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Can you imagine being completely isolated, even for a week? It seems to me that an isolated Borg (or former Borg) would have even more difficulty coping than a human being, which makes seven's plight more believable, in my view. True, seven has the holodecks to escape into, and even the doctor to talk to through some of the journey, but that doesn't make it easy. Besides, she has a ship to run, and duties she must perform by herself. Jeri taylor's script for "One" gets a bit choppy and schizophrenic as the shipwide problems become more and more elaborate. An enigmatic alien (Wade williams) shows up, only to disappear and then later reappear.

Can the two keep the ship running by themselves? (It's not an easy task.) Furthermore, another question emerges: Can seven cope with the prospect of having no other individuals to interact with—especially once the nebula's strange properties cause the doctor to malfunction? It's this intriguing question that is at the heart of "One and it brings up a host of other issues concerning Our Former Borg. Humans are social creatures—and so, it would seem, are borg (in a twisted manner of speaking). The transition from being part of the borg collective to being an individual was difficult enough for seven; now she's faced with the prospect of being the lone individual in a high-pressure situation. It is more difficult than she could've imagined. Yet "One" is not simply a rehash of ". Scorpion, part." Rather, it's the point where seven is tested—not just in her ability to perform under pressure, but her ability to make difficult decisions while also confronting her inner demons. These dilemmas writing are packaged within a series of mini-crises aboard the ship, slowly wearing seven down as she finds the demands of being alone more than she can deal with. Isolation is an frightening prospect.

onebed review

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(The situation seems analogous to hiking through wood an area and not seeing the mountain until you're standing right next to the foot.). The crew's problem is that going around the nebula would take a year or more, while going through it would only take a month. Only two crew members can withstand the side effects—the doctor, for obvious reasons, and seven, because of her Borg bio-technology. Janeway decides she can put the entire crew in biological stasis while doc and seven pilot the ship through the nebula. This, of course, requires Janeway to put her trust in seven, who has always been one capable of erratic, unpredictable behavior. There's a reasonable scene that sets up the character theme, as Janeway explains to Chakotay her faith in seven's ability to do the right thing. It's a decent scene, if a little simplistic in dispelling the possibility that not everyone would be particularly happy that their fate rides on someone who has been a loose cannon in the past. Still, i find the bond between Janeway and seven intriguing, even though it has often been a rough ride. Once the crew is put into stasis, the episode becomes the doc and seven show.

onebed review

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There are times when a good story can come in a less-than-stellar package. Such is the case with "One an episode that has quite a bit to say, even though the way it goes about saying it proves a little uneasy and excessive. At essay times, "One" is a good example of using a sledgehammer to get the job done—a job that really only requires a tack hammer, or perhaps a rubber mallet. I'm calling this a good episode with some evident flaws. The story is a cerebral outing featuring seven of Nine, which effectively tackles her individuality by way of a plot that ensures she is alone and isolated for long stretches of time. The premise that sets the story in motion is a little on the goofy side, as the crew comes across a nebula that, whenever they get close to it, puts them in extreme pain. One nameless crew member is even killed by the bizarre side effects. Why this happens is never explained, which is just fine by me—i prefer a little mystery to a muddle of technobabble any day. Still, it strikes me as a bit silly that the crew would just happen upon a nebula that's as huge as this one without detecting it ahead of time.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the us and other countries. Privacy policy, legal, steam Subscriber Agreement, refunds. Star Trek: voyager, air date: 5/13/1998, written by jeri taylor. Directed by kenneth Biller, review by jamahl Epsicokhan "leave it. Paris to cause as much trouble now as when he's awake." "you knew this might happen. Why complain about it?" "If you had even the slightest sense of humor, you would realize i was making a small joke." "Very small." — doc and seven, nutshell: Fraught with excess at times, but a good story nonetheless. I have a tendency to sometimes look beyond what's on the screen to see what the episode is trying to tell me, and what hidden implications it has on the characters.

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onebed review

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The group gave two sold out shows at Ronnie scottâs this month (July) and by all accounts, they blew the roof off with their stunning talent and attacted a fair few famous faces to turn. ÂOneâ is a fine way to take the group into their 25th anniversary year since their first recording. Long may they continue to delight audiences worldwide with their concerts, and their sublime talents on record. Yep, very apt title, as there really is only one take six, for sure. my thanks to Proper Music for the review copy.

