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Cj 103.3 (2008 3402 edwards, death in Ancient Rome review by mark Kleijwegt: cj online Exclusive 2008.07.03 grainger, alexander the Great failure: The collapse of the macedonian Empire review by Christopher Baron: cj online 2008.07.02 murgatroyd, mythical Monsters in Classical Literature review. Scott Smith: cj online Exclusive 2008.07.01 richard, greeks romans bearing Gifts: How the Ancients Inspired the founding Fathers review by rudolph Masciantonio: cj online Exclusive 2008.06.03 sumi, ceremony and Power: Performing Politics in Rome between Republic and Empire review by kelly Olson: cj online Exclusive. Kohn: cj online Exclusive 2008.06.01 reinhardt and winterbottom, eds., quintilian Institutio oratoria book 2 review by sander. Goldberg: cj online 2008.05.04 orig. Cj 103.3 (2008 3379 griffith and marks, a funny Thing Happened on the way to the Agora. Ancient Greek and Roman Humour review by Fred Franko: cj online Exclusive 2008.05.03 kugelmeier, die innere vergegenwärtigung des Bühnenspiels in Senecas Tragödien review by wolfgang Polleichtner: cj online Exclusive 2008.05.02 goldhill, how to Stage Greek tragedy today review by michael Shaw: cj online Exclusive 2008.05.01. Huskey: cj online 2008.04.03 orig.

Cj 103.3 (2008 3457, flowers, the Art of Forgetting: Disgrace and Oblivion in Roman Political Culture. Review mobile by Andrew. Gallia: cj, online 2008.10.03 orig. Cj 103.3 (2008 3424, swain,., severan Culture, review by patrick paul Hogan. Cj, online Exclusive 2008.10.02 lewis, solon the Thinker: Political Thought in Archaic Athens review by Phillip. Stanley: cj online Exclusive 2008.10.01 hejduk, clodia: a sourcebook review by jane Crawford: cj online forum Exclusive 2008.09.05 stroh, cicero: Redner, Staatsmann, Philosoph review by Christopher. Van den Berg: cj online Exclusive 2008.09.04 valavanis, great Moments in Greek archaeology review by paul Properzio: cj online Exclusive 2008.09.03 jones, juvenal and the satiric Genre review by Brian. Hook: cj online Exclusive 2008.09.02 canfora, julius caesar: The life and Times of the peoples Dictator review by rex Stem: cj online Exclusive 2008.09.01 fitch,. Seneca review by Christopher Trinacty: cj online Exclusive 2008.08.04 harris and platzner, eds. Classical Mythology: Images and Insights: Fifth Edition. Review by marianthe colakis: cj online Exclusive 2008.08.03 stoneman, alexander the Great: a life in Legend review by paul Properzio: cj online Exclusive 2008.08.02 coleman, martial: Liber Spectaculorum review by niklas Holzberg: cj online 2008.08.01 orig.

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Kendall: cj, online Exclusive 2008.12.03, stray, oxford Classics: teaching and learning 18002000. Review mom by kenneth. Kitchell,.: cj, online Exclusive 2008.12.02, pedley, sanctuaries and the sacred in the Ancient Greek world. Millis: cj, online 2008.12.01 orig. Cj 103.4 (2008 4579, sewell-rutter, guilt by descent: Moral Inheritance and Decision making in Greek tragedy. Review by richard Rader: cj, online Exclusive 2008.11.02, ash, tacitus, histories book ii, review by herbert. Benario: cj, online Exclusive 2008.11.01, shumate, nation, Empire, deline: Studies in Rhetorical Continuity from the romans to the modern Era. Review by Eric Adler: cj, online 2008.10.04 orig.

