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A pattern of writing seen in some ancient manuscripts and inscriptions, where alternate lines of text are laid out in opposite directions, and where right-to-left lines generally use glyphs mirrored from their left-to-right forms. Literally, as the ox turns, referring to the plowing of a field. A writing system using a series of raised dots to be read with the fingers by people who are blind or whose eyesight is not sufficient for reading printed material. (see section.1, Braille.) Braille pattern. One of the 64 (for six-dot Braille) or 256 (for eight-dot Braille) possible tangible dot combinations. (1) The minimal unit of addressable storage for a particular computer architecture. Note that many early computer architectures used bytes larger than 8 bits in size, but the industry has now standardized almost uniformly on 8-bit bytes. The Unicode Standard follows the current industry practice in equating the term byte with octet and using the more familiar term byte in all contexts.

(see supplementary code point.) bnf. Acronym for Backus-naur Form, a formal meta-syntax for describing context-free syntaxes. (For details, see appendix a, notational Conventions.) bocu-1. Acronym for Binary Ordered Compression for Unicode. A unicode compression scheme that is essay mime-compatible (directly usable for e-mail) and preserves binary order, which is useful for databases and sorted lists. Acronym for byte order mark. An alphabetic script used primarily in the republic of China (Taiwan) to write the sounds of Mandarin Chinese and some other dialects. Each symbol corresponds to either the syllable-initial or syllable-final sounds; it is therefore a subsyllabic script in its primary usage. The name is derived from the names of its first four elements. More properly known as zhuyin zimu or zhuyin fuhao in Mandarin Chinese.

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A computer architecture that stores multiple-byte numerical values with the most significant byte (MSB) values first. Files containing nontextual information. A grouping of characters within the Unicode encoding space used for organizing code charts. Each block is a uniquely named, continuous, non-overlapping range of code points, containing a multiple of 16 code points, and starting at a location that is a multiple. A block may contain unassigned code points, which are reserved. Acronym for Basic Multilingual Plane. A unicode encoded character having a bmp code point. (see supplementary character.) bmp code point. A unicode code point between U0000 and uffff.

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(see definition D51 in Section.6, combination.) In a combining character sequence, the base character is the initial character, which the combining marks are applied. Plane 0, abbreviated as bmp. A script that distinguishes between two cases. (see case.) Most often used in the context of Latin-based alphabets of Europe and elsewhere in the world. Abbreviation of bidirectional, in reference to mixed left-to-right and right-to-left text. The process or result of mixing left-to-right text and right-to-left text in a single line. (see unicode Standard Annex 9, Unicode bidirectional Algorithm.

A code point that is assigned to an abstract character. This refers to graphic, format, control, and private-use characters that have been encoded in the Unicode Standard. (see section.4, code points and Characters.) Assigned Code point. . (see designated code point.) Atomic Character. . A character that is not decomposable. (see decomposable character.) b base Character. Any graphic character except for those with the general Category of Combining Mark (M).

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Collection of presentation conventions used by editors to annotate and comment on text. The term "Arabic digits" may mean either the digits in the Arabic script (see arabic-Indic digits ) or the ordinary ascii digits in contrast to roman numerals (see european digits ). When the term "Arabic digits" is used in Unicode specifications, it means Arabic-Indic digits. Forms of decimal digits used in most parts of the Arabic world (for instance, u0660, U0661, U0662, U0663). Although European digits (1, 2, 3 derive historically from these forms, they are visually distinct and are coded separately. (Arabic-Indic digits are sometimes called Indic numerals; however, this nomenclature leads to confusion with the digits currently dream used with the scripts of India.) Variant forms of Arabic-Indic digits used chiefly in Iran and pakistan are referred to as Eastern Arabic-Indic digits. (see section.2, Arabic.) ascii.

(1) The American Standard Code for Information Interchange, a 7-bit coded character set for information interchange. It is the. National variant of iso/iec 646 and is formally the. It was proposed by ansi in 1963 and finalized in 1968. (2) The set of 128 Unicode characters from U0000 to U007f, including control codes as well as graphic characters. (3) ascii has been incorrectly used to refer to various 8-bit character encodings that include ascii characters in the first 128 code points.

