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In the end, it wasnt until we got home, that he pulled over to the nature reserve around the corner from our house, and proposed to me under the night sky, away from anybody else. As it was dark he ended up kneeling in a puddle, but I wouldnt have changed it for the world. My partner was diagnosed with cancer twice at the age. I stuck by his side every step of the way. He had an operation to get rid of the cancer the first time, but then sadly had to have chemotherapy because it had spread. He lost all his hair but remained strong and positive the whole time. . me and my work friends wanted to run the race for Life 2014 in Harlow in aid of him (Matt) it was an amazing day and the sun was beaming. I was surrounded by my amazing friends and family.

I wore the ring and then had to remove it because my fingers swelled but its now firmly back on and we have a gorgeous 4 week old boy who just tops it all off really! He took me on surprise birthday trip to jamaica and proposed one night walking along the beach. Vikki bines, my other half proposed on a surprise four-night break in Paris. On the first night in a quiet spot in the gardens in front of the illuminated Eiffel Tower. While i was sat on Craigs knee gazing up at the beautiful tower, Craig ever so calmly put the ring in front. The moment was perfect. We spent the rest of the trip talking about our wedding while no-one at home knew, it was lovely that just us two knew for a few days, and in such a beautiful city. We told everyone upon our return home, our children are food still telling the story! Georgina dellow, on a beautiful beach in Cuba on holiday, amazing! Hanna goldfinch, my other half took me for a week away in Eastbourne for our 1 year anniversary with it in mind to propose. However, in that week he never got the opportunity as I was always in the way and foiling his plans.

best marriage proposal stories

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When we got there it was absolutely stunning! I sat down on an ants nest and so had to move, then we had our picnic and he he asked if I wanted another carrot stick i almost shouted mom at him that I didnt when I turned round and he said how about half. And held out the most stunning ring! I replied with omg are you joking? Then of course said yes and he put the ring on I was the happiest girl in the whole world. He had thought about the fact that I would have hated it to be in front of lots of people. He told me he did it at heavens Gate as it was closer to my gran and grand-dad, who i miss so much and who will always be a huge part of our lives!

best marriage proposal stories

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I always thought after such a long wait Id be relieved hed finally done it and that would mom outweigh the excitement, but it was so worth the wait. Natalie stead, he flew me to venice for my birthday. Then on my birthday he proposed on a balcony overlooking the Grand Canal, then he took me on a boat tour to 3 islands surrounding Venice. Proposed February 2014 then married 6 months later. Sarah leeds, he just asked. No frills, no grand gestures. Caroline fergusson, mine was perfect for us! He took me to a place called heavens Gate and i kept wondering why he was making me buy carrot sticks in Asda before when we were getting our picnic! I moaned the whole time about going, having to sit on the floor and walk all the way (I was.5 months pregnant).

I impatiently waited 8 years and 5 months for my proposal. It had become a running joke in our friendship group that I would marry someone else and invite my fiancé, leon, along as a guest. We went on a family holiday to Greece in September 2015 with our two year old, nico, and leon kept moaning there was no sand on the beach at the hotel. I kept reassuring him that Nico wouldnt mind not being able to make a sand castle. A few days later we went on a day trip to Old Rhodes town which is really romantic, and we spent the day wondering the medieval streets followed by dinner at a taverna, and then went onto the beach at Old Rhodes harbour at sunset. I walked off to get the camera to take a photo of the view, and as I returned I found leon stood next to some writing in the sand with Nico on his shoulders. The writing said Marry me! He tried to take nico down but as he was wary of the waves he wouldnt budge so he had to go down on one knee with Nico on his shoulders. I didnt know whether to laugh or cry and immediately said yes and gave them both a big kiss.

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best marriage proposal stories

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Miranda discreetly left them alone on center stage after giving a brief description of Alexander Hamiltons marriage proposal to Eliza schuyler. I did not get down on one knee,. I could not for the life of me remember what i actually said — my heart was coming out of my mouth and pounding in my chest. After the couple left the richard Rodgers Theater, they had a glass of Champagne in a times Square boîte, and then. Pitkin, rather than going to the restaurant that. Michalos had reserved for their engagement dinner, invisible insisted that the two set off on a different route. As they neared the walter Kerr Theater,.

Michalos turned. Pitkin and said: I dont know if you know this, but the walter Kerr, that is the night I first realized I loved you. They proceeded about 20 feet farther down the sidewalk and there, in chalk that had only partly been obliterated by rain,. Pitkin had inscribed almost exactly the same words. Michalos had just uttered: This is where i knew I loved you.

I couldn't have asked for a more special moment." —kelly bickford. After helping Daddy pop the question, they changed the baby into a onesie tux! Photo Credit: Kelly bickford, the fourth of July: "My fiancé proposed on the fourth of July. My mother asked us to go to the backyard to get some chairs and he took me by the shed where we could see all of the fireworks. He kissed me, then he took the ring box out of his pocket and asked me to be his wife.

