Spanked for not doing homework

Spanked for not doing Homework, spanking, life

Dickens, but theres no rule that says I cant, and it wouldnt be fair to make the boy wait until tomorrow. Secretary, so youll do it then? Miss Epps (with apparent reluctance we cant justify anything else. . I have time before my next class, so Ill deal with him and then send him back to you. Secretary (with relief Thanks; Im really quite sure thats what Mrs. Kielander would want us.

Bray miss Epps were discussing me as paper if I wasnt in the room. First, miss Epps reminded the secretary of something she should have remembered;. Dickens was relationship out for the rest of the day with family issues. . When told what I had done, miss Epps gasped appropriately and regarded me with a raised eyebrow. . Then the two conferred, deciding my fate: Secretary, you know the punishment that Mrs. Kielander always gives cheaters Miss Epps, Oh yes! . Shes very adamant about that. Secretary, what do we do now? . Are you allowed to do it? Miss Epps, well you know I prefer to deal only with the girls and leave the boys.

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She kept her hair short and had world a mannish walk, but I was far too young to understand the possible implications of her mannerisms. In the late 1950s Im not even sure if the word lesbian was in the popular lexicon, it certainly wasnt in mine. Since it was quite unthinkable back then for any professional woman to report to work in shorts, her favorite garment was kulats. . The ones that she wore looked so much like a normal skirt that i only noticed because she had once spread her legs wide in response to a query from a girl. . Only then did I see daylight between the two halves of her skirt. . It seemed a bit risqué at the time, so i didnt mention it to my parents. I dont think miss Epps hated us boys, its just that she lacked interest. . Still, we sometimes had combined boy/girl gym classes when one gym teacher was out, so we had regular contact with her. All too soon, we were standing in front of Miss Eppss desk and Mrs.

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Dickens, the male gym teacher, to be dealt with. So now you know why the school secretary was escorting me to the gym. The gym office had big windows so the gym teachers could always observe what was happening in their gym. As we approached the office i was initially hopeful to see that. However, the female gym teacher, miss Epps sat behind her desk. Over half a century later, i can still picture miss Epps like it was yesterday. . She was a dour lady with a sinewy and athletic body. .

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She attended our church, so she knew my parents and saw them regularly. She was telling me that my parents would definitely hear of my crime. She opened a file drawer, searched, and then pulled out a file. . It had my name. . my eyes filled with tears as she opened it to a certain page and made the damming notation.

I assumed that my permanent file now had me forever branded as a cheater. . After neatly punching two holes in the note, she fastened it inside my file before carefully replacing. Then she pronounced sentence, sort. . Bray announced that Mrs. Kielander and her Assistant symbolism were downtown for a conference. She would deliver me.

Bray accepted my note, and then read it with a tut-tut. . What do you have to say for yourself young man? There was nothing I could say. . I just looked at the floor. So its true then, she decided. . She pulled a pencil from her tight hair bun, made a notation in the margin, and then demanded, look at me!

This is terrible guy! This will really upset your parents. You know that cheating is one thing that Mrs. Kielander (our Principal) absolutely wont tolerate. It wasnt lost on me that Mrs. Bray mentioned my parents. .

Daughter spanked and caned for not doing homework

She always read the note first, and passed a sort of judgment, deciding if we should see the Principal herself or just her. She also exerted influence in another way. . The Principal and Assistant. Principal shared a single writing paddle, which resided in Mrs. When she delivered us to be dealt with, she might, or might not, automatically bring along the paddle. . That decision may or may not be a kindness, because the schools most feared punishment didnt involve the paddle, but rather a hand spanking applied to a bare bottom. . The paddle was only used for swats, an intermediate punishment.

Naturally, my teacher wrote a note and told me to take it to the office. . It was one of the longest walks of my young life! . With great trepidation, i opened the door and walked. The entrance to the school office was guarded by a long counter. . Behind the counter the school Secretary, mrs. Bray was a skinny, homely, unexciting lady. . Though not unkind, but she was firm and businesslike with us students. . In her role as gatekeeper, Mrs. Bray exerted huge influence over our summary fate when we were sent to the office. .

do because they were straightforward. Unfortunately, the last three questions involved a complex remainder that totally stumped. . so i did the stupid thing, i copied from my friend Jims paper. First, i wasnt sneaky, so the teacher saw me do it, and second, jim was worse at math than I was! . so i ended up with three wrong answers, jims wrong answers.

Yes, there were the usual gym japanese odors, floor varnish mixed with sweat, all spiced by the bouquet of moldering gym clothing. . But our gym was different! . The east end of the gym held the changing rooms, equipment room and teachers office, but the other end was dominated by the schools kitchen. . The kitchens smells varied from day-to-day, but they always dueled with the native gym odors. . The gym had big picnic-style tables that folded into the walls. . For two hours daily, our gym became our school cafeteria. It was early afternoon, so we happened to arrive just. Frisch, our friendly janitor with the german accent, was folding the tables back into the walls. . seeing my predicament, he looked at me with a mixture of surprise and pity., at Emerson Elementary school, i was known as a good kid. .

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Guyspencer Home page, guyspencer 2012, spanked by the female gym teacher. It was my last year at Emerson Elementary School, but this resume particular afternoon was starting out very badly. . As the school secretary escorted me down the temporarily deserted hallway, i was praying that nobody would see. . From the way she kept her hand firmly around my forearm, it would be obvious to anyone that I was in big trouble. We made it past the home Economics classroom and then to the end of the front hallway. . Turning into the north hall, i was delighted to see that it was empty. . But at any moment, any of several classroom doors might open and, i was both relieved and distressed when we arrived at the gym. . This was where my fate awaited, but at least we would be out of the hall. . As usual, our dual-use gym had a mixture of smells.

spanked for not doing homework
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