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Vocabulary you will find more detailed vocabulary notes below. The one point I want to emphasise here is that one of the best ways to vary your vocabulary is to use vocabulary from different topic areas. There are only so many different ways of saying public transport. My solution is like this: public transport means talking about government local government councils transport authorities this is a money question   fares revenue costs income transport and the environment are often related topics green clean exhaust emissions air pollution, ideas for public transport essays. Here are a few i use in this essay and some others you could use in other transport essays. Advantages of free public transport the environment: more use of public transport means fewer cars on the road and that means less pollution congestion: more use of public transport would lead to less congestion greater public access: making public transport free would mean everyone could. What about long-distance routes between cities?

This emphasises that there are more pros than cons. Identify free public transport as essay topic. State there are more pros than cons to such a policy (there is only one disadvantage but two advantages). This sets out the map of the essay one disadvantage and two advantage writer paras. Content 1 (the disadvantage look at the one major disadvantage cost/revenue. Explain that it is a significant practical objection. Content 2 (the first advantage explain how free public transport can reduce pollution. Content 3 (the second advantage explain how free public transport can reduce congestion. A one sentence summary is normally right in a 5 para exam essay. So all I do is directly answer the question (there are more advantages than disadvantages) and link back to the introduction (the one disadvantage is significant).

travel essay on australia

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If you are to answer the question properly, you need to consider not just what the advantages and disadvantages are, but also how many of them there are. This should highlighted both in your introduction and conclusion. Structuring the essay, to answer the question whether there are more advantages or disadvantages, you really need to look at both advantages and disadvantages in the essay. It may be possible to say in your introduction/conclusion that you can see no advantages/disadvantages and then to write about only one side of the argument. However, i much prefer a more balanced structure that considers both pros and cons. The structure 5 paragraphs, the structure i choose for this essay is a 5 para essay. I do this partly because i want a separate para for each advantage of free public transport.

travel essay on australia

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Find a study abroad program get writing! This is the next in my series of lessons with model ielts essays. In addition to the essay to download, you will find advice on answering the question, structuring the essay, summary ideas for other transport essays and choosing the right vocabulary. The question, as ever, the first step is to analyse the question and consider what it is asking you to do the task. The question is: Public transport could be made free of charge. Are there more advantages or disadvantages to this change? The task is to give your opinion about whether there are more advantages than disadvantages to the idea of making public transport free of charge.

Its also always a good idea to have someone else to look at your essay, to get a fresh pair of eyes on your writing. Use mygoabroad to bookmark compare your fave programs. (on time) Once youve cleaned up your essay, upload that application and click submit! But, dont forget to pay attention to all of the application deadlines, and be sure to get all of your relevant documents to the study abroad program on time! Theres no worse feeling in the world than having spent weeks perfecting an essay and application, only to have missed the deadline. Take some time to brainstorm and jot a few things down. A pulitzer Prize-winning Study Abroad Essay with all of these study abroad essay tips, you might as well start packing! Youre well on your way to your grand adventure abroad, and by investing so much time and effort into your writing, your chosen study abroad program will be sure to accept you! Applying to study abroad can seem like a lot of work, but the minute you step off that plane and into your new home, youll realize that it was all worth.

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travel essay on australia

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They studied abroad on our program! A study abroad programs reputation is dependent not only on the opportunities they build for their students, but also on the caliber of students that they bring. So when writing your online personal essay, be sure to highlight what you bring to the table and how you look forward to continuing your study abroad programs mission. Example: As a participant in this program, i know that I could expand my worldview and continue insert Study Abroad Program Providers Namer s mission of creating global citizens by creating bridges between myself and other cultures. No need to go totally analog when writing your study abroad essay.

Stay in the 21st century! A solid Sprint to the finish Line As you conclude your study abroad essay, be sure to nail the point home and finish with a strong conclusion. Youll have to tie together your original introduction, the reasons pages for studying abroad, and your goals for the future all together in a nice, clean, concluding two to three sentences. Dont repeat yourself, but be sure that these final sentences pack a punch, and leave your study abroad program admissions officers ready to buy you your plane ticket outta here. Edits revisions never hit submit without first revising and editing your essay two or three times! You might notice typos or awkward sentences at second glance, and you might also think of an exciting new idea you want to add in after your third look-over!

How will this summer, semester, or year abroad bring you closer to your academic or career goals in the future? Example: Through this study abroad program in Israel, i will expand my worldview and understanding of Middle eastern cultures, which will, in turn, prepare me for my plans to pursue a graduate degree in Global peace and Conflict Studies. With this, i hope to eventually utilize my experience and passion to work for the United Nations. Studying abroad will help me achieve these goals. get custom program advice to study abroad.

