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Deborde learned his producing skills on a feature film starring Jim caviezel (Passion of the Christ, count of Monty Cristo) working as producer with legendary hollywood producer, william. Gilmore (Jaws, a few good Men). The lessons learned on that feature film put him in a position to earn his stripes in 2001 as one of the producers of The least of These a 35mm short that won numerous awards, including a crystal heart from the heartland Film Festival and. Deborde, producer on the romantic feature, old Fashioned, which enjoyed a theatrical release for Valentines day 2015 and won multiple awards after its initial festival run. Dave also created the popular educa-tional tracks for the sunscreen film festival, which was rated by moviemak-er magazine as one of the worlds top 25 most attractive film festivals because of the educational tracks. Those sunscreen classes, workshops and special events have featured: John Travolta (actor, pulp Fiction bill Cobb (actor, night at the museum tim Sexton (writer, Children of Men john Jackson (casting director, sideways sean covel (producer, napo-leon Dynamite ralph Winter (producer, wolverine dean Batali (writer/producer, That.

Duffy has been a licensed securities broker and holds licenses real for real estate sales and as a mortgage loan originator. Duffy has served as a non-lawyer on the Florida bar Grievance committee. He attended wake forest University and Rollins College, where he earned. In Business Administration and Mathematics in 1982. From the age of ten,. Duffy has been interested in treasure hunting, using metal detectors to find thousands of old coins, artifacts and jewelry, mainly in the new England area. While attending college, he discovered a 5,000 year old ancient American Indian archeological site in North Carolina which yielded hundreds surprise of artifacts. As a scuba diver,. Duffy has been exploring the coastal waters and rivers of Florida and south Carolina for fossils, and has built a collection over decades. Dave deborde dave deborde dave deborde is an award-winning filmmaker whose experience in the industry is long and varied.

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Sinclair Helped to investigate the remains of the lusitania, determining if it was carrying munitions or not. Sinclair was project archaeologist investigating shipwrecks in the republic of Panama, including a ship of Christopher Columbus on his 4th voyage and the site of the 1631 San Jose, which sank with over 400,000 silver coins onboard. Sinclair worked on the wreck of the ss central America, 1857 in 8,000 feet of water, assisting Odyssey marine retrieve remaining gold, under an agreement with the federal courts. Recently working with Global Marine Exploration of Tampa. Sinclair helped to discover and identify what may be the first evidence in a maritime context of the French presence in the new World dating back to 1565. As well Jim recently appeared in the treasure recovery documentary "Coopers Gold." keith Duffy keith Duffy keith Duffy has over thirty years of experience in investment banking, finance, strategic planning, and operations, and has been a principal in a number of startup companies. He is the founder and ceo of a company involved in creating a city of entertainment in Florida. Duffy has also been the founder and ceo of two bank holding companies, founder of a software development the company and a biotech company now trading on nasdaq. He has held a variety of management, accounting and finance positions over the years.

eth dissertation

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S.s summers, the only us navy vessel to ever experience a mutiny. Sinclair was chief archaeologist on in Indonesia on the portuguese Shipwreck the Flor de la mar, 1511. He worked in guam where recoveries were made on the nuestra senora del Pilar, 1691. Jim has worked on projects through the whole of the caribbean. In 2000 Sinclair became the first professional archaeologist to visit the wreck site of the rms titanic, in a submersible sinclair performing the first archaeological survey of the stern artifact scatter. In Sinclair investigated the possible remains of a privateer vessel commissioned by ben Franklin during the American revolutionary war as featured on National geographic as Ben Franklins Pirate Fleet. In conjunction with Odyssey pdf marine, jason Williams productions and Discovery Channel.

James Sinclair, ma james Sinclair, ma james Sinclair, ma, is a world renowned marine archaeologist who has been to the titanic, helped recover the mel Fisher treasure wreck, worked around the world on historic valuable shipwrecks and has appeared in numerous real-life recovery television productions. Jim started his career in 1980 working with the famous shipwreck hunter Mel Fisher in his quest for the nuestra senora de Atocha, 1622 which in 1985 recovery started on cultural deposits of over 400 million in value. Sinclair was in charge of the laboratories and developing new techniques for conservation of over 500,000 archaeological objects. Sinclair assisted in archaeological recovery of the sister ship of the Atocha, the santa margarita, where over 20,000,000 of treasure was recovered. In 1982 he was lead archaeologist, on the 1715 Plate Fleet off of Florida. Sinclair continues in such role including the 1622 Fleet Shipwrecks. Sinclair took part in expeditions off the State of Vera Cruz, mexico which work culminated in the location of the.

