Detailed summary of the invisible man

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quot;-The searl Effect-The searl Effect was discovered by john roy robert searl in 1946. Put simply, it is a method of extracting clean and sustainable definition, it is an effect based on magnetic fields that generates a continual motion of magnetized rollers around magnetized rings (also called plates) producing electrical energy. Incidental effects include negative ionization of surrounding air resulting in a cooling of temperature, and anti-gravitational characteristics under specific conditions. Other expressions used to describe similar sources of energy include 'the Space fabric 'quantum Energy field of Space' or 'Zero point Energy'. This describes an unlimited and constant source of energy which can be made to flow when the correctly proportioned masses concerned are stimulated by the correct frequencies, therefore creating an 'open system'. The idea of utilizing this source of energy is the subject of various devices and experiments, most of which prove the existence of the energy but not a method to create a coherent and ordered flow to produce useful power. In contrast, Professor searl has discovered that in order to create a steady and stable flow, all the masses of the device (and the stimulating frequencies) must conform to precise values determined mathematically by his Law of the Squares. A machine constructed to these principles produces a stable and useful power output.

Thomas Henry moray's raidant energy device - one of many demonstrations - source plan during the 1920's, Thomas Henry moray was one of the most talented electronic circuit designers in the emerging field of radio. After hundreds of experiments designed to improve radio reception, moray discovered a source of energy transmission apparently available everywhere. Using advanced ideas in solid state detectors, he developed a power source that produced 50,000 watts of a cold form of electricity. By the early 1930's, dozens of people had witnessed demonstrations of this astonishing technology - source In Moray's book "The sea of Energy in Which the earth Floats - cosray research Institute, salt lake city, ut (4th addition) On Page 190 ". 190 In fact, we have recently been informed that none of the original patent applications that Henry made are any longer available at the us patent Office. Although their file jackets are there, the contents and applications themselves are gone.".- source to make these free energy technologies self evident to the public means that they make it to the market, its pure and simple. Despite the present conditions there are also a number of modern free energy researchers who are at the brink of taking their news discoveries to higher efficient or free energy applications. All these engineers would greatly benefit from a research and development institute proposed by panacea. Panacea's infrastructure is be specific to operate and function to police, help, advance education and validate these devices. The john searl device -a working proof of concept - this Photo is taken from the video.

detailed summary of the invisible man

Detailed, summary, of, invisible, man

Tom beardon has perosnally witnessed and video taped the device working. Sweet's solid state vacuum triode used specially conditioned barium ferrite magnetics whose h-field was in self-oscillation. The device produced a cop.2´ 106, outputting some 500 watts for an input of only 33 milliwatts. Sweet never revealed his complete elf self-oscillation conditioning the procedure for the magnets. Sweet's story is important for three reasons. First, creditable witnesses saw his invention convert the invisible energy of space into useable amounts of electric power without fuel, batteries, or connection to an outlet. Second, he was subjected to the same kinds of harassment that other inventors listed here have faced. The conditions present in the patent office regarding free energy inventions is not what you would expect either.

detailed summary of the invisible man

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The short answer is" " he tried to interest officials in the State and Federal governments, but was unsuccessful. Dozens of newspaper stories were written about Bob teal and his Magnipulsion Engine between 19The biggest story that ever ran was the one in the la times on may 30, 1976 titled "Impossible" Engine Invented for real. While the publicity brought hundreds of inquiries, nothing ever came of all the interest. The motor's performance was just too "unbelievable" for most engineers and scientists who observed its operation. Out of money, and frustrated that he could not interest government officials or a major investor, teal retired again and the story of the magnipulsion Engine faded into history.- End" The scope of the free energy inventor's failed business model and interference which they. This page could be over run by the amount of devices now nacea has a detailed history of the neglect and misfortune of these devices- Free energy suppression Despite these "history lessons" there has never been any infrastructure specificaly set up in reaction to better. A research center for the study, education and validation of this genre of engineering is essential to increase consumer awareness and demand. Floyd Sweet pictured next to his free energy devices Since April the 30th 1987 Floyd Sweet has had a device to enull our dependance on fossil fuels.

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detailed summary of the invisible man

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Gray referred to this process as "splitting the positive." During the 1970's, based on this discovery,. Gray developed an 80 hp electric automobile engine that kept its batteries charged continuously. Hundreds of people witnessed dozens of demonstrations that. Gray gave in his laboratory. His story is well documented. Peter Lindemann's website, it is important to mention that all the free energy principles in the devices mentioned here have never broken the law of thermodynamics or the law of the conservation of energy. They have always operated as "open systems" which have 2 energy inputs.