(2) More generally, in Indic writing systems, aksara refers to a syllable, consisting of a consonant plus vowel sequence, where the vowel may or may not be the inherent vowel of the consonant letter. When multiple consonants are involved, the aksara represents the entire orthographic syllable, which can include two or more leading consonants that may be visually presented in conjunct forms; in such cases, the aksara may not be identical to the phonological syllable. A term used in a broad sense in the Unicode Standard, to mean the logical description of a process used to achieve a specified result. This does not require the actual procedure described in the algorithm to be followed; any implementation is conformant as long as the results are the same. A writing system in which both consonants and vowels are indicated. The term alphabet is derived from the first two letters of the Greek script: alpha, beta.

Informative property of the primary units of alphabets and/or syllabaries. (see section.10, letters, Alphabetic, and Ideographic.) Alphabetic Sorting. The association of secondary textual content with a point or range of the primary text. (The value of a particular annotation is considered to be a part of the content of the text. Typical examples include glossing, citations, exemplification, japanese yomi, and.) ansi. . (1) The American National Standards Institute. (2) The microsoft collective name for all Windows code pages. Sometimes used specifically for code page 1252, which is a superset of iso/iec 8859-1.

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An ordered sequence of one or more abstract characters. (see definition D8 in Section. A writing system in which consonants are indicated by the writing base letters that have an inherent vowel, and in which other vowels are indicated by additional distinguishing marks of some kind modifying the base letter. The term abugida is derived from the first shakespeare four letters of the Ethiopic script in the semitic order: alf, bet, gaml, dant. A mark placed above, below, or to the side of a character to alter its phonetic value. Denoting letters or numbers by the first letter of their name. For example, the Greek acrophonic numerals are variant forms of such initial letters. (1) In Sanskrit grammar, the term for letter in general, as opposed to consonant ( vyanjana ) or vowel ( svara ). Derived from the first and last letters of the traditional ordering of Sanskrit letters—a and ksha.

supplementary assignment

Translations of Unicode and iso/iec 10646 terminology are also available. A writing ohio system in which only consonants are indicated. The term abjad is derived from the first four letters of the traditional order of the Arabic script: alef, beh, jeem, dal. (see, section.1, Writing Systems. A unit of information used for the organization, control, or representation of textual data. (see definition. Section.4, Characters and Encoding.

And Self-Inflicted Injury, e960-E969, homicide And Injury purposely Inflicted by other Persons. E970-E979, legal Intervention, e980-E989, injury Undetermined Whether Accidentally Or Purposely Inflicted. E990-E999, injury resulting From Operations Of War. Free icd-9-cm codes Site Information. This glossary is updated periodically to stay synchronized with changes to various standards maintained by the Unicode consortium.

Motor Vehicle nontraffic Accidents, wood e826-E829, other road Vehicle Accidents, e830-E838. Water Transport Accidents, e840-E845, air And Space Transport Accidents, e846-E849. Vehicle Accidents, not Elsewhere Classifiable, e850-E858, accidental poisoning by drugs, medicinal Substances, And biologicals. E860-E869, accidental poisoning by other Solid And Liquid Substances, gases, And Vapors. E870-E876, misadventures to patients During Surgical And Medical Care. E878-E879, surgical And Medical Procedures As The cause Of Abnormal reaction Of Patient Or Later Complication, without Mention Of Misadventure At The time Of Procedure. E880-E888, accidental Falls, e890-E899, accidents caused by fire And Flames.

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Pearson Math makes Sense, click evernote the login button on the left for the type of book you wish to view (Web book or pdf book). You will then be taken to a page where you can choose your grade level. This site provides an easy and effective way to connect school and home learning. Students and parents can now access Math makes Sense Student books online from their school and home computers. Please click on the, learn About tab to learn more about the math makes Sense web books and pdf books. Teachers, if you need access, call Students, ask your teacher for your. Login name/User id and Password. E000-E000, external cause Status, e001-E030, activity, e800-E807. Railway accidents, e810-E819, motor Vehicle Traffic Accidents, e820-E825.

supplementary assignment
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  4. E000-E000 External cause Status; E001-E030 Activity; E800-E807 railway accidents; E810-E819 Motor Vehicle Traffic Accidents; E820-E825 Motor Vehicle nontraffic Accidents; E826-E829 Other road Vehicle Accidents. Basic Supplementary Plane 0 Plane 1 Plane 2 Planes 313 Plane 000 1ffff 20000 2ffff 30000 dffff. Welcome to portland State University's online learning system! Please click here for a system Check before you login.

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