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Many modern UIs have ripped out the perceptible cues that users rely on to understand what is clickable. Using eyetracking equipment to track and visualize users eye movements across interfaces, we investigated how strong clickability signifiers (traditional clues such as underlined, blue text or a glossy 3D button) and weak or absent signifiers (for example, linked text styled as static text. About the Study, webpages Used as Stimuli, there are many factors that influence a users interaction with an interface. To directly investigate the differences between traditional, weak, and absent signifiers in the visual treatments of interactive elements, we needed to remove any confounding variables. We took 9 web pages from live websites and modified them to create two nearly identical versions of each page, with the same layout, content and visual style. The two versions differed only in the use of strong, weak, or absent signifiers for interactive elements (buttons, links, tabs, sliders). In some cases, that meant taking an already flat page and adding shadows, gradients, and text treatments to add depth and increase the strength of the clickability signifiers.

Im tired of that stuff. I manned up and handwriting did it, hughes said. Hughes is going to run for governor of California. Video of launch, hERE. 54 of customers say this fits as expected. Too small 2, somewhat small 5, fits as expected 20, somewhat large 7, too large 3, i like these even better than the ones they replaced! Greengoddess02 fit: As expected, true to size, i received lots of compliments on food these beauties. Amazon Customer fit: As expected. I love them, and I got so many compliments on them. Chocolate fit: As expected. The popularity of flat design in digital interfaces has coincided with a scarcity of signifiers.

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C d's intelligence, no manual transmission is planned. Instead, a new Tremec 8-speed dual-clutch will be the only transmission. Before wrapping up the load of enlightening details, c d also noted that we will likely see more of the car in the spring of 2019. Flat-Earth theorist and self-taught rocket scientist Mad mike hughes has catapulted himself half a mile into the air aboard a homemade rocket in Californian desert town. The 61-year-old launched his steam-powered rocket and reached an altitude of 1,875 feet (572m) near evernote Amboy, california on Saturday. The event was previously delayed due variously to technical problems and/or lack of permission. The landing was hard, as it sheared off the nose cone of the rocket and the mans back was aching after the flight, according. Im tired of people saying I chickened out and didnt build a rocket.

flat report

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Sitting atop the wood engine hierarchy will be a 1,000 hp all-wheel-drive hybrid setup, according. The basis of the powertrain will remain the.5-liter twin-turbo v-8 engine, but a 200-hp electric motor will power the front wheels, while the internal-combustion engine will send power to the rear. That's where the 1,000 hp figure comes into play. 2020 Chevrolet Corvette (C8) spy shots - image via. Enlarge Photo, despite all of the spectacular engineering work, the report claims Chevrolet will keep the mid-engine corvette an everyman's sports car with supercar levels of performance. Thus, the C8 Corvette will likely be largely made of aluminum with various components made from magnesium and carbon fiber. Fiberglass will make up most of the body panels and total weight should come in around 3,500 pounds. That all sounds like great news, but it appears there is bad news for the giveashift crowd.

Soon thereafter, C/D reported, the same.5-liter V-8 engine will receive two turbos to send horsepower to about 800. We previously were treated. Cad images showing a twin-turbo v-8 engine for the mid-engine corvette. Now, it seems quite likely we were staring at the.5-liter V-8 referenced in the latest report. Cad images of the mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette - image via michael Accardi. Enlarge Photo, not enough? No problem for Chevrolet and General Motors engineers.

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Follow idc on Twitter at @idc and LinkedIn. All product and company names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Coverage companies covered hp inc., dell Inc., lenovo group Limited, apple Inc., acer Inc. Regions covered Worldwide topics covered Traditional desktop, traditional notebook, workstations). New details surrounding Chevrolet's worst-kept secret, the next-generation mid-engine corvette, should be more than enough to perk up enthusiasts' ears. The rather detailed information comes from.

Car and Driver report, which pegs three engines for the sports car turned supercar. At launch, the C8 Corvette will receive an upgraded version of the current.2-liter LT1 V-8 found in the current Corvette Stingray. However, driver horsepower will allegedly increase from 460 to 500 to make up for some added weight. Moving right along, we arrive at the juicier details. Chevrolet will reportedly stick.5-liter dohc flat-plane crank v-8 engine under the hood, write and it will produce at least 600. Expect a redline much higher than in past Corvettes.

Traditional PCs include desktops, notebooks, and Workstations and do not include tablets or x86 Servers. Detachable tablets and Slate tablets are part of the personal Computing device Tracker but are not addressed in this press release. Data for all companies are reported for calendar periods. Idc's Worldwide quarterly personal Computing device Tracker gathers detailed market data in over 90 countries. The research includes historical and forecast trend analysis among other data.

For more information, or to subscribe to the research, please contact Kathy nagamine. About idc trackers idc tracker products provide accurate and timely market size, company share, and forecasts for hundreds of technology markets from more than 100 countries around the globe. Using proprietary tools and research processes, idc's Trackers are updated on a semiannual, quarterly, and monthly basis. Tracker results are delivered to clients in user-friendly excel deliverables and on-line query tools. About idc international Data corporation (IDC) is the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets. With more than 1,100 analysts worldwide, idc offers global, regional, and local expertise on technology and industry opportunities and trends in over 110 countries. Idc's analysis and insight helps it professionals, business executives, and the investment community to make fact-based technology decisions and to achieve their key business objectives. Founded in 1964, idc is a wholly-owned subsidiary of International Data Group ( idg the world's leading media, data and marketing services company that activates and engages the most influential technology buyers. To learn more about idc, please visit.

