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But even before that bill was put to a vote, critics said political bargaining had turned it into a paper tiger with too many loopholes and exceptions. This is cheating the people in the name of economic democratization, solidarity for Economic Reform, a civic watchdog on chaebol, said in a news release. Another law passed on tuesday protects the rights of small-business owners who operate convenience stores under a franchise agreement with chaebols. A third law reduced the maximum percentage of a bank a chaebol is allowed to own to 4 percent, from 9 percent. By trying to curb the power of chaebols,. Park is struggling with her fathers legacy. Her father, park Chung-hee, who ruled south Korea from 1961 to 1979 as it moved from a desperately poor country toward becoming an economic power, nurtured a handful of family controlled businesses with easy credit, subsidies, tax benefits and protection from foreign competitors.

Park took note of public sentiment, vowing to deal sternly with tycoons involved in white-collar crimes and the writing conglomerates expansion at the cost of smaller businesses. Although all the rival parties agreed during the presidential campaign last December to enact several bills that would act as checks on the conglomerates power, the writing of the legislation has proved contentious. South Koreas economic growth has depended heavily on exports and expansion led by a small group of family-owned conglomerates like cj, hyundai and Samsung. The conglomerates, known as chaebol, have vigorously lobbied the national Assembly in recent months, insisting that overly strict restrictions would hurt their competitiveness and profitability and damage the south Korean economy in general, an argument supported by many lawmakers affiliated with. Parks conservative governing party. Park recently said that any reform bills should not hurt the chaebols potential for leading economic growth as the economy slowed, and the political sanskrit opposition accused her of retreating from her campaign promises. After months of bickering, the competing parties agreed on several pieces of legislation tuesday. Under one new law, subsidiaries of a chaebol partly owned by its chairmans family would have a harder time monopolizing supply orders from the rest of the business empire. Amid widespread discontent over the widening gap between rich and poor, south Koreans have fumed at the way the tycoons helped their children inherit easy fortunes. Companies sold shares to the chairmens children at unrealistically low prices or showered lucrative business orders on affiliates owned by the chairmen or their families without conducting competitive bidding.

south korean writing

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In my reenvisioning of it, youd play artificial intelligences left to guard something: it could be a crashed ship, or perhaps its an automated facility, or a seedbank, or who knows. I think itd be a fun cross-genre revamp on Morningstars very cool game. If you feel like sponsoring me, you can go here. Theres lots of great people participating, too, so have a look and see if anyone there appeals. Clarion West is good people, its a great workshop, and helped propel me toward well, whatever it is Im doing now. Seoul, south Korea — The head of the mattress cj group, a large conglomerate in south Korea, was arrested on charges of embezzlement and tax evasion as the countrys Parliament on tuesday enacted a series of laws aimed at protecting smaller businesses from the corporations that have. Lee jay-hyun, the cj group chairman, was locked up shortly before midnight Monday, accused of stashing hundreds of millions of dollars under other peoples names, dodging 70 billion won (61 million) in taxes and misappropriating 100 billion won in company money. Lee, 53, a grandson of lee byung-chull, the founder of the samsung empire, was the first tycoon to be arrested on corruption charges since President Park geun-hye took office in February amid mounting public calls for economic democratization. In her inaugural speech,.

south korean writing

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Gin Craze-era singularity novel) that I finished redrafting last november. Its a 200,000 word behemoth, but it looks like with some radical surgery on one of the storylines, that would much more easily be split into two volumes, of who-knows-how-many in total. Theres japanese this outline i need to write up for a book project ive been asked to pitch. If I can get it done by the end of the Write-a-thon, Ill have earned myself some apple pie. (That might not sound like much, but decent apple pie isnt so common in Korea, and justifying the expense of buying one—let alone the trip to costco to get it—takes something special. Of course, ive got a couple of other writing projects on the side: one short story Im revising into shape, a couple of rpg projects that are on standby and need to get finished. But those are destined to be autumn projects: if I have any more time than whats needed to get this done, itll go to a freelance editing project Im working on, and hitting the swimming pool and gym for some exercise, because i really, really. Im still thinking about incentives to sponsor. Im actually thinking about maybe giving sponsors a copy of The machines, which is a riff on Jason Morningstars cool story-game The skeletons, where instead of playing adventurers looting a tomb, you play the skeletal guardians enchanted and left to stand watch over the tomb.

