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If they had, they wouldve almost certainly been trapped on the deadly castanheira figueiró road. As he looked across from the neighbours door and saw huge flames coming out of my annexe, the fruit trees on the front lawn and the garden of my neighbour below ablaze, he called to Adriana still in the car. But she said she couldnt watch, such was the sorrow to see it all go up in flames. They got out of the village and onto the N347, passing flames 10 metres high on either side of the road. Once safe up on the road (between Castanheira and Penela) Eric sent the passengers to walk down to castanheira, only a km or so away, calls his dad, and sends me an email. Minutes passed as they considered what.

A few of Sesinandos large family were gathered around the largo, some panicking, some arguing about what. Eric collected Sesinandos wife and daughter while sesinando went for his elderly who father, slow on his feet and reluctant to leave, the fire at his back door. Now in the car they were faced with the main road on the south end of the village. The fire had circled around and both sides of the road were in flames. They went up through the middle of the village, on a steep cobbled road in an oasis of green. At the top, one neighbour was freaking out. Her daughter and baby had already left, she didnt know what to do next. Eric told her the house was also certainly lost and they were about to be cut off. At that stage they had no idea of the magnitude of the fire. They didnt know about Pedrogão they had no electricity, no tv, not even water in the tap now. At that moment Eric thought they might be headed for Spain where his parents were.

house building business plan

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The olive grove on the eastern side was ablaze and now the front add lawn on the south-west was also alight, while the main fire headed north, uphill to the ruin behind my house. Eric put the hose on the burning front lawn but it was futile, with fire raging behind the house and a hurricane of hot air all around: the flames were taller than the house itself. The other neighbours were watching from a safer position across the valley of the village; they had time to fill water tanks and to consider leaving or staying to fight. For a moment Eric thought he might stay fight too, thinking of the water tank not far away but now from the front lawn he could see to the north, the fire past the neighbours house and cutting off their closest exit. And also now to the south, on the main road out, he watched as the beautiful oaks on the curve of the road were engulfed in flames. With fire all around, just a flimsy hose, the annexe now on fire, eric thought the main house would be on fire any minute and the place would be a deadly trap. The electricity was out and although it was only 8pm it was dark because of the heavy smoke everywhere. They wanted to collect documents, clothes, computers, bikes anything but couldnt see and fled to the car with just the clothes they had. Eric told my next door neighbour Sesinando it was time.

house building business plan

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There was another email and then Eric and I talked on the phone. The house was miraculously saved. So heres a good news story, of the bravery and solidarity of a little village, and a fight against the worst forest fires ever recorded in Portugal. The fire first approached the village from the east, roughly the direction of Pedrogão grande. Adriana saw a huge flame rise from a cloud of smoke from beyond a nearby ridge. She watched in awe as it towered high and surged forward like a wave above her,  and above the whole house. She ran inside and and closed the windows and shutters. The fire descended so rapidly that by the time Eric arrived at the house from the garage 30 metres away, the grass at the house was already on fire.  Eric and Adriana knew they had to go they were the most exposed, facing the bush and the fire.

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house building business plan

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The lights went out and entry there was no way to see to pack. We are so sorry, so much effort in the house, i have no words to describe our sorrow view from my kitchen door the fires approach. I send him a short message back, hoping that he and Adriana, erics partner, are ok, and Im sorry too. And then I hear nothing more for 12 hours, because of the internet and mobile blackout. The One came home from work and we spent the rest of the day on the net, on facebook and the news, tracking down neighbours and friends, and trying to track the course of the fire. It seemed like my village and the disaster at Pedrogão had happened almost at the same time, so to explain it, i made a rough map.

The distance is about 20kms, while we in Sydney fretted for bricks and mortar, my friend Isabel in Portugal reminded me that its people who are lost, not houses. We knew our tenants were ok, and that was a relief, but what of the other neighbours? My friend Emma had spent the night locating local friends and other expats scattered throughout the area and evacuating dogs from shelters and finding them temporary homes. There was an intense, urgent and grim atmosphere. We waited, feeling useless. We sent more emails and texts and messages. Eventually we had dinner and went to bed.

