I love u in different languages with writing

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The diacritical marks on the vowels show you whether it is a long vowel or a short vowel. One good rule to remember is that if a word only has two syllables the emphasis always falls on the first syllable. Te amō is prouounced as tey ah-mo. Ego te amō is pronounced as ego tey ah-mo. 8 Amāre is pronounced as am-aar-ey. Amōr is pronounce ah-moor. You can listen to te amo being pronounced online in case you are uncertain. 9 3 learn some famous phrases.

Here are the essay forms for the nominative genitive dative accusative ablative and vocative: Singular: amor amoris amori amorem amore amor. Plural: amores amorum amoribus amores amoribus amores. 6 Method 2 learning Some Phrases 1 say i love you. The various conjugations and variations in the form of the verb to love might be a bit overwhelming, so if you are just interested in learning how to say some nice latin phrases with the word love here are a few examples. I love you: te amo. I love you, my angel: te amo, mi angele. I love you: nolo flere. 7 2 Pronouncing some key words and phrases. In Latin the pronunciation is fairly straightforward. There are no silent letters, unlike english, and you pronounce every consonant, vowel and diphthong separately.

i love u in different languages with writing

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The voices are active and passive. If you want to study the grammar for Latin verbs in more detail, you will have to spend some time getting on top of all these variations. The variations in verbs is at the heart of what makes Latin the language. To get to grips with Latin stylistics you will have to study verbal modifications. 5 6, learn the noun love. love is not only a verb of course, it is also add a noun. It is a masculine noun, and the nominative singular version is amor in Latin. As with the verbs, the noun has a number of variations that change depending on the case of the verb, and whether it is singular or plural.

i love u in different languages with writing

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Latin has two tenses for things happening in the future, the future tense and the future perfect tense. The future perfect is used to describe things which will be finished sometime in the future, whereas the future tense is used to describe actions taking place in the future. Here is how you say love in the first person singular second person singular third person singular first person plural in these future tenses. Future: amābō amābis amābit amābimus. Future perfect: amāverō amāveris amāverit amaverimus. 4 5, recognise other variations. With Latins fairly complex system of grammar, there are still a great many other variations and conjugations of the verb to love. As well the six tenses, and the three persons (first (I second (you) and third (he/she/it latin verbs also have four moods and two voices. The moods are indicative, infinitive, subjunctive and imperative.

You can learn to say the verb love in these three past tenses. The imperfect tense describes actions continuing in the past. The perfect tense describes actions completed in the past. The pluperfect is used to describe something that happened before other actions in the past. Here is how you say love in the first person singular second person singular third person singular first person plural in these tenses. Imperfect: amābam amābās amābat amābāmus. Perfect: amāvī amāvistī amāvit amāvimus. Pluperfect: amāveram amāverās amāverat amaveramus. Say love in the future tense.

I, love, you in, different, languages

i love u in different languages with writing

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Ū: as in English root. Not as ju: you, or French "u german "ü". 1 2, learn the state verb to love. The infinitive of the latin verb to love is amāre. This is the basis upon which you can conjugate the verb to find its other forms. Latin grammar can be quite tricky, with many different conjugations having a big impact on the word. Here are plan some of the main conjugations for the present tense to get you started: First person singular: amō.

Second person singular: amās. Third person singular: amat. First person plural: amāmus. Second person plural: amātis. Third person plural: amant. 2 3, say love in the past tense. There are six tenses in Latin, and three of these (imperfect, perfect and pluperfect) concerns things that happened in the past.

Okay, method 1, learning to say love 1, pronounce the vowel sounds. If you want to say love in Latin you need to get to grips with pronunciation in Latin. Key to this is recognising long and short vowel sounds. In Latin these variations are shown by the diacritic marks above the letters a, e, i, o, and. Short vowels are indicated like this: ă, ĕ, ĭ, ŏ,.

Long vowels are indicated like this: ā, ē, ī, ō,. These diacritical marks are not part of the spelling of the word, they just indicate long and short vowels for pronunciation. If you were writing Latin you wouldnt include these marks. To say love in Latin you need to concentrate on pronouncing the long vowels correctly. Ā: as in the English father, not the æ in fat, or ə in apart. Ē: as in the English they, but longer. Not the ei as "ey" in they, or ə in apart, or i: in ecology. Ī: as in the English sheep. ō: as in the Italian ó in amore.

