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November 2, 2014, american indie not at it's best. Almost all of the characters were unlikeable although I have seen worse from Ryder. september 9, 2014, this is pretty funny, the script in particular is mostly caustic and witty. Probably best viewed if you're just out of uni and the love story can probably be best ignored completely as we stray into 'dawson's Creek' territory a little t hey, i love 'dawson's Creek'. Page 1 of 115. Edit, personal Details, other Works: Music video for taylor Swift: "Bad Blood" as Lucky fiori. See more publicity listings: 1 Print biography 3 Interviews 8 Articles 1 Pictorial 5 Magazine cover Photos. See more official Sites: Facebook, instagram, see more height: 5' 3" (1.6 m edit, did you know?

march 8, 2016, an innocent and entertaining rom com. August 16, 2015, ben Stiller's first directorial effort, and it's not bad, but nor is it a book great comedy. It;s sort of a romantic dramadey, but it never really clicks into gear and is only really saved by the good cast - hawke, ryder garofalo are all good, but Stiller doesn't give himself too much. Decent premise - 'what do i do with my life after uni? but it's hardly original or specific to any one generation. july 28, 2015, doesn't do anything new or inventive, but it particularly resonates with me as I'm in the exact same position. Reality in putrid harmony. November 14, 2014, the movie presents a keen look into generation X but the unlikable characters muddle the film's overall business likability. november 10, 2014, this movie has a conventional plot of recent graduate angst. The characters are not well developed and those beyond the main character are more caricatures than anything else. The movie does have an interesting beginning but it just suddenly ends with a contrived resolution.

movies based on autobiographies

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What a cast of current stars! I have to admit, interests to my great shock, that 1) Ethan Hawke is slowly starting to grow on me (minus the mustache 2) Men playing guitar do not even come close to growing on me and 3) Ben Stiller was annoying even back in the. Did he have his teeth done or something? A moderately funny, appropriately subversive, and very promising feature directorial debut for Ben Stiller. He definitely improved, but 'reality bites' is certainly not one to be written off. Winona ryder is adorable. March 21, 2016, produo de danny devito e michael Shamberg com a direo inaugural de ben Stiller e roteiro de helen Childress. Reality bites traz um elenco de peso: Winona ryder, Ethan Hawke e ben Stiller que fragilmente dirigi esse turbilho de loucuras juvenis, o inicio um conto promissor e excntrico da juventude contempornea, mas evolui para uma histria de amor banal to previsvel quanto qualquer romance.

movies based on autobiographies

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He treats her badly more than he treats her right, but we're made to believe that it's all a ruse to cover inner conflict. He doesn't really mean to be so bad; some people are just unconventional in how they show their love for someone. But supposedly michael is miles worse, if only because he accidentally botches Lelaina's shot at notoriety. Though he's more considerate of, more interested in, and more patient with her than Troy could ever be, he's made as the film's villain, a backwards notion that dramatically inhibits "Reality bites" from being the great movie it advantages has the potential. When a film doesn't seem to know its characters as well as its audience does, irreversible is the damage done to its overarching success. And so the movie is only occasionally terrific, greatly hindered by the reality that maybe it isn't so wise after all. But Ryder is luminous, garafolo an embodiment of barbed shrewdness, hawke genuinely detestable. "Reality bites" is excellent until it isn't anymore, and it's a shame that it undermines its acumen with the forced fakery that it mostly curbs. May 9, 2016, not sure i had ever seen this before and this time saw only 2/3.

Arguably, few other movies have so authentically portrayed the confusions and the lows of being a young adult trying to navigate the world. Its Helen Childress penned screenplay beautifully engages with the youthfully scary unknowns of marriage, professional happiness, and personal contentment, and the direction, by a twenty-nine year old Ben Stiller, validly characterizes such adversities and makes them universal. The film follows the trials and tribulations that overtake the lives of a quartet of friends in the wake of college graduation. Their leader, lelaina, was valedictorian but is struggling to find the right job in a field that isn't ready to have her. Her sidekick, vickie (Janeane garafolo declares that all she learned in college was her Social Security number; currently, she's working as an assistant manager at the gap, covering her misery in wry wit to tell herself otherwise. Sammy (Steve zahn) is perhaps occupationally steady but is nonetheless tormented by his still being in the closet; and Troy (Ethan Hawke whom Lelaina head-scratchingly considers to be her best friend, is a slacker who reassures his ego that his coffeehouse homed musical performances will. We'll never know if these characters do end up finding the happiness they're all so desperately seeking - focused on are their attempts to get to that point - but while "Reality bites" exceptionally distinguishes the frustrations of its characters and intelligently brings empathetic urgency. Childress is convinced that the right guy for our leading lady is Troy, despite the fact that he's a selfish poser who reads ponderous novels immersed in existentialism as he combs his greasy hair and strokes his three-day beard, waiting for his next opportunity.

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movies based on autobiographies

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Es considerada para muchos la pelcula que representa a una generacin entera. Con estas credenciales estaba entusiasmada de verla, pero no slo me decepcion, sino que el final en particular me hizo casi descartar las cosas buenas que tiene esta pelcula. Me pareci interesante porque hace un par de aos, cuando mi visin del amor era ms idealista, hubiese considerado la relacin entre lelaina y troy romntica. Pero entre las cosas que si me gustaron. Me gust lo crebles de los personajes, sobretodo las expectativas y luego decepciones que tienes a los. Definitivamente me pude ver reflejada en varias cualidades y situaciones por las cuales tienen que pasar, sobretodo el hecho de que la sociedad espera que tengas tu vida en orden una vez que te gradas, y sigas una lnea exitosa que consiste en conseguir. Y la verdad que a esa edad casi nadie sabe que quiere o quien.