In the world of academia, being formal and professional is key, but in the world of study abroad, its all about making those human connections beyond the borders of your own country! Thats why its so important to be yourself when writing your study abroad essay. Of course, always put in the time and effort so that your writing sounds smart, but dont be afraid to add a little pizzaz and let your personality shine through! This will set you apart from other study abroad applications, and will give your study abroad program a much clearer sense of who you are as a student and a person. Always related your study abroad essay back to your long-term goals and how this program will help you reach them. A two-way street Ask not what you can do for your study abroad program, but what your study abroad program can do for you! Studying abroad isnt just about what your study abroad program can provide you — you also need to prove your worth to the programs officials. After all, youll be serving as an ambassador of your home country and this program in a completely different country. They want to be sure that theyre accepting dedicated and deserving students into their program, so that years from now, when youre a famous scientist or a world-leading politician, they can point to you and say: see that person?

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Its okay if the review main reason why you want to study literature in England is because you spent your childhood reading Harry potter and The Chronicles of Narnia. Its perfectly acceptable if your love of the ocean comes from an obsession with sea turtles, which is why youve decided to study marine conservation in Costa rica. Maybe you want to study in Germany because youve always had the goal of working in international business! These are the things that make you a unique and interesting prospective study abroad student! Just be sure to always tie your passions, goals, and dreams back to how this study abroad experience will help you expand on these things and carry them with you through the rest of your life. Get Detailed Organize your outline and start on Draft 1! When youre essay describing the who, what, when, and why of your decision to study abroad, be sure to state your goals clearly. Passion is one thing, but your study abroad program also wants to know what it is exactly that you plan on gaining from this experience.

travel essay on australia

My passion for studying the Spanish language, and gaining a deeper understanding of where my family comes from, has inspired me to apply to _ study abroad program in buenos Aires, Argentina. Dont forget to sprinkle in your sparkling personality. Supporting Statements Up next in our study abroad essay tips: support your statement on why you want to study abroad by expanding on the ideas you presented in your introduction. This is where your brainstorming comes in! What has brought you to this point? What subjects studied, projects completed, or passions followed have made kinds you choose to not only study abroad, but study abroad with this particular program? Be honest and sincere.

few things down. Yeah, yeah, we know: since day one, your teachers and professors have pushed the idea of an essay outline. Youve done about a billion of them, but breaking down your study abroad essay and knowing exactly where youre going to go in your writing can help you have a more concise argument as to why your chosen study abroad program should choose you. First Impressions Matter, you always want to have that eye-grabbing introduction: who are you as a student, a person, and a traveler? In just one to two sentences, try to summarize and explain exactly who you are and why you want to study abroad (easy-peasy, right?). Dont be afraid to get personal and really let your true colors fly — this is how youll stand out to the admissions counselors who are reading hundreds of personal statements and essays! how to master study abroad scholarships for international students. For example: my grandparents emigrated from Argentina at the ripe, young age of 20 years-old, and throughout my entire life, i have been taught to love a country i have never met.

Remember that writing is a process. And, the best first step to streamline your study abroad essay business -writing process is to just scribble some ideas down and do some good ol fashioned brainstorming. Write down the things youre excited to see, do, eat while abroad. Think about what intimidates you or what will be challenging in a new country. Doodle some of your goals for your summer/semester/year abroad, and really think about what it is that has made studying abroad so important to you. Is it the idea of finally exploring that country youve been reading about since you were seven? Is it because this will be your first time living independently and far away from home? Are you just over the moon to be learning about your favorite subject in a place that is relevant to your studies?

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How to Write a unique study Abroad. Essay, sometimes, the process of studying abroad can feel almost as difficult as applying for college. You have to choose the country you want to study in, compare and contrast programs (hint: mygoabroad collect your twist transcripts and references and, inevitably, you will have to write a personal statement and study abroad essay for your application. When applying for a study abroad program especially a competitive one your personal statement and/or study abroad essay can make or break your application. After all, your program wants to know who it is exactly that will be representing their program in another country! They want to know exactly why youve decided to make the life-changing decision to spend a summer, semester, or even a year abroad. Were here to give you 10 study abroad essay tips so you can wow your study abroad program with your application. Brainstorm, most study abroad applications will ask you something along the lines of, tell us about yourself, and Why do you want to study abroad? Actually, these can be pretty tough, when you consider how many ideas you need to narrow down to fit into a 500 word response.

travel essay on australia
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  4. Unsure where to start with your study abroad application? These 10 study abroad essay tips will help get the creative juices flowing and get you accepted. If more commuters chose to travel to work on public transport. Public transport sample ielts essay, dominic Cole s ielts blog Comments.

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