How to say, i love, you in 100, different, languages

From Korzs perspective, there are both commercial and environmental benefits to the new product. There is a massive energy savings in producing one movie and attaching different language tracks, and the increased traffic to a single video featuring different languages will benefit those who are using AdSense Advertisements in their videos. Alugha will emerge from beta by the beginning of August. Until then, korz plans to publish extensions and add a download section to the product Website with links to the different platforms and browsers. Basic services will always be free for producers, in addition to various pricing schemes. Alongside working on a launch of the basic product, team Korz is also working on mobile apps for ios, android, and, windows, phone. Alugha, read next: The dreaded 'p' word: five tips to make your pivot successful. We use cookies to make wikihow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

i love u in different languages with writing

Currently Alugha supports only, but other platforms like facebook and Vimeo are in the works, Korz write says. Alugha supports all languages registered. Iso-639-3 and focuses on the 50 most popular languages. . Korz envisions that within user communities, producers can get support for additional language translations and dialects. For fun, i did a video in Pfaelzisch, the dialect we speak close to mannheim/Frankfurt. We support all area-specific languages like spanish in Argentina or Spanish in Spain. So long as you have a locale/audio file for your video just connect them via alugha and it is done, korz says. What if viewers have not installed the Alugha browser plug-in? The video will always play in its original language.

— and our own html5 player so you can use it without (if you embed videos) and you would not even have. Now he is almost. With Alugha, producers create audio files in the languages they want to include and then upload them to the Alugha server where they are all connected to the same video on the back end. Viewers need only install a browser extension to watch the video in the various languages included. Descriptions and titles are also translated. Each audio file is limited to 20mb and to make sure audio files will run on every browser, you have to encode and upload them into mp3 and WebM at bit rates of 160 Kbit/s or 190 Kbit/s (MP3) and  full hd (WebM). With the browser extension installed, users can choose and switch languages at will in real time, even while the video is playing. Korz envisions the product for use in motion pictures, games, trailers, speeches, and product demos. .

The pair is working to facilitate the native-language translation of movies, available within the original file, so viewers can devote their full attention to the action — sans subtitles. Think of Alugha as a kind of super-dubbing, but with additional benefits. Father-son developers of Alugha — bernd and niklas Korz. Alugha — which means one language in Swahili — began as an unmet need on the part of German developer, bernd Korz. . I am doing videos. Youtube on my Channel and some of my customers and audience asked for English videos, so i produced them in English and German — which turned out to be a lot of work, korz told The next Web in an email. Record a new pdf video, cut it, render it, upload it so i thought, well doing multilingual movies is a common thing, i will just do the same with my videos. I started my research and oops there was nothing available at all.

I, love, you in, different, language - how to say, i, love, you

This site uses cookies and by using the site you are consenting to this. More information, submit a post, user panel, categories. Top 10 of the month, search, archive. Theres always been a certain je ne sais quoi about going to a foreign film. First, it absolutely confirms that you know how to read (kidding). But second, it implies that you can read between lines of dialog you dont understand, and which are often minimally translated, to get the heart of a story. The father-son creators of an upcoming service called. Alugha — still in beta — dont think you should have to work that hard to enjoy a video just because its not filmed in your will language.

i love u in different languages with writing
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  1. They are quite different languages.ugliest ahahahahah makes me laugh so hard. Nordic country s language call south languages are the. pick one nordic languagues or south languages. Worried soul /Mangalore dear Friends, Though you are writing to the teenager from different parts of the country, you belong to the same age group (14 to 17 and share).

  2. With Alugha, producers create audio files in the languages they want to include and then upload them. Bait Phone Is Basically a stun Gun With a remote. i love you in Different Languages.

  3. What does kindle do concerning use of different languages? (3 answers) Similar questions: love word, languages, recent questions About: love word, languages. Father-son developers create service that offers different languages in a single video.

  4. Estimates of the number of languages in the world vary between 5,000 and 7,000. ) Golden Cupid can be pushed to the side and read the words of love to different peoples of the world. 35 Responses to i love you in 100 languages my languages are English and Afrikaans and very little portuguese. In, armenian its Yes kez sirumem with the letter.

  5. It can be nice to learn to say love in lots of different languages. Latin is at the root of so many languages that this is a good place to start. Languages and voice Actors: English (Original) james Earl Jones Spanish (1980) Isidro Olace you can see a list of the languages with their voice actors below the video.

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