Write about a memorable journey

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Dasha: Yes, we have a lot of ideas! Nikita: Lets think of a name. Sam: What about Forward? Vera: Thank you, friends! 2, read the text in pairs. 3, ask your questions about the children in the pictures and their conversation. Example: A: Whos this boy?

Sam: What are you going to write about? Vera: Well, Im going to write about literature because i like reading. You know, sam, i liked resume your comics about your last year adventure very much. You can do something of that kind. Sam: Well, i can think about a new story. And Kate will help me with pictures and photos. Shes going to enter a photography competition. Kate can write an article about photography. I will write about interesting facts, science and technology. Dasha and Lera are going to write about interesting places all over the world, festivals and holidays in different countries.

write about a memorable journey

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Nikita: Very well, thank you. Weve got an idea. Lera: for Wed like to make a magazine. What kind of magazine? Vera: we are going to make a school magazine for English language learners. We can write about interesting things in English. Kate: I like. I think that we can help you. Welcome to our team!

write about a memorable journey

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Ielts cue card Sample 5 - a website you often browse date: ; view: 1242. Donald Trump bleibt seiner Linie treu. Um die chinesische regierung an den Verhandlungstisch zu bekommen, will er notfalls alle Importe aus China mit Zöllen belegen. Die reaktion am deutschen Aktienmarkt blieb nicht aus: Der dax verlor binn weniger Minuten 140 Punkte. Es zeigt: zu sicher sollten sich Anleger nicht fühlen. Unit 1 Lets make a magazine workbook. 1, listen and read. Vera, dasha, lera resume and nikita meet at school after the summer holidays. They are chatting to sam and Kate on skype.

Answer: There are many important elements associated with traveling. It plays a vital role in developing a persons character. It helps an individual to break the barriers of mind and become open minded. The closed bubble gets burst, and people get an opportunity to come outside of their comfort zone. Traveling is the way to escape from the daily chores and get some time for your own self. Sometimes it is really what a person needs to move forward in life. Answer: When I say traveling is about breaking barriers, i would restrict myself from recommending any particular places, as it will act as a barrier in deciding future destination. Even I would like to leave it on time, and would prefer to take every opportunity as and when it comes.

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write about a memorable journey

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you did not like the vehicles that you took for the journey. It took a very long time which was tiresome. you got sick during the journey. There was no interesting thing to do or watch. The vehicle was a public transport and stopped several times. Some other cue cards that you should review be able to answer if you prepare for this cue card:. Talk about an interesting journey you took recently.

Describe a visit to one of your relative's house. Describe your journey to your home town. Describe a journey you took to a foreign city. Talk about a journey you disliked. Describe a journey you remember. Describe one of your memorable journeys. Follow up einstein questions: What are theimportanceof traveling?

This cue card is bit different that 'describe a place you have visited' where you would mostly describe things you watched and did on the place but for this cue card you should mostly tell about your experience during the journey. Some key points to mention for this cue card: you had a plan to visit this place for a long time and when you had the journey, you had been excited about the whole thing. you would meet a friend or relative after a long and that made you feel good. you have some memories related to this place and visiting there was a good experience for you. If this is a foreign country, say that you had a longing to visit this country.

The weather was comfortable and there was no interruption on the way. you had friends with you and you enjoyed their company as well as the vehicles. This was not a typical journey that you usually take. The natural beauty surrounding the roads was charming. you observed some different custom and culture there. If you plan to say that you did not enjoy the journey focus on the following points: you did not intend to go there but you had no other choice. The weather was not good and that made the journey difficult.

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It was a fun-filled trip as after a long time i got an opportunity to spend time with my family. Moreover, we opted for a road trip so that we had the flexibility to visit other famous places in Agra. It is review rightly said, that journey matters, and not the destination, and this is what i experienced during my short-trip. Tips for answering this cue card question: you are free to talk about any journey you are comfortable to talk about. It can be journey to another city mom of your country, to a historic or tourist place, a foreign country or to a relative or friend's house to a different location. While talking about this cue card, take some notes about a journey you remember particularly where you went, what was the purpose of going there, how you travelled there, what you saw on your way and at the place, what you did, how long you. If you liked the journey tell about some exciting things you watched and did there than the usual things you. For instance: you can mention some of the great places you visited there, the sightseeing of the journey. Do not focus too much on the place you went rather emphasize what happened on the way.

write about a memorable journey

It stated, The taj exposition Mahal rises above the banks of the river like a solitary tear suspended on the cheek of time. The lines encouraged me to visit the monument of love, the taj Mahal. Taj Mahal is included in the seven Wonders of the world. So, before even I think of visiting any other site, it becomes more of a responsibility to give a visit to the heritage site of India. It was the prime reason i visited Taj Mahal. It was a short trip with my family. My parents and my brother accompanied on my trip.

small gardens, which Amsterdam has a lot. Street artists were performing everywhere and a lot of people came to watch their show. We enjoyed very much everything we did and especially in such a beautiful country. Having my friend by my side on this trip made it even more fun. Since we have never been to holland, everything we saw and did seemed interesting and completely new. The people, their way to interpretation their culture attracted us very much. Before leaving the place, both of us agreed that the place is worth visiting and someday we would come back to re-explore. Possible Answer 2: Once i was reading an article when I came across the lines of Rabindranath Tagore highlighting the beauty of Taj Mahal.

Possible Answer 1: I like visiting famous places and whenever I get vacation, i try to visit new places or places that I have heard about. One such trip that I took with one of my friends was a journey to holland. I would like to talk about this tour to holland that we took 2 years age. Both of us ( me and my friend ) wanted to visit Holland and specifically writing Amsterdam, hague and Rotterdam very much because we saw pictures and heard stories from friends about how beautiful and wonderful the place. So finally we applied for visa, bought plane tickets, booked a hotel, packed our bags and our trip began. We spent a lot of time before our holiday, researching of all the interesting places to visit and all the sights to see. So we went to rijks museum, van Gogh museum, Amstell beer museum, took a romantic sunset cruise in the water channels, drove to volendam, a small prettiest fisherman village, visited a cheese farm. We went to rotterdam, which is the architecture city of Holland that stimulates innovation. We enjoyed the architectures and building there as much as we did walking in the neat roads and besides the beaches.

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You should say: Where did you go on your journey? Why did you got trunk to this particular place? What did you do and with whom? And describe why you enjoyed your journey? Or if not why? Follow up questions: What are the importance of traveling? What type of places do you recommend people to visit on vacation? What places do you want to visit in future?

write about a memorable journey
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  3. A memorable culinary journey! Almost all the places of the world that it would take several books with hundreds of pages to write synopsises on them. Make yahoo your Homepage ».

  4. Write an account of the journey entitled The, journey of my life. Write about a memorable experience when you met an interesting person. While talking about this cue card, take some notes about a journey you remember particularly where you went. Describe one of your memorable journeys.

  5. You have to admit that. Journey with the Craft sounds a lot better than Random Dude Tries to be a fantasy Writer, right? Novels I write as well.

  6. Write an essay about a memorable journey essay on television boon or bane dessay traviata dvd burning world war 1 responsibility essay respire film. Dasha and Lera will also write about interesting places in the, journey club section. Journey club — welcome to scotland!

  7. Upper-crust ilk, according to an article about a, meeting of the bibliophile society, at a dinner in Boston, in the new York times, march 15, 1908. An encounter with someone you were in awe of or afraid. How to, write a, top-Scoring act essay for the Enhanced Writing Test.

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