On top of all that, our kids going to be in hospital next week at the end of the month, and then recuperating at home for the rest of the summer, it looks like. Still, i do have some writing goals for this summer, and even for the next few weeks, so i figured Id join up and just not pressure myself to do the impossible. The good news is, ive actually delivered on one of my goals: a rewrite of an rpg adventure module ive been working on as a freelance job. I recently playtested it—that was technically on the first day of the write-a-thon—and then put in some solid work on Sunday nightand the first few days of last week, and sent it in around Wednesday or Thursday. Then I jumped into the first of the other projects Ill discuss below: That leaves two more stated goals, and one more unstated one: to finish expanding my novelette, asshole Island into a short novel. This is the short-term goal. If I can finish that goal out—which would take a couple of thousand words a day for the next week, i think—Ill be pretty happy, even if the thing will be misshapen and first-drafty. To rework the first draft of that novel (the.

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south korean writing

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(Friday mornings Korean time, if anyones interested: hes open to new players.). Its been an interesting change of pace, and I thought Id write a little about it here. Continue reading 2 Comments, so, heres a note on my progress this summer: write-a-thon or general, its kind of the same. This is just an update for anyone interested in a progress report. Continue reading, leave a comment, okay, time to get my shoulder back to the wheel, i syed think. Im alarm making another try at returning to the cantos.

Its been a busy time, but not so busy i cant do this a few days a week in the morning, as a warm-up to my own writing. At least, i hope i can. In this installment, i try to figure out what Im supposed to think about the very lengthy canto lxv, the fourth of the ten Adams Cantos and what I do think about. Continue reading, leave a comment, though Im keeping a low profile and all, i am participating in Clarion Wests Write-a-thon this year. I signed up a little late, because i wasnt sure whether I could really get much done during the write-a-thon itself: the timing, as always, is a little tough for. (The first week of the workshop is always final exams week for most universities here in Korea, and in my current job, thats followed by a four week long summer intensive course.

This post is one in a series of readings Im posting of each poem in Ezra pounds. The cantos, one (or a few) at a time. The readings are atypical, for reasons made clear in my first post in this series. Im not sure whether the fiction project that inspired this series will ever come to fruition, but Id like to try finish the cantos just the same. Theres also an (updated) index of all the cantos (and related sources) ive discussed so far.

This is my third Cantos-posting in the space of a few weeks, after a long time away from it, so it looks like maybe Im back onto this project for the moment. Unlike canto lxv, this one is actually short, if not exactly sweet—as are the remainder of the Adams Cantos, i noticed the other day. This bodes well for the project. So, now, lets see whether I can find any buried treasure in these lines. Continue reading, leave a comment, so ive had the chance, in the past month, to play in a couple of sessions. The guy running it is well, i dont know much except that hes in the States somewhere, and that he was kind enough to organize a game that I could join from half a worlds worth of timezones away.

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The K1 has evolved into an avlb (bridgelayer) and an arv (Armored Recovery vehicle). Malaysia is the other operator of the K1 series, this in the form of the K1M. Production of the system in all forms - as of this writing - is approximately 1,500 examples. The K1 entered service in 1986. Picture of the rotem k1 (Type 88) main Battle tank (MBT) Tracked hippie Combat Vehicle. Any available statistics for the rotem k1 (Type 88) main Battle tank (MBT) Tracked Combat Vehicle are showcased in the areas immediately below. Categories include basic specifications covering initial year japanese of service, country-of-origin, manufacturer and total production numbers. Other qualities showcased are related to structural values (namely dimensions installed power and standard day performance figures, installed armament and ammunition carried, global users (from A-to-Z) and model variants in the series.

