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Beowulf reports to hygelac that Hrothgar may marry his daughter Freawaru to Ingeld. Why does he plan to do that? What does beowulf expect the result will be? (Remember the finn story, lines.) How does beowulf think the peace will be broken? Is this the type of report we expected from the hero beowulf, or are we seeing a new side of him? How does beowulf report about his own adventures? Does he report accurately?

Did his men expect him to return? Further Celebration at heorot (lines,. What does biography beowulf give to Hrothgar? What message does Hrothgar have for beowulf? What and why does he tell us about Heremod? Why and how did Heremod resume die? What lesson does Hrothgar teach with the heremod example? What does beowulf give to Unferth as he leaves? Beowulf Returns Home (lines,. What future does Hrothgar predict for beowulf? Who is Hygd and why is she not like modthryth?

beowulf book report

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At one point beowulf is on the floor, with Grendel's mother sitting on him and drawing her knife. How resume does beowulf escape? How does beowulf kill Grendel's mother? What weapon does he use? What happens when she dies? What does beowulf take with him from her home? What happens to the sword he used to kill her? What happens when beowulf returns to the surface?

beowulf book report

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How does beowulf tell Hrothgar to respond? What happens at the mere before beowulf enters it? How does beowulf prepare for the battle? What sword does he take with him? What happens when beowulf enters the mere? What is surprising about where Grendel and his mother live in the mere? What happens to the sword beowulf borrowed from Unferth?

Top beowulf and grendel's mother (lines,. 60-79) Another Attack (lines,. Why has Grendel's mother come to heorot? Is it the same reason Grendel had? What is Hrothgar's response? Whom has Grendel's mother killed? What sort of place is the mere? Beowulf Fights Grendel's Mother (lines,.

Beowulf, essay research Paper, beowulf

beowulf book report

Beowulf : does he fall to Pride

What does he offer to do for him? What does Unferth have to say now? The singer sings of Finn during the review feasting (lines ). The exact details of the finn story are not clear, but in general, what happens? What does it suggest about the wisdom of using a woman as bride to heal enmity between tribes? When the feasting resumes, what does wealhtheow ask Hrothgar not to do?

Wealhtheow gives beowulf a large, broad necklace. What later happens to it? What does wealhtheow ask beowulf to do? Why do so many men remain in the beer hall to sleep? Why is it a mistake?

The fight with Grendel (lines 662-835,. Heroic poetry normally has a scene in which the hero arms for battle. What is different about beowulf's preparations for his fight with Grendel? What happens when Grendel enters heorot? How does beowulf fight with him? What happens when Grendel tries to leave?

What does he leave behind? Celebration at heorot (lines 836-1250,. When the danes and geats return from following Grendel's tracks to the mere, someone sings in beowulf's presence, comparing him to sigemund and saying that he was not like heremod (lines 883-914). How is beowulf like sigemund? How is he not like heremod? (be alert for inserted stories such as this one. Beowulf contains many of them, most much more complex that this one.). How does Hrothgar respond to beowulf's deed?

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What did Hrothgar do for beowulf's father? Feast at heorot (lines add 491-661,. What does Unferth accuse beowulf needed of? How does beowulf answer him? How is this episode relevant to the poem as a whole? What does beowulf accuse Unferth of? What is queen wealhtheow doing during the feasting?

beowulf book report

What does beowulf do when he hears of Hrothgar's problems with Grendel? Whom do the geats first meet when they arrive driving in Denmark? What does he do, and what do they do? They next meet Hrothgar's herald. What does he tell them? What does he tell Hrothgar? What does Hrothgar respond? Are you surprised that Hrothgar knows beowulf so well? What does beowulf tell Hrothgar when he enters?

with what result? How long did the attacks last? What was the response of the danes? The hero comes to heorot (lines 189-490,.

The norton Anthology of English Literature, 7th., evernote vol. 1 2000 unless otherwise indicated.). Beowulf and Grendel (lines 1-1250 beowulf and Grendel's Mother (lines ). Beowulf and the Dragon (lines ). Important Characters, beowulf, a geat, hygelac, king of the geats, hygd, hygelac's queen. Hrothgar, king of the danes, wealhtheow, his queen, wiglaf, a kinsman of beowulf. Grendel, grendel's mother a dragon, beowulf and grendel (lines 1-1250,. Prologue: The rise of the danish Nation (lines 1-85,. Realize that this prologue introduces the danes, not beowulf or his people the geats.

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Beowulf reading questions (Norton7 english 201: English Literature to 1700. Boyer, reading questions for, beowulf (pp. 29-99 the best beginning procedure is always to read the assignment all the way through, keeping track of characters, so that you paper know what's happening. If possible, read the whole work first. Try to get the big picture of the book (or section, or chapter) before getting bogged down in details. Read through, then go back and clear up details. Then you're ready to read the work closely with these questions in mind. (In the discussion below, page numbers in parentheses refer to the translation by seamus heaney.

beowulf book report
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  2. Brendan Gleeson as Wiglaf. Essays and criticism on Anonymous, Unknown. Beowulf, beowulf, circa eighth Century.

  3. Writing a book report is a question of writers aim to give a compressed format of information to any kind of media. Anthony hopkins as Hrothgar. John Malkovich as Unferth.

  4. Realize that this prologue introduces the danes, not. Beowulf or his people the geats. Beowulf report about his own adventures?

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