Essay on my visit to a village

Essay on my village fair

They cannot get immediate emergency treatment there. There is no cinema hall. It is only through the cable network that they can see a movie otherwise they have to travel six kilometers to have a show of movie. Power cut is an important feature of Indian village. I stayed for two days in our village, the second day was very boring. So long I was among the relatives, i felt good. I returned to my city the third day.

I was surprised at the sight of school. It merely consisted of a two-room buildings. There were around thirty children sitting on coir mat. There were two teachers, each one teaching a group of fifteen, twenty children. The children were writing on the wooden plates called tektites. There was dullness and silence all around. I could hear no noise except the scream of children and the barking of dogs. However, there was occasional hoarse crying of vendors that one can hear in the village. There were no shops, hospitals, tartan cinema halls, post offices, banks in the village. People have to move two kilometers to buy things of day-to-day need. Due to lack of hospitals, some times the villagers have to meet untimely death.

essay on my visit to a village

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The greenery that I saw in the village is rare in a city. The life is laid back and calm. There is no hassle and moving there. Moving ahead, suddenly thank some stinking smell struck my nose. I covered my nose with my handkerchief. The smell was coming out of a big drain which was flowing nearby. The muddy passage was littered by the cowdungs. Image source: m, advertisements: In the village i saw the primary school.

essay on my visit to a village

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When i entered the village, i was welcomed by lush green fields. There were hills and hillocks scattered all around the village. The farmers were sowing the seeds in their fields. Their wives and children were also helping them. At a little distance there was a big field. A flock of children were grazing their cattle there. A stream was flowing nearby. The grazing cattle were drinking water in the stream.

Essay on a visit to a village

essay on my visit to a village

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When someone need from a city visits a village, he finds everything different. In fact, some of the differences appear surprising. During the summer vacation, i visited my native village besra in phd Orissa. My father was born and brought up here. When at the age of 19 he joined the army, he left his home.

Since then he only occasionally visited the village. This time we had gone there after five long years. But surprisingly, very little has changed in my village during those five years. My village is backward. Despite great progress in other parts of the country, the pace of development is very slow in my village. My village is connected to the main road by non- metallic road.

Then there were no amenities of city-life. A visit to my village - by hafsa bala na-allah, jun 5, 2018, contributed by : Hafsa bala na-allah. Status : Student, class :. S.S 1, school : Solace modern School (College age :. Mode : Simple, article type : Simple, essay for Kids, target Age Group : 6-10 years, editors Rating.

Originality-, creativity-, imagination-, i visited my village for a wedding ceremony, it was a very interesting traditional wedding of my cousin. A lot of our extended families came around. I ate a lot of tuwo and miyan kuka, our traditional meal. Later in the day, i went to the village market and also visited the Emir palace where i saw some old men wearing the same types of cloth and i asked my mother who are they? My mummy told me that they are called Dogarai the kings men). My grandparents compound is very big. My grandfather has rams, goats and Chicken on a small piece of land where he is raising them. I also visited the largest cattle market (kasuwa tike where i saw many cattle in the market including camels, i really enjoyed the visit to my village). Free sample essay on a visit to a village.

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The village-urchins were seen bathing and splashing water on one another. Here and there in the beauty standing water of you the pools buffaloes were seen wallowing in the mud. I stayed in the village for ten days and then came back full of the memories of the country life. I was given an affectionate farewell. One thing, however, made me feel sad. The condition of the village was not as it should. It was not quite clean. The drains were kacha, not well maintained arid they emitted foul smell. There were mosquitoes and flies which made life a curse.

essay on my visit to a village

Having a breakfast of milk, butter and paranthas we went out. It was a pleasure to see fields full of sugarcanes. At pdf one place the villagers were preparing gur. At some places the farmers were watering the fields. Persian wheels were working. Women were drawing water and humming sweet songs. Their stout healthy bodies presented a contrast to the sick faces of the women in the town. At some distance was the village tank. There, too women were seen washing clothes and spreading them out in the sun to dry.

coarse food. There were no formalities of any kind. What a contrast to the artificialities of city life! I went to bed early and had a sound sleep. I rose up early in the morning.

It was a pleasure to walk in the natural surroundings. I could breathe fresh and pure air. The fields around were full of smiling corn-fields of wheat and gram. Here and there could be seen fields of mustard with yellow flowers waving in the breeze. All this pdf presented a beautiful sight. There were tall trees here and there. Small birds were flying about filling the atmosphere with their chirping.

Essay on a visit to the country side, village

I have a fast friend as my room-mate in the school boarding house. He hails from a village in Haryana. He had often been inviting me to his village. During this summer vacation once again he extended me an invitation. During the winter break my friend had to leave for his village early but before his departure he reminded me of my promise to visit his village. Image source: g, the schools broke up on the 23rd Dec. For the winter holidays. On the 25th, i packed up my things essay and boarded a bus bound for the village. After a short journey of a couple of hours, i was at the bus station where i had to a light The village was about a mile away from the bus- stop; so i had to walk all this distance on foot.

essay on my visit to a village
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Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on my visit to a village. Last week i visited my village. My father is in the Army.

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  1. My visit to naraguta village was a mind blowing experience. Importance of healthy food- Short Paragraph/Speech/ Essay ; my garden- short paragraph/simple essay. A visit to a village fair Essay - short Essay on a visit to village fair for school students of class 1,2,3 in English.

  2. Visit, to a, village : Essay in English: A short essay about my visit to ancestors village. Essay is good for 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th class students. Simple essay about a visit to my village. I visited my village for a wedding ceremony, it was a very interesting traditional wedding of my cousin.

  3. English, essay for School Children. One day our teacher decided that he would take us to a village, situated at a distance of 15 kilometers from Delhi. He wanted us to see for ourselves the crops of the season.

  4. During the summer vacation, i visited my native village, besra in Orissa. My father was born and brought up here. When at the age. Visit to a, village visit to my village.

  5. Free sample essay on a, visit to a, village. When someone from a city visits a village, he finds everything different. In fact, some of the differences appear surprising.

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