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1996's "Brothers" indicated a turn toward commercial soul music, and the group returned in 1998 with resume "so cool." "we wish you a merry Christmas appeared a year later. "beautiful World released in April 2002, showcased an incredible instrumentation and take 6's new musical approach, while "Feels good" furthered the band's prolific career in 2006. Take 6 adopted a jazzier style for their next album, 2008's "The Standard which saw them tackling jazz hits with the help of such top end musicians as roy hargrove, jon Hendricks, and Al Jarreau. If you get a chance, check out the 1992 grp records album by jazz fusion legends Yellowjackets, "live wires which features take six on the track "revelation which is absolutely stunning. Apart from this cd, "One the take six album âso much dubai 2 say,â is a great start if you do not have any of their albums, and that record reached the number two spot on Billboard's Contemporary jazz chart and scored a grammy for Best. Take six left Warner and started their own label. They then joined jazz label heads Up Records with the release of "The Standard." The album included guest appearances by r b luminaries Aaron neville and Brian McKnight (Claude's brother as well as veteran jazzmen george benson, Al Jarreau and Jon Hendricks. "While we sing lyrics that always exemplify our spiritual and moral convictions, what we really are at the core is a jazz vocal group says dave thomas, a member of the take 6 lineup since 1985. They got three grammy nominations for Best Gospel Performance, best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s and Best jazz instrumental Solo.

onebed review

Take six are david Thomas, Alvin Chea, cedric Dent, mark kibble, claude. McKnight iii, and joey kibble (who replaced Mervyn Warren). McKnight and Mark kibble caught the a cappella bug at Alabama's oakwood College in the early '80s, forming a vocal group that solidified into take 6 when singer/arranger Warren joined in 1985. In 1988 they recorded eating arrangements of spirituals and newly composed material on the group's first album, "doo be doo wop Bop!" for a tiny indie label. They were quickly picked up by warner Bros.' reprise label, for whom they started making smooth yet vocally adventurous albums that defied pigeonholing, other than the all-purpose acappella label. Throughout their lengthy career, take 6 has won 10 Grammy Awards, 10 dove awards, one soul Train Award, received two naacp image Award nominations, and holds the distinct honour of being the most Grammy nominated vocal group in history. They have toured with Al Jarreau, appeared on quincy jones' all-star "Back on the Block" album, worked with many greats including Ella fitzgerald and Stevie wonder, and utilised instrumental backing (which began with 1994's brilliant "Join the band.

way; they have a guest on this album: 62-year-old Stevland Hardaway morris. Thatâs Stevie wonder to you and me, and he sings on his own song, âcanât Imagine love without you,â with the boys on vocals too. The blurb on the back cover says the cd is: âan inspired master-piece that takes the gospel/jazz fusion of their Grammy-winning debut album one step further.â i would not argue with that statement. I will say, if you are put off by their music being non-secular, don't. If the spiritual aspect doesn't float your boat, the vocal talent surely will - if you have ears and good taste. They are unlike anything you will ever hear, trust. Their roots are in gospel, but also doo wop, and the sophisticated jazz-influenced singing groups of mid-century America, and a precursor for a number of black male pop groups of the '90s, most notably boyz ii men.

I was blown away. I homework had not heard anything like it before. From then on, i was a fan and have had the pleasure of seeing them live a few times, and working with them once. I am talking about gospel accapella superstars take six. I can also assure you, in concert they sound exactly as they do on the studio trickery required. Sheer talent in abundance. The last time i saw them was at a concert inside St paulâs Catherdral, a stunning setting for these chaps.

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Rate this Album, uk release date, way back at the start of the â90s, i met a guy at a big wedding in London, who was really into his music. We chatted about who we liked and swapped contact details. A short while later, i got an unexpected package through the post; a couple of cassette tapes (remember those?) he had recorded of a selection essay of his eclectic and tasty record collection. With a note asking me to do the same, which I did. This little sample session swapsies, went on for a year or more and was a lovely way of being introduced to music and artists I would perhaps not have come across. Some i knew and liked anyway, but most of it was new. I can still recall the impact of hearing one particular track for the first time, on the very first tape he sent.

onebed review
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It runs within different applications: to access from Safari, kids click on the share icon and select the read write for ipad. She is still alive and well remembered by many movie-goers who saw the first Bacall/Bogart movies.

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  4. Way back at the start of the â 90s, i met a guy at a big wedding in London, who was really into his music. Jonathan Kreisberg: one jazz review by john Kelman, published on may 15, 2013. Find thousands reviews at All About jazz!

  5. Like jammer's review said the writers could have done this episode with any of the characters, but everything is so seven centric this season. This inexpensive leveled Pre-k reader will help your student learn to read books. This book supports Common Core Standards. Take six: One (Shanachie records).

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