Global warming assignment essay

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Content, the course covers the main ethical and political issues relating to global warming and climate change. After briefly surveying the empirical data relevant to global warming and climate change, in a way accessible to students from all disciplinary backgrounds, the course examines a range of competing ethical and political approaches to the plethora of problems posed by global warming. Specific topics for discussion and analysis will include: Free market and interventional economic mechanisms for lowering emissions, the role of consumers, consumer education and consumer power, implications for human rights, freedom and our freedom-loving way of life, and the challenges that dealing with the problem. Assumed knowledge 40 units in any subjects at any level. Assessment items, presentation: In class presentation. Participation: Discussion board participation, essay: Essay.

In a landscape littered with a multitude of commentary on what has gone wrong after two decades of international efforts to address climate change, and no shortage of proposals on how to rectify this, victors work is a standout contribution: melding the economics and politics. —, nick Chan is a dphil candidate at St Antonys College, oxford University, where his research focuses on the t he evolution of the Third World coalition in the climate negotiations. You resume can read Nicks blog here). Description, the course introduces students to the ethical, economic and socio-political issues arising from the environmental impact of both modern and modernising societies, with particular reference to climate change and global warming, and to the ethical, economic and socio-political issues that are being generated. Availability, not currently offered. This course was last offered in Semester 2 - 2016. Learning outcomes, on successful completion of the course students will be able to:. Demonstrate an understanding of the main ethical and socio-political issues addressed and approaches taken by influential contributors report to debates on environmental issues, and of the increasingly complex global economic and socio-political realities such debates often overlook. Demonstrate critical skills for dealing with these issues and for assessing their own culture, societal life and their relation to the natural world. Demonstrate high level written and oral skills in analysing and presenting issues in this area of philosophy. Demonstrate the capacity to appreciate how ethics and philosophy inform their ways of life and attitudes to the world around them.

global warming assignment essay

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Chapter 8 then presents an integrated strategy for moving forward, based upon small-group, major-emitter club cooperation, an effort rooted in policies rather than targets and timetables, and providing incentives to reluctant countries that can reorient dynamics away from the lowest-common-denominator politics that have plagued international. Drawing clear parallels with the wto accession writing process, the climate accession deals proposal charts a path towards both increasing global ambition and the institutions and processes needed to support. But while victor notes that since copenhagen that the ground is ripening for new ideas (p.276 the un-sponsored process is still the main game in town. Claims of legitimacy in the universal-member process still resonate powerfully not least among the small island states and least developed countries, who would find it difficult to accept club-like climate cooperation that sees them only as observers and will be difficult to shift. The challenge and gap in Victors proposals still lie in finding a way to bring the best ideas on how to make commitments credible within the forum of the unfccc without being diluted to the point of meaninglessness. To his credit, victor is not calling for the end of the unfccc process, recognising the value of some of the processes that have developed around. But there is little nostalgia for the principles that the unfccc represents, and even if these are being contested now more than ever before, may still be a cognitive and political step too far for most diplomats and policymakers. Global Warming Gridlock brings together a wealth of comprehensive analysis, which has in its crosshairs the conventional wisdom that has straitjacketed both national and international efforts at dealing with climate change. Given this chequered history, victors work may be summed up as a let a thousand flowers bloom philosophy: we know what doesnt work, and the experiments in climate governance have to intensify.

global warming assignment essay

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Chapters 7 and 8 conclude the book by returning to the international political process and summarise victors prescriptions for what can be plausibly done. Chapter 7 reviews the history of climate diplomacy, and in a neat mirror to Chapter 2s polemic against the assumptions that underpin contemporary climate policymaking, draws out further myths that constitute the diplomatic consensus over what an international regime should look like. In four areas, victor argues that the wrong lessons were drawn from previous experience of environmental diplomacy the principle of universal participation, an architecture based on targets and timetables, a desire for greater legal bindingness, and a neglect in building an enforcement system. In all of these, victors criticisms are trenchant, needed and he usefully identifies better lessons from trade and other environmental regimes. But what is left only partially answered is an account of why diplomats did indeed draw the lessons that they did: why were particular lessons, and not others, seized upon as the models for the climate regime to mimic? For example, victor suggests that a targets and timetables architecture was based on a herd mentality in past efforts at designing air pollution treaties, a compelling example of cognitive inertia and path dependence in regime design. But if argument by analogy (x current situation is like the past y situation, so conclusions from y are applicable to x) is commonplace in political life, is there anything that can be done about it? The shortcoming of this sobering chapter is that Victor leaves little guide about how to choose between contested lessons of history, and how to avoid such calamitous mistakes in the future.