Vickie (Janeane garofalo) es el personaje ms real y racional de el elenco y me encant su actuacin. Winona ryder es elctrica, y es nostlgico verla en este rol, porque no va a haber actriz como ella. Apareca en la pantalla y es imposible quitarle los ojos de encima. august 28, 2016 "All you have to be at twenty-three is yourself a character reassures Winona ryder's Lelaina after an occupational crisis leaves her feeling worthless in 1994's "Reality bites." But such positively-minded messages are easier said than done when one's life appears. Following a five year stint at a respected university, most expect to find success immediately, and the lull that oftentimes occurs shortly after graduation commences is capable of being soul-crushing. You can thumb through the autobiographies of all your childhood heroes and notice that the majority of them did not become icons in their mid-twenties all you want, but when you have yourself to live with and you're not meeting your own high standards, it's. In the twenty-two years since its release, and "Reality bites" has become a touchstone in the capturing of the woes that befell Generation.

April 3, 2017, i like this movie a lot. Yeah i know that its kind of a doushy hipster comedy for the 90's but I still really like. So many funny scenes. Plus Winona ryder who is so hot. Big crush on her when I was younger.

january 12, 2017, lelaina pierce: I was really going to be somebody by the time i was. Troy dyer: Honey, all you have to be by the time you're 23 is yourself. Lelaina pierce: I don't know who that is anymore. Troy dyer:. And we all love her. She breaks my heart again and again, but I love her. Reality bites es un clsico de los 90s.

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And neither will hipster cynicism. Which is why as long as reality bites, this movie will have its place in any time. On a side note, choosing to mine the 70's nostalgia vibe over the fertile music scene of that moment was a weak choice. Then again, its sister movie 'singles' proved that a strong soundtrack doesn't equal a better Gen-X movie. April 30, 2017, gotta give it credit for being an early needed part of a new genre. Some of the acting and chemistry. Watching it with my friends who are in the same age group now - we're all feeling reality biting a lot harder than this. And most of us were rooting for Ben Stiller.

movies based on autobiographies

And funny how in 1993, studio's believed that Generation X would never watch a movie about themselves. Of course they would, gen X simply wanted authenticity. Mercifully, reality bites was actually written by someone in their early 20's (Helen Childress) and directed by a twenty-something Ben Stiller (his debut behind the camera). The result is grunge-lite, a surface level inspection of early 90's ennui. It succeeds in capturing important generational flash points, like the cloud of a yet untreatable aids epidemic, the still stigmatized choice to 'come out and the self-loathing of a generation born from the parental abyss known as Baby boomers. What it lacks in grit, it counters with charm. The over-sized clothes may be gone, but youthful assignment love will never die.

its talkative and somewhat annoying characters, is still an effective 90's throwback and a passable romantic comedy. Some characters don't end up getting what they deserve in the end, wether it be good or bad. But it's hard to hate any of the three main actors of reality bites, and by the end, it wins you over with its cheesy dialogue and half-baked jokes, and honestly it's a lot of fun. It's not extremely investing to watch and you won't be thinking about it for a super long time, but in the short-term, it's a good feature from Stiller and another decent movie from Winona ryder. Interesting how a caricature can morph into a time capsule.

He admits to paperless Stephanie (Tori Spelling) that his other housemate, allison (Poppy montgomery has always found her attractive, but he neglected to tell Stephanie this because he doesn't like her. But he can't bring himself to say anything unpleasant to his promiscuous bisexual best friend, Allison. Owen is at the airport, ready to board his flight, when he runs into val (Jennifer Westfeldt of Kissing Jessica Stein an attractive acquaintance of his. She's seeing off her ex-boyfriend, and invites Owen to have coffee, causing him to miss his flight. There's an immediate attraction. Owen is still determined to leave town, and now no one wants him around, but he has to take a few days to prove to himself that things would never work out with Val. How to lose your lover, the feature debut of writer/director/producer Jordan Hawley, had its world premiere at the 2004 Tribeca film Festival. Watch it now, cast, critic reviews for. How to lose your lover, there are no critic reviews yet for.

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Tomatometer, tomatometer Not available. —, tomatometer Not available. —, audience score, average rating:.2/5, user Ratings: 1,548. Critic Consensus: no consensus yet. Movie info, owen (Paul Schneider of All the real Girls) wants to be a serious writer, but ever since moving essay to los Angeles, the only work he can get is co-writing trashy autobiographies for people who'd prefer he omit the unseemly truth, like bucky (Fred. Is keeping him from achieving his romantic and professional goals, but he can't bring himself to leave. After a big earthquake inspires Owen's manipulative, unfaithful ex-girlfriend to tell him she wants nothing more to do with him, he finally decides to get out of town. He arranges to write a bio for a princeton physicist, and he tells all his friends and acquaintances the brutal truth, so that he won't be tempted to stay or come back. He tells his friend and housemate rob (Dorian Missick) that he can't stand his girlfriend.

movies based on autobiographies
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  1. It left you with a feeling that the plot defeated the purpose it actually based. Rustom is based on the famous Nanavati case. esha gupta, though very vindictive, fails to show any remorse on her brothers death.

  2. As a toy based on a tv character, hes a facsimile of someone who never existed. I own tons of them, and many are based on unbelievably small movies. A relative newcomer to the scene, dark horse comics is home to many books based on popular movies, video games, and television shows. I was uncomfortable with the idea of using history textbooks because i didn't enjoy the experience as a student.

  3. The world of, movies! I would recommend it to everyone who loves history based films. movie is based on two autobiographies by johnny, although it is said to delve much more deeply into some of his personal dark side than.

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