Pruksa spices up designs to catch eyes Pruksa real Estate, the property development arm of set-listed Pruksa holding Plc (psh will stress more variety. Contact property search sales For banner and sponsorship advertising Stay updated everywhere, anytime with Bangkok post digital products Bangkok post Public Company limited). 18 000 kms away, im woken up by a call from my sister to tell me a friend in Portugal says I should check on my house because its in the path of huge fires. Its.30am on Sunday 18th June. I open my laptop and while downloading my emails I check the news: the forest around little pedrogão grande is ablaze and already 6 people have lost their lives.

There are pictures of the N236 which i immediately recognise, its so familiar with discarded, burnt out cars. Weve had fire scares before, but this time it looks very serious. My mails download and there it is, a few lines from our tenant Eric, sent five hours earlier, 10pm Portuguese time.  Just made it out of póvoa encircled by huge fires, the plot was burning and the annexe. We tried to fight it with a hose but was impossible, had to run with just our clothes. We couldnt save anything.

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Sansiri raises land budget, capacity plans. Set-listed developer Sansiri Plc (siri) has raised its land investment budget and will spend 200 million baht to expand precast production capacity in the fourth quarter after low-priced townhouse presales in the first half tripled. 30 years of the bangkok condominium market. From bare-bones shells and rampant speculation to the fully fitted homes you of today, sector has undergone a remarkable evolution. Thailand restaurant among top 10 property transparency gainers Asia-pacific has made the strongest transparency improvement from 2016 and Thailand is among the top 10 gainers in a study conducted by property consultancy firm jll. B13bn condo for Rama ix road tc development co, a property developer owned by Thai and Chinese investors, will launch a new condo project worth 13 billion baht on Rama ix road after a thai supplier of Chinese sanitaryware bought a 40 stake in the. Targets boost in condo rents set-listed developer. Development Plc aims to boost revenue from rental properties to 10 of the total next year from less than. Condo demand goes soft Listed developers have switched to single detached houses as a way to diversify.

house building business plan

Required : Apartment, budget: 10,000 - 10,000 baht, python location contact: Only for real estate alliances. Required : house, budget: 4,800,000 - 6,000,000 baht, location contact: Only for real estate alliances. Required : Apartment, budget: 15,000,000 - 15,000,000 baht, location contact: Only for real estate alliances. Required : Apartment, budget: 10,000 - 20,000 baht, location contact: Only for real estate alliances. Jll: Thailand 3rd in regional transparency. Thailand is ranked 34th on property consultancy jll's Global real Estate Transparency Index in 2018, an improvement from 38th position in 2016. Fragile residential market presaged, a higher ratio of new mortgages with ltv rates exceeding 90, the increasing lti proportion and deteriorating bad mortgage rates point to the property market's fragility. Gh bank to push.9bn in non-performing assets sales. State-owned gh bank aims to fetch.9 billion baht from disposing of its non-performing assets (NPAs) this year, its chairman says.

property for sale? Get more attention from premium audiences by posting it here. Contact: do you have property for sale? Contact:, recent updates, required : Condominium, budget: 10,000 - 40,000 baht. Location contact: Only for real estate alliances. Required : house, budget: 10,000,000 - 15,000,000 baht, location contact: Only for real estate alliances. Required : Condominium, budget: 2,200,000 - 2,400,000 baht, location contact: Only for real estate alliances. Required : Apartment, budget: 14 - 16,000,000 baht, location contact: Only for real estate alliances.

Mokane to appoint new aldermen, mayor. Moniteau county toys for Tots needs extra help. Voss earns promotion in minors, braves, d-backs, dodgers fail to sign top draft resume picks. College baseball: Rackers receives honors, college volleyball: Haslag honored by Braves. Parson expands drug take-back programs in Missouri. Moniteau county authorities investigating child death. The Associated Press, top Politics Stories, latest Politics headlines.

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Staffing concerns taking toll on Missouri prisons. Industry, ag leaders fear impact of Chinese tariffs. «Swipe for More latest, parker, howard pick new spots, melo may be next. Mom of 2 girls who died charged with assaulting husband. Kansas City sees problems with gun theft. Judge to decide if Eldon water suit will summary go to jury. Miller county split on Clean Missouri Initiative.

house building business plan
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  5. 18 000 kms away, im woken up by a call from my sister to tell me a friend in Portugal says I should check on my house because its in the path of huge fires. Your source for local news, sports, high school sports and weather in and around Jefferson City, columbia, fulton and the lake of the ozarks. Property : buy sell premium properties in Thailand with ease. I collect 3D metal souvenir building replica of architecture from around the world.

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