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Even Winnie the pooh might regard it as mba a bit twee. It is all so innocent, but Sugg has tapped into a truth: navigating those teenage years can be hellish, and for every moment spent wishing you could become an adult there is another spent secretly yearning to stay a child, when a hug from dad. The charm of Girl Online is the message that growing up doesnt have to mean leaving childish stuff behind. The book is sugary as a frosted cupcake, but so is zoella and six million subscribers love her that way. Girl Online by zoe sugg 352pp, penguin, telegraph offer price:.69 (plus.95 p p) (rrp.99, ebook.99). Treggiari, terentia, tullia and Publilia: The women in Ciceros Family. Review by julia. Hejduk: cj, online Exclusive 2008.12.04, mckeown, the Invention of Ancient Slavery? Review by seth.

Do you want a lemsip? Disclaimer: i am not zoella's target market. I was once a teenager, but times must have changed because the teenagers in this book bear no resemblance to any i have ever met. On their second date, noah and Penny share a flask of tea on a tartan picnic blanket. This is an excellent date if you're 83, but doesn't strike me as terribly realistic for an 18-year-old rock musician from Brooklyn. Left alone in the house, noah leads Penny down to the basement where he reveals a tent festooned with fairy lights and the handwritten sign: This here is Pennys tent. Unless your name is noah! There is a sub-plot about a doll called Princess Autumn that set my teeth on edge.

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Girl Online is the first in a two-book deal aimed at teenagers, and is very good at capturing the pressures of growing up in a world of social media. The lead character, penny, is a year 11 pupil struggling with the age-old problems boys, spots, mean girls and some very modern ones, such as perfecting a selfie pose english and agonising over whether to end a text with kisses or a smiley-face emoticon. She also suffers from panic attacks. Like zoella, she starts blogging about her problems and soon attracts a supportive following. It is a sweet story with its heart in the right place.

After falling over at a school play and showing the world her knickers - captured on video and posted on and Facebook for the ultimate humiliation - penny joins her parents on a trip to new York. There she meets a rock-god-tastic" boy called noah, who has chiselled cheekbones and chocolate brown eyes and a tragic backstory involving an avalanche. And he has a secret, which you may or may not work out two pages after you meet him. There is comic relief in the form of a gay best friend who says things like holy swoon-gate! And lovely parents who havent quite caught on to this social media lark: told that Penny is about to go viral, her concerned dad says: I thought you looked a bit peaky, love.

Although i am accustomed to academic writing I found this to be a bit of a slog, which is a less than ideal model for a book dedicated to methods of teaching and learning. More importantly, while the author claims the book will be useful for all of the divisions of higher education, it is constrained by the authors primary orientation and expertise, and most (though not all) of his examples are drawn from stem, business, and mathematically oriented. Nonetheless, talbert provides background research that will allow readers to refine and justify some of their existing techniques, helping them engage student learning both within the classroom and beyond. There is a moment in Girl Online, the debut novel from superstar zoella, where our heroine realises she is falling in love. "Even though I still don't really know very much about noah, on some deeper level it feels like i've known him forever sighs Penny.

"Is this what it means when people talk about meeting their soulmate? "I get the sudden urge to write a blog post.". What else would a girl do? Welcome to the world of zoella, where nothing seals a romance like the validation of strangers on the internet. If you're unfamiliar with zoella then youre probably old. She is zoe sugg, a 24-year-old who started off blogging about her life to a handful of followers and now has six million subscribers to her channel, where she vlogs from her bedroom on everything from hairstyles to panic attacks (she suffers from anxiety. She comes across as funny and warm and self-deprecating, and it is her ordinariness that has made her so extraordinarily popular. At her book launch on Monday - held at a secret location to prevent fans from mobbing the place - the ceo of Penguin Random house announced he had put 10 on zoella's book to be the Christmas number one. He had put 5 on his other prize author, jamie oliver.