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Top Companies, worldwide Traditional pc shipments, market Share, and year-On-year Growth, first quarter of 2018 (Preliminary results) (Shipments are in thousands of units). Company 1Q18 Shipments 1Q18 Market Share plan 1Q17 Shipments 1Q17 Market Share 1Q18/1Q17 Growth. Hp inc 13,676.6 13,108.7.3. Lenovo 12,305.4 12,300.4.0. Dell Inc 10,190.9 9,573.9.4. Acer Group 4,085.8 4,428.3 -7.7. Apple 4,000.6 4,201.0 -4.8 Others 16,128.7 16,787.8 -3.9 Total 60,383 100.0 60,397 100.0.0 source: idc quarterly personal Computing device Tracker, April 11, 2018 Table notes: Some idc estimates prior to financial earnings reports. Shipments include shipments to distribution channels or end users. Oem sales are counted under the company/brand under which they are sold.

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The consumer segment was slightly better than the previous quarter in term of growth, but idc believes shipments during the first three quarters of 2017 affected future demand, causing growth to decelerate in 4Q17 and after. Company, highlights, hP Inc. Maintained a comfortable lead over all others in the market with its eighth consecutive quarter of overall growth (up.3 year on year) and growth in all regions except Latin America. Lenovo saw a flat quarter in 1Q18, the third consecutive quarter in which the company saw year-on-year volume stabilize with flat global growth and a slower pace of decline in the. Posted the strongest year-on-year growth out of all the major companies, growing.4 and buoyed by strong performances in nearly every region. Acer held onto the fourth position. Its ongoing expansion into gaming and continued investments in Chromebooks have paid dividends for the company, but also caused report some tough going in other arenas. Apple finished the quarter in the fifth position with a year-on-year decline in shipments.8.

saw a promising opening quarter for the year with almost all major vendors reporting increases in notebook sales. Overall, total pc shipments for 1Q18 stood.5 million units. In, europe, the middle east and Africa emea), the traditional pc market showed stable growth for the quarter, benefiting from a positive performance across both product categories. Continued mobility adoption and increased customer awareness of the value proposition of more premium devices enabled notebooks to maintain a growth trajectory. On the other side, desktops posted strong results, driven by the growing gaming market as well as long-awaited commercial device refreshes in certain sub regions. The, apej traditional pc market ended the quarter slightly short of expectations. India and Indonesia showed better than anticipated results, but the pc market in China performed below forecast with shipments weakened by a smaller number of promotions in the consumer segment and softer demand from the public sector. Japan commercial market was a couple points below expectations due to slowing of the momentum seen in 4Q17, but it still maintained healthy growth in 1Q18.

Unlike the first quarter of 2017, an improved supply of key notebook components also loosened pressures on both supply and pricing, leading to some recovery of share for the smaller vendors. From a geographic perspective, mature markets uniformly fared positively. Market saw modest growth after six quarters of year-on-year declines and Japan continued with its seventh consecutive quarter of growth. Emerging markets were more of a mixed bag as Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) (apej) shrank for the quarter while latin America continued to recover positively against a tough 2017. "The component shortage that initially impacted portions of 2017 led some vendors to stock up inventory to avoid expected component price hikes, and that led to some concerns of excess stock that would be hard to digest in subsequent quarters said. Jay chou, research manager with idc's, p ersona l c omputing device Tracker. "However, the market is continuing on a resilient path that should essay see modest commercial momentum through 2020." "The year kicked off with optimism returning to the. Pc market, especially on the notebook side said. Neha mahajan, senior research analyst, devices displays.

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Framingham, mass., April 11, 2018, worldwide shipments of traditional PCs (desktop, notebook, and workstation) totaled.4 million units and recorded flat (0.0) year-on-year growth in the first quarter of 2018 (1Q18 according to the International Data corporation (. Idc worldwide quarterly personal Computing device Tracker. The results exceeded the earlier forecast of.5 decline and marks the third consecutive quarter where traditional pc shipment volume has hovered around flat growth year on year. Although the numbers are preliminary, the data seems to indicate a continued build up in commercial renewal activity as the main driver for the stabilizing trend. Business uptake of Windows 10 systems appear to be steadily ongoing, benefitting commercially-focused pc oems such as hp, dell, and Lenovo. Demand for premium notebooks in both the consumer and commercial segments have also helped major vendors retain better margins and garner buyer interest. Furthermore, continued focus dubai on gaming systems has injected slight improvement in pockets of the consumer space.

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Flat-Earth theorist and self-taught rocket scientist Mad mike hughes has catapulted himself half a mile into the air aboard a homemade rocket in Californian desert town. The 61-year-old launched his steam-powered rocket and reached an altitude of 1,875 feet. Fishing report for week of March 7-13, 2018 for the central San joaquin Valley, ocean and Delta compiled by dave hurley and edited by roger george.

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  3. The rather detailed information comes from a car and Driver report, which pegs three engines for the sports car turned supercar. At launch, the C8 Corvette will receive an upgraded version of the current. Indian billionaire nirav modi was living in a flat just above his jewellery store in the post mayfair area of London while he was being hunted in India for an alleged money laundering case linked to over usd 2 billion, according to a media report.

  4. Buy report Women's Samira Flat Sandal and other Flats. Our wide selection is eligible for free shipping and free returns. New details surrounding Chevrolet's worst-kept secret, the next-generation mid-engine corvette, should be more than enough to perk up enthusiasts' ears.

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