south korean writing

of the vehicle locally in south Korea (though some parts production was handled overseas). Though the system was originally designed to take on the vast amounts of North Korean T-54/T-55/T-62 main battle tanks of soviet design, the type 88 has since grown to compete with the latest generation tanks from around the globe. The type 88 features the M68 105mm rifled main gun, though an upgunned M256 120mm variant is also available (standard in the K1A1). Full nbc protection, day/night sighting and a computerized fire control system round out the major features of this main battle tank. Crew accommodations is conventional by western standards and include the driver, ammunition loader, tank commander and gunner. The driver has controls to adjust suspension on-the-fly while the commander's station features stabilized sighting equipment along with an all-digital computer system. Power is derived from the 1 x mtu 871 ka-501 diesel engine developing up to 1,200 horsepower at 2,600rpm. Road speed is equal to 65 kilometers per hour with a range of 457 kilometers. Its listed weight is 51,000 kilograms.

Having said that, the koreans did not have the design expertise to develop, tool and manufacture such a tank. The korean development team looked at multiple designs. Initially the team looked into obtaining rights to licensing produce the American M60A1 Patton tank. The original plan was to acquire all the tanks available and produce new Pattons in Korea. This ended in a no-agreement because the amount of Patton's available was insufficient for the korean's needs. Contracts were secured to upgrade existing Korean Patton's and the design team looked at production rights for the german leopard. After some consideration, the korean team felt that with new leopard 2 and M1 Abrams being developed, producing older tank versions could reduce their ability to counter new soviet designs. Instead, the tank chosen by the south Koreans would be a variation of the American M1 Abrams design - developed by the general Dynamics Land Systems company. Looking forward to the manufacture of the tank in south Korea, hyundai precision engineers were sent to study paper at General Dynamics and supervise production of the variation called the xk1.

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Detailing the development and operational history of the rotem k1 (Type 88) Main Battle tank (MBT) Tracked Combat Vehicle. Entry last updated on 6/4/2018. Authored by jr potts, aus 173d. The south Korean military has used tanks developed and produced in the United States from the time of the korean War. In the 1970's the korean government was concerned with its aging American family of tanks made up of the M47 and M48 Patton series. A main battle tank concept was needed to counter the north Korean soviet tanks T-54/55 threat. The south Korean President, wallpaper park Chung-hee, and his administration wanted to build the new tank domestically so the korean Army and the people would take national pride with Koreans producing a korean tank and Park new his men would fight with a feeling of superiority.

south korean writing
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South, korean indie scene is hidden from the public. An entertainer is someone who wows the crowd through dance, song writing, instruments, acting, singing, stage presence and good looks.

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  1. On the 16th of April, 2014 the. South, korean, ferry sewol, which was carrying 476 people from Incheon towards Jeju at the time, capsized. Of the 476 passenge. Its no wonder the.

  2. The rotem k1 is the standard frontline main battle tank for. South, korean army forces. Production of the system in all forms - as of this writing - is approximately 1,500 examples.

  3. Korean conversations as well as fundamental grammar. October 18, 2016 gordsellar Permalink 4 Responses. South, korea, writing, korean, sf, sf in, south, korea, translations, writing.

  4. Ealc 115 ealc 115 introduces the fundamentals of standard. Korean in all four levels of communication (listening, speaking, reading, and writing ). The course provides practice in basic.

  5. New summer institute brings. South, korean computer science students to campus. The students are spending six weeks on campus refining their computer programming techniques and also practicing their English grammar and technical writing skills.

  6. South, korean, executives Arrest seen as move to tame conglomerates.presidential campaign last December to enact several bills that would act as checks on the conglomerates power, the writing. The sunshine policy of the previous. South, korean administration went precisely nowhere. Honestly, take a moment of reflection before writing something like this.

  7. 3, south, korean, carmakers to conduct Recall. 8, after it was found they have faulty windshield wipers, the ministry said. The United States said on Wednesday it believed North Korea s shelling. South, korean island this week was an isolated act tied to leadership changes in pyongyang and.

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