male to female suicides is four to one (Teen suicide 2).There were 654 female youth suicides in 1994. This is only a rate.5, which comes up much smaller than the rate of male youth suicides. The majority of the suicides in females are credited to whites. White females recorded 528 suicide deaths in 1994. While surprisingly there were only 73 black female youth suicides.

While suicide rates in the. Are average compared to other industrialized nations, suicide rates for the. Are generally higher than developing nations (San Francisco 1). Suicide is now the 9th leading cause of death in the United States. Sadly it has become the 3rd leading cause of death among adolescents (McIntosh 3). Suicide is an issue that affects many people, but why has it had such a huge impact on white teenage males?

The numbers reported in the United States male population are alarming and may help answer many questions concerning teenage suicide. In 1994, whites had the largest suicide rate among all the ethnic groups in the. The numbers presented to the American Association of suicidology in 1994 were alarming. The statistics presented showed that white males accounted for 22,581 of those deaths, while black males committed 2,271 suicides in 1994. The rates of these two groups are shockingly different. White males showed a rate.3, yet blacks only had a rate.0.

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As you can see from this brief overview of Facebook and other social media sites, the negative impacts far outweighs the initial benefits for which they were established. Weve looked at cyberbullying and resulting suicides, the exploitative marketing, the exposure of violence and a breakdown in societal values and morality due to the effects of social media sites. Do you think these social media sites are worth all of these potential hazards? Bibliography, dunn,. D., The 10 Best and Worst ways Social Media impacts Education, accessed 11 november 2012, diaz,. D., Anit-Social Networking, review accessed 11 november 2012, clarke-pearson,. D., The impact gpa of social media on children, adolescents and famillies, accessed 11 november 2012, dufour, k 2012, Amanda todd case highlights issue of online bullying, the telegraph, 16 October, accessed 12 november 2012,.

the youth essay

In a childs perspective, they essay think they need these certain items to be popular or cool. Worse still, some of these sites can expose children to violence and sexual content and this has been proven to influence children in become more aggressive in their behaviour. Furthermore, children are becoming immune to seeing violence and regard it as acceptable behaviour. They are losing their ability to empathise and to know what is right or wrong. This has huge implications for society, relationships and families. Lastly, it is known that students that are on social media sites while studying show reduced academic performances because their ability to concentrate on a particular task is reduced by the distractions that are brought about by facebook, or Twitter. The popularity of social media, and the speed at which information is published, has created a lax attitude towards proper spelling and grammar. This affects a students ability to write and spell effectively. In conclusion, the use of social media websites is detrimental to the education of the youth and also their mental well-being.

pedophilia are increasingly prevalent on social media sites. Because of their limited capacity for self-regulation and susceptibility to peer pressure, children and adolescents are at some risk as they navigate and experiment with social media. Negative, social media sites can have a detrimental effect on the youth due to the ever-present risk of bullying. Cyberbullying is when a person or troll deliberately uses digital media to purposely expose, harm or embarrass a particular person. It is the most common online risk for all teens and is a peer-to-peer risk. Cyberbullying is quite common throughout society and it can happen to anybody. It can cause profound psychological damage such as depression and anxiety. Also, there is the economic impact felt by parents as their children are exposed to countless advertisements that pop up on sites urging them to buy unnecessary products.

We will write a custom essay sample on Influences of Social Media on the youth specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on Influences of Social Media on the youth specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Influences of Social Media on the youth specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, accessing various forms of social media is a common activity and has been shown to benefit adolescents by enhancing communication. Also, it improves technical skills and keeps people connected to society. Ever since children are born, books, movies and the internet influence how the youth act and think. These influence children more and more as they grow older. During the last 5 years, the number of preadolescents and adolescents using such sites has increased dramatically. Read more: Impact of social media on youth speech essay. According to a recent writing poll, 22 of teenagers log on to their favorite social media site more than 10 times a day, and more than half of adolescents log on to a social media site more than once a day.

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Amanda todd was 15 years old and lived oliver in Vancouver. On October 19 this year she hung herself. Shortly before she did this, she made a video describing why she would commit this unfortunate act. What made her do this harrowing act? A 15 year-old girl with her whole life in front of her. It was the result of bullying on many social media sites such as Facebook. These sites were originally set up with good intentions to facilitate communication and to keep in touch with friends and family and to share pictures. These sites can also assist students in connecting with their peers and discussing their homework, assignments and group projects.

the youth essay
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Introduction: let me to duke young adults aged 14, and joining the month. Each vfw youth essay contest year more than 131,000 students in grades 6-8 enter the vfws Patriots Pen youth essay contest.

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  1. Informal Essay informal essay is a story essay similar to personal style essay as for the restrictions for the manner of content. Alcoholism among the youth is a major issue in the current societies. Club, informational purposes only dream about the knights of english november 2014.

  2. The following list and its order is based on interviews with youth in the nation's most violent do the Write Thing: Help Stop the violence - dtwthelp Stop the violence! The majority of youth suicides occur with the help of a firearm. Americas youth essay is one which throws light on the matters and surrounding the adolescence in this country which influence and impact their lives and rearing.

  3. Read more: Impact of social media on youth speech essay. Youth Essay 1 (200 words). The term youth is often associated with vibrancy, joyfulness, enthusiasm and passion. This is because people belonging to the young generation are full of life.

  4. Youth Essays : Each year more than 132,000 students in grades 6-8 enter the vfws Patriots Pen youth essay contest. At-risk lsu creative writing faculty youth are youth who. Ever since children are born, books, movies and the internet influence how the youth act and think.

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