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Chapter five offers insight into how to construct the activities. Throughout this chapter, talbert offers cogent summaries of key theories on learning and course design, and while he rarely suggests a technique with which i am unfamiliar, his explanations of how and why they are effective are certainly likely to help me refine my technique. Chapter seven provides adaptations to the flipped learning model, primarily for low technology educational environments. It also addresses a number of student objections to the flipped classroom, ranging from student complaints about having to teach themselves to gripes that flipped learning takes too much time outside of class. On a practical note, talbert also addresses the risks of participating in a flipped-learning classroom while untenured or in a contingent position. In each of these situations, he offers concrete advice for mitigating the risk of pedagogical experimentation, particularly reactions from students who are adjusting to a new line of teaching. These chapters were, perhaps, the most useful, as they provided language for addressing student dissatisfaction with new methods and were, perhaps, the most applicable to non-mathematically oriented classrooms. Throughout the book, i was struck by shakespeare talberts dry tone.

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In these fields, flipped learning makes a notable difference from traditional pedagogical methods in which students first encounter new concepts in class. In the humanities, however, students traditionally encounter new material through reading assignments before class. That material is then elaborated upon and explored in classroom lectures, discussions, small groups, and activities. It is difficult, even with one or two humanities-based examples, thesis to see how Flipped learning dramatically would change my humanities classroom. Chapters four, five, and six address the nuts and bolts of how to flip a class. Here, talbert offers both many more specific guidelines and, in a couple of instances, he draws examples from the humanities classroom. For instance, in chapter four, he suggests providing students with a list of reading questions that guide students toward increased complexity of thinking, gradually moving from reading comprehension and synthesis questions to conceptual and analytic questions.

develop the ability to access new material independently and then do the more challenging work of integrating and developing that information in the classroom with assistance from both classmates and the professor, or expert. The second chapter, The history and Theory of Flipped learning, traces the methods history to establish that it is neither new nor a fly by night fad, but rather a sensible pedagogical strategy built on a solid base. Chapter three, models of Flipped learning, offers a range of examples from math, business, and economics to demonstrate flipped learning approaches. In each example, talbert draws from largely mathematics-based courses, suggesting that students read and watch videos about concepts before coming to class to work together on problem sets, the opposite of a traditional stem course in which concepts are introduced in lecture and students then. (It is noteworthy that although Talbert argues in the earlier chapters that flipped learning is more than watching videos before class, this is, in fact, a primary method that he demonstrates.). As a religious studies professor, it was hard to see how this method would change the basic format of my humanities classes, in which student read material ahead of time, usually guided by discussion questions, and then come to class for a brief lecture that. While i have no objection to a book providing instruction on pedagogy for the stem/business classroom, talberts apparent inability to acknowledge the different structure of the humanities is significant. In failing to recognize that his methods would not significantly change the traditional structure of humanities classes, he has failed to properly acknowledge his books disciplinary scope and to correctly identify the audience to whom it would be the most useful.

The first, What Is Flipped learning? Offers definitions and histories of flipped learning, and models of what flipped learning looks like in the classroom. The second section, Flipped learning Design provides guidelines for designing a book syllabus, lessons, and classroom activities using flipped learning. Finally, the third section, teaching and learning in a flipped learning Environment addresses variations on the flipped classroom and common student complaints about the method. While talbert intends his book for use by all higher education instructors, it is probably most useful for those in stem, business, or social science classrooms. Talbert uses his initial chapter, What Is Flipped learning, and Why Use It, to work through definitions and misunderstandings of flipped learning. While flipped learning is commonly believed to consist of assigning videos of lectures for students to watch before class time, talbert explains that flipped learning is a methodology rather than a specific technique.

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Be the first to discover new talent! Each week, our editors select the one author movie and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro connect email alert. Sign up here to receive your free alerts. Robert Talberts Flipped learning: a guide for Higher Education Faculty is intended for three separate categories of instructors engaged in the process of flipped learning in higher education. He intends his monograph to appeal to the curious, the newbies, and the veterans, otherwise known as those first investigating flipped learning, those experimenting with flipped learning and looking to fix or expand on their early forays into it, and those. He intends his monograph to appeal to the curious, the newbies, and the veterans, otherwise known as those first investigating flipped learning, those experimenting with flipped learning and looking to fix or expand on their early forays into it, and those who have taught. He divides the monograph into three sections.

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