He was shaking a little. The proposal was a little silly but perfect, just like him." —Bri wallace cords Sadie hawkins day: "On February 29th i asked my fiancé to marry me! I sent him a sommeecards on Facebook. He commented 'yes' and we changed our relationship status to 'engaged.' we met online so it was perfect for us!" —Rachel Gallagher Gallagher and her fiancé are currently planning their August 2014 wedding and they have a beautiful four-month-old baby girl together. Photo Credit: Rachel Gallagher Next: Best birthday ever. Michalos, a theater director, decided to make her pitch on the stage of Hamilton, because. Pitkin, a history teacher, had a special affinity for the musical. Michalos enlisted the help of a colleague who worked with Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of Hamilton, and when the time came for the event,. Pitkin through the backstage of the set.

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So my the fiancé called everyone into the living room while dinner was cooking, and he got down on one knee and told me paperless he loved me and wanted me to be his wife. I cried, my daughter cried, his daughter cried, my parents were happy for was awesome!" —Christine lewis gauthier. Mardi Gras: "During Mardi Gras this past year, my fiancé jumped off of the float he was riding on (he had asked for permission) and came over to the barricade where he knew I would be standing with all of our friends and relatives. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Then our friends and family members threw rose petals on us, which he had planned. It was amazing — definitely a proposal for the record books." —corinne bogar. Bogar's fiancé hired a photographer to make sure the big moment was captured perfectly on camera. Photo Credit: Corinne bogar, mother's day "My fiancé proposed on my first Mother's day with the help of our four-month old son, who was wearing a custom onesie that said, 'mommy, will you marry my daddy?'.

best marriage proposal stories

I honestly didn't understand or remember everything he said, because i was so surprised and began crying. We're planning to get married when he comes home next year." —Enid Eunice ventura garcia "My fiancé proposed on December 27th. After a long day of work, i came home and saw rose petals strewn on the floor. He had also arranged the Christmas lights on our wall to say 'will you marry me?' and he was all dressed up in online a dress shirt and tie! He came up with the idea on his own." —patricia handy. Thanksgiving: "My fiancé proposed to me on Thanksgiving last year in front of my mom, my dad, my children and his children. My mom handed him the rings that my dad originally gave her when they got married over 50 years ago and she said that we had their blessing.

of the store. He asked me to open the box and this ornament is what I saw. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, and of course i said yes!" —Lindsie smith. Smith relives her sweet proposal each year when she trims her Christmas tree. Photo Credit: Lindsie smith "My fiancé proposed to me on September 26, 2012, the day before he was about to leave for the military. Since we wouldn't be spending Christmas and New year's eve together, we decided to at least put up our little Christmas tree before he left for deployment. After we put it up, he suddenly knelt in front of me, took a small box out from his pocket, opened it, and popped the question.

Here, we've rounded up some of our favorites for your viewing pleasure. Submit your proposal story to us via. Holiday wishes Come True, christmas eve/Christmas: "Last year on Christmas eve, my fiancé had secretly set up a scavenger hunt around my house. So on Christmas morning, one of his clues told me to go outside to the front porch. I discovered a giant box evernote sitting there, waiting for. The last clue read, "Just say 'yes and all of a sudden, the box burst open, and I saw that my fiancé had been hiding inside of it the whole morning!" —Stephanie ealey, ealey's fiancé popped out of a gift box to propose! Photo Credit: Stephanie ealey "My fiancé asked his parents and my parents to celebrate Christmas together last year. He was making a toast to thank everybody for being there when all of a sudden he got down on one knee to pop the question — i was just as surprised as everyone else in the room.

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Winter Park, fl, after four years of dating, marcus surprised Keshara with dinner reservations at her favorite spot on Valentine's day. Since it was a holiday, keshara had no suspicions about his proposal plans. While the couple enjoyed the view from the restaurant's outdoor patio, marcus suggested they exchange gifts, giving Keshara two bags filled with tissue paper. By the time she realized that both were empty, marcus was already down on one knee, holding the ring. "What made the proposal so special was that Marcus really went out of his way to surprise me, and he thought of every little detail she says. The restaurant's staff even showered them with congratulations when they came inside. The proposal sets the stage for your incredible journey towards becoming husband and wife. From carefully orchestrated to totally spontaneous to asking with the help of loved ones or homework unusual props, we love reading all of the unbelievably sweet, hilarious and thoughtful proposal submissions that we receive from. Bg readers around the world.

best marriage proposal stories
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Some of my favourite bloggers and wedding industry folk chimed in with their stories. 19 beautiful Proposal Stories That Will Warm your Frozen heart. The last page showed him asking me to marry him and when I looked up, he was.

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  1. We asked our wonde rful readers how did your other half propose? Find hundreds of real marriage proposal stories, photos and videos. Get your tissu es ready (or your pen and paper if you re thinking of proposing soon)! I do love a good proposal story, don t you?

  2. Marriage proposals are made in a variety of ways. Some of the best ones submitted to The new York times this year included. We absolutely love a good proposal story here at Wedding Ideas!

  3. They both could tell her family in person they were getting married. Couples around the country share the sweet proposal stories that led them to. Clint felt the moment was right and asked a teary-eyed Scott to marry him.

  4. Submit your proposal story to us via facebook or Instagram! We re planning to get married when he comes home next year. Next: Best birthday ever. Proposal season is here, which is the best excuse to shed a few happy tears over t hese.

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