One is from the user's input to get the process started, philosophy the second energy input comes from the environment which thus allows excess energy to be produced by the device. Open energy systems measure the energy output by a cop -co efficiency Of Performance. An open system can produce more energy then the user needs to put in due to the environment providing added energy. Today this detrimental simple misunderstanding of "energy in equals energy out" keeps faculties and other engineers ignorant of the true potential of these past and present devices. Bob teal Video -bob pictured next to his Magnipulsion invention Bob teal is the inventor of the "Magnipulsion" process now lost. Bob's patented process is a way of configuring an electric motor to produce the highest efficiencies. So where is this technology today?

S., France, italy, china and India, and at dozens of corporations in including Mitsubishi, toyota and Amoco. Hundreds of peer-reviewed papers in mainstream journals have been published describing these replications. One must read some of these papers before commenting on this research. You will find a bibliography of 3,000 papers, and the full text of more than 500 papers, including ones from the institutions listed above here :- jed Rothwell - librarian, lenr-canr, free energy inventors have always kept their new discoveries hidden, private and "proprietary". There has never been any infrastructure there to hold the knowledge in a public trust or do any evidence based, independent and non aligned ese conditions have contributed to the problem of faculties not advancing their education and to the technology being lost.

Also the public remain convinced that they have needed to pay for fossil fuels. Gray's, self running Motor demonstration in 1977 - the technology is now thought to be lost. In 1958, Edwin. Discovered that the discharge of a high voltage capacitor could be shocked into releasing a huge, radiant, electrostatic burst. This energy spike was produced by his circuitry and captured in a special device. Gray called his "conversion element switching tube." The non-shocking, cold form of energy that came out of this "conversion tube" powered all of his demonstrations, appliances, and motors, as well as recharged his batteries.

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All essay these new discoveries have made up the suppressed free energy genre. This science needs an independent institution, to ensure the public get independent validation. Friedrich Paneth and Kurt Peters hypothesized a form of nuclear reaction that doesn't produce radiation, they were silenced and the science w it has reemerged. An example of new chemistry -a. Cold Fusion set. In a paper presented chemist Pamela mosier-Boss told the annual convention of the American Chemical Society in Salt lake city that her team had gotten "very significant" evidence of some sort of nuclear reaction."to our knowledge, this is the first scientific report of the production. Navy, los Alamos and national labs in the.

detailed summary of the invisible man

now shaping the twenty-first century as we finally begin implementing his methods of tapping and distributing free energy. End", panacea's coverage of, nikola tesla, in 100 of these cases the engineering principles involved have been misunderstood by faculties who at present continue to class them as "crackpot" science instead of higher efficient principles or new discoveries. The simple reason- faculties or academics have long thought that these "type of devices" were "creating energy out of nothing".They did not understand that all the time they have been open systems which draw power both from the user and from an environmental source. Modern physics have proven that this environmental energy field exists and call it zero point energy. However modern physicist have not yet figured out how to configure a device that uses this field to power your ey have only figured out how to draw off a small portion and have produced "nano technology" applications. Turtur has tapped a portion of the zpe field and produced mechanical power. This field could be the substrate or energy source of all the devices mentioned here, however there are other new discoveries involved. Higher efficient principles, new ways to utilize magnetic fields and chemical reactions.

read More, these suppressed, neglected and mis-understood free energy principles have all been cleaner, cheaper and most importantly, in most cases have had the capacity to decentralize the energy grid and produce a self contained home power ese technologies have long had the capacity. Nikola tesla's Wardenclyffe tower for, free energy wireless power transmission completed in 1904. In 1905, the project was abandoned per the withdrawal of support internet by jp morgan. Nikola tesla not only wanted to give the world free energy, tesla developed components of technology whereby it could be accomplished. Tesla was a physicist, inventor, and electrical engineer of unusual intellectual brilliance and practical achievement. He was of Serb descent and most of his work was conducted in the United States. Tesla's investors dropped the project when they realized there was no way to meter the power to make money on the end user. We've been trying to catch up for 100 years and are still far behind where he was with his understanding of radiant energy.

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To consensus reality, free energy technology is currently perceived to be environmental energy derived from solar, wind, geothermal and wave power. However it remains unknown to the general public and faculties that there have been other environmental sources producing alternative free energy technologies for nearly a century. Nathan Stubblefeild - pictured next to his earth battery patent drawing. Nathan passed away in his bed, the probable victim of malnutrition and fatigue. It is generally reasoned that priority in all self powered free electrical power arts belongs to nathan Stubblefield. In addition, his was the only wallpaper system in which natural energies were obtained, magnified, and entirely employed as the empowering source. All other inventors used "artificial" sources (batteries, alternators, dynamos).

detailed summary of the invisible man
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