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eth dissertation

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280,000,000 coins will be sold in the ico and no more will be available. Galleon quest mission is to recover, expand and hold the recovered assets from treasure recovery sites, historic shipwreck operations and in historic shipwreck recovery projects in different oceans and locations around the world. Register on /registration Verify your Email Complete User Profile details Select Investment Method Purchase tokens Ethereum Method Transfer eth to your Personal Wallet Purchase tokes coin payments Choose payment Method Complete payment tokens show up on your wallet on the dashboard ico terms Start Data. Utilize multi-signature wallets for processing and hardware wallet cold-storage for eth allows verification of the total coin supply Allows an emergency halt sheets to occur should any part of the ico or Blockchain require it Complies with the latest compiler version and deprecated Throw recommendations. The sea coins will be immediately listed on major exchanges after the completion of the ico. Galleon quest projects will be implemented by an expert team with many years of experience in the underwater recovery industry.

Lee spence, who will be part of the team, was one of the pioneers of underwater archaeology and has over 50 years of experience, that includes a number of major discoveries. Lee spence (m/about-spence). Lee spence has been researching and finding shipwrecks and sunken treasure for about as long as anyone active in the business. He has an extremely impressive track about record of discoveries and recoveries and is well known through his many published articles and books. Vice magazine described. Spence as "a pioneer in the field of underwater archaeology, a world-renowned treasure hunter, and just about as close to an actual living, breathing Nathan Drake (in the Uncharted gaming series) as you're ever going to find. He has also been described as an "underwater Indiana jones" and as the "real Dirk pitt" (in the Clive cussler adventure novels).

Galleon quest roadmap October 2016 Galleon quest inception December 2016 Galleon quest incorporated 2017 Multiple treasure sites researched October 2017 ico concept plan written December 2017 Published white paper December 2017 First expert,. Lee spence enters agreement with Galleon quest January 2018 Signing of marine archaeology exper James Sinclair Februaury-march 2018 Pre ico phase march 2018 First multiple shipwrech site agreement for Carolinas, for.5 for 50 of artifacts and treasure April 2018 Pre-sale offering may 2018 First. S., by older Federal Admiralty Claim. If in international waters, the Admiralty claims can be made without need of any local or state permitting. Waters the treasure recovery business can be highly regulated under state laws, domestically, due to the Abandoned Shipwreck Act of 1988, which granted control and governance over wrecks located within three miles of state boundaries.

Search Most operational projects begin with extensive research as a preliminary measure. On any site that gq becomes involved with, it will have met that burden at the outset. Then, if it is an established, proven site where wreck materials and artifacts, being valuable or no, have already been found, we may engage the target. Recovery gq will operate under appropriate permits and claims, and once a target is positively identified, excavation and recovery operations will begin under expert archaeological supervision. Post-Recovery conservation coinage, precious metals and non-ferrous metals typically require an amount of post-recovery conservation. Sales we intend to establish values with our working partner for such coinage, precious metals, jewelry, gems and bullion for appropriate division. Galleon (SEA) is a special purpose entity, registered in nevis, as an ico friendly jurisdiction with a single purpose to invest into shipwreck recovery operations around the world. Upon the results of the ico, galleon will issue restricted coins to the coin holders and move the money into galleon quest, llc for the funding of various projects with contracted rights negotiated and held. A portion of the recovery will be used to buy back sea coins and burn them from future use, thus decreasing the outstanding coins in the market.

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Project - j the Project j shipwreck site is small a shallow wreck site area that has current rights in place for essay exploration and for recovery. This site is one with a history going back a number of years, with a lot of historical artifacts being recovered. The legal status of the site is settled, with necessary permits either in place or within short order from being issued. Nevertheless, we can begin working on this site through use of newly available scanning technologies in order to come to a speedy conclusion on whether not we will partner on this site. Project - k the Project K site is one that has a much more defined potential target, since the identity of the vessel may have already been established. Significant artifacts have already been recovered from the area, but due to issues revolving around former holders, government bodies would not issue the necessary permits. However, a new potential partner for gq has taken over the management and permitting of the site, and thus far they have successfully received the required permits and rights. The area has a proven history of recovered objects, but like project j, there has not been use of the new technologies available.