A key strand of the climate governance literature worries about regime fragmentation, but for Victor, a multiplicity of schemes in this case, carbon markets is the better way to turn international offsets away from a cdm monopoly and into a competition for quality that better. The larger problem, however, lies in addressing the perverse incentives that international offsets generate, but also in recognising the big dents in emissions will not come on a project-by-project basis. Instead, international assistance will have the most leverage in triggering larger policy reforms in developing countries and that much-touted co-benefits still require substantial changes in public administration, technology, and political commitment to be turned into reality. Adaptation is dealt with briefly in Chapter 6, where victor argues that the moral thinking on adaptation is wrong (p.182) and what is needed is a focus on the full ledger of costs and benefits, including second-order knock-on effects of regulating emissions. But in this respect the international negotiating process recognises this under the response measures discussions, although concrete policy schemes are largely absent from the discussion. The relative neglect of adaptation policy is unfortunate, particularly given the controversial nature of Victors conclusion that while adaptation is essential, there is little the international community can do to help countries adapt. The questions recurring during the international discussions on adaptation are not unlike those covered by analysis elsewhere in the book regarding the kind of institutions to be established, managing interaction with other areas of policy, ensuring the credibility and transparency of financial flows all ones.

On global warming synthesis essay

global warming assignment essay

Global, warming, essay, reference

Gridlock brings together several strands of day analysis that Victor has done over the years with various collaborators, and is presented as a sequel to his 2001 book, the collapse of the kyoto Protocol and the Struggle to Slow Global Warming (Princeton University Press). Now, as then, his starting point lies in examining the economic structure of the problem and how this shapes the realm of the politically possible, with his conclusions amounting to a withering attack (p.xxxiii) on the past two decades of international efforts at forging cooperation. Victor begins by unpicking the myths (Chapter 2) that have guided these efforts thus far: that of the scientist (that policy follows a scientific consensus of the environmentalist (that the best solution to environmental problems is a universal one and of the engineer (that technological. With strong echoes of mike hulmes. Why we disagree about Global Warming (2009, cup this provocative challenge to the underlying assumptions of climate policymaking sets the stage for what follows and Victors correctives to these myths: the real way in which policy is made, the advantages of club, not universal, cooperation. Each of the main sections (Chapters 3-6) contains a useful step of theoretical generalisation that academic readers may find especially useful in building a more general understanding of economic and political change. In Chapter 3, victor points out that the economic characteristics of the problem favour the use of certain approaches over others more specifically, that the uncertain cost of regulating emissions favour the use of policies focused on the price of emissions, rather than the quantity.

And yet, the reverse has taken place, with international efforts largely focusing on quantity instruments (cap-and-trade) over price instruments (taxes). Victor provides a persuasive account of the political economy of regulation and how the organisation of interest groups within a society upends the economics of regulation, favouring cap-and-trade instead. The creation of emission trading systems create new assets and a new pie to be distributed a politically different ballgame to the alternative of taxation. If Chapter 3 presents a sobering history of how environmentally ineffective policy in the industrialised countries has been, then Chapter 4 provides warnings about how to avoid similar problems from emerging among the large developing countries as their mitigation efforts intensify. The myriad problems with the cdm and doubts over how much of the investment generated is genuinely additional need to be addressed through building the administrative capacity in developing countries to preserve the quality of offsets.

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What kind of legal structure? What future for common but differentiated responsibilities? Or indeed, for the un framework convention on Climate Change, soon to mark its 20th anniversary? Meanwhile, the world continues to emit greenhouse gases on a pathway likely to take us to a world of 2C warming and well beyond. Discussions at the international negotiations have been preoccupied with cajoling emission-reduction commitments from countries that will bend the global emissions pathway downwards, making a 2C world or even less more likely. But the larger problem, and the central premise of david Victors new book, global Warming Gridlock, is the disconnnect between these commitments and the ability of governments to meet them: in other words, that commitments on reducing emissions are largely not credible absent an understanding.

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global warming assignment essay

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global warming assignment essay
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  5. 2 nd writing assignment is due at the beginning of class.19.09. The 30 year mean indicates that even though we are experiencing global warming, there will. The scientific community is in broad agreement on these issues, even those who are skeptical about future global warming. However, you wont be worse a persuasive essay on global warming.

  6. The course covers the main ethical and political issues relating to global warming and climate change. Written, assignment : Seminar Paper. Homework assignments can be discussed with classmates, but each student must write up and turn in their own assignment.individuals can make to help solve the problem of global warming?

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