eth dissertation

No one really knows all the ships over time that were lost at sea. However, the advantages we possess are the ability to seize on, decipher and refine research that was well documented within the historical archives for the vessels at sea by Spain, portugal, France and others. San Jose Shipwreck, from 4 Billion to 15 Billion Estimated Ship of Gold 100-150 essay million Atocha motherlode 900 million (The mel Fisher Wreck) Antikythera Treasures 120-160 million Treasure of the. Republic 120-180 million Blockade runner georgiana 50 million British Treasury Ship 200 million Whydah Gally 400 million The Black Swan Project 500 million Salcombe Shipwreck (Still being valued) Galleon quest mission is to recover, expand and hold the recovered assets from treasure recovery sites, historic. Current ongoing Projects Project - cr the Project-cr shipwreck site is actually a cluster of shipwrecks. Although most have yet to be identified, it is believed they include Spanish, French, English, german, and American merchant ships, slavers, and even a couple privateers, which were lost over a period of several hundred years. Project - l the Project-L shipwreck site is another cluster of shipwrecks, several of which have already produced major treasure finds for other salvors in the not too distant past. Located off an archipelago that is situated along a once major route for both merchant ships and treasure galleons,. Spence was able to dive on, file a salvage claim, and obtain a court order recognizing him as the exclusive owner of the remaining wreckage in the cluster.

way, an estimated one out of ten never made it home. The estimates of the lost treasure from these ships in the caribbean and off the coast of Florida alone is conservatively placed at 60 billion or more. The number of shipwrecks that have been found and harvested for their holds are significantly less than those that are still out there. The most obvious and predictable sites we will target are those with historical records attached, prior finds made, clear legal and permitting available and most importantly, a partner on the site that we want to be in business with. While we could find these opportunities outside. Waters, we are seeking the predictability of being within. Waters which lends to our ability to safeguard our investment and control over the operation decisions. Amounts of Treasure is Enormous The numbers of shipwrecks that lay on the ocean floors is in the hundreds of thousands of vessels.

Galleon quest Advantages, galleon quest's projects will be implemented by an expert team of marine archeologists with the total over 120 years of experience in the underwater recovery industry. Galleon quests beauty position and function in any partnership will be resolute that only the very latest and proven technologies will be utilized on any given wreck site. Selection of projects will be based on both historical research and scientific underwater survey of previously located shipwrecks. Galleon quest only partners with entities that have all the necessary permits and rights in order. Galleon quest plans to direct up to 20 of recovered assets to buying back some sea coins from coinholders, thus eliminating these coins from the market, lifting the value of each sea coin. Galleon quest presently has rights to potentially lucrative and proven wreck sites. Recently, it was announced that a private investment group was backing the recovery of the san Jose, a historic treasure laden wreck off the coast of Columbia. The on-board treasure included in its documented cargo in the form of gold, silver and precious gems is estimated to be between 4 billion and 17 billion, making the san José potentially the most valuable shipwreck in the western Hemisphere.

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Galleon quest, there exists more treasure at the bottom of the ocean than in all bank vaults in the world.,. Lee spence, lead Archeologist with Galleon quest. Galleon quest io - the most adventurous and potentially profitable ico of all times, aiming to recover and preserve ancient sunken treasures as assets. You can own a portion of these treasures by buying sea tokens. Dont miss your opportunity to participate in real treasure recovery! Disclaimer -80 1 sea.00014 eth 0, march 13th, pre-ico, on going -60 1 sea.0002 eth.08, april 15-29, pre-sale 1 15 days - 50 1 sea.00022 eth.10. April 30-may 14, pre-sale 2 15 days -40 1 sea.0003 eth.12, may 15-Aug 12, pre-sale 3 15 days -30 1 sea.00035 eth.14. Crowdsale 30 days, featured On: White paper, there comes a time in every rightly-constructed boys life when he has a raging desire to go somewhere and dig for hidden treasure. mark Twain, The writing Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

eth dissertation
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  2. Otto Stern (17 February 1888 ) was a german American physicist and Nobel laureate in physics. He was the second most nominated person for a nobel Prize with 82 nominations in the years. Open to accomplished professionals and scholars working in any eld related to the built environment, the. Richard Rogers Fellowship is dedicated to advancing research on a wide range of issues—social, economic, technological, political, environmental—that are critical to shaping the contemporary city.

  3. Mavlink is a very lightweight, header-only message marshalling library for micro air vehicles. It can pack c-structs over serial channels with high effiency and send these packets to the ground control station. Newburgh Theological Seminary, newburgh Seminary, master of divinity, degree, master of divinity, degree at Home newburgh Theological Seminary newburgh College of the bible. An offshore entity ico friendly single purpose company: Recover and Preserve ancient Sunken Treasure as Assets for a new Digital Backed Cyrpto-currency.

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  5. Focused attention on how to organize and conduct research can increase the efficiency of the research process and its outcomes. The second edition. Research Methodology in Applied Economics provides time-tested guidelines to instruct graduate students in the research process.

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