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We still have that result from before that womens changes are larger and less likely to serve immediate needs, both of which make them less likely to be accepted. No attempt was made to control for this. Science journalism, care to give a completely proportionate and reasonable response to this study? Heres Business Insider: Sexism Is Rampant Among Programmers On GitHub, research Finds. A new research report shows just how ridiculously tough it can be to be a woman programmer, especially in the very male-dominated world of open-source also shows that women face a giant hurdle of gender bias when others assess their work. This research also helps explain the bigger problem: why so many women who do enter tech dont stick around in it, and often move on to other industries within 10 years. Why bang your head against the wall for longer than a decade? Edit: the title has since been changed.

Eyeballing it, it looks about 2/3 the size of the female effect, and maybe? The study has no hypothesis for why both sexes have fewer requests approved when their gender is known, without which it seems kind of hard to admitted speculate about the significance of the phenomenon for one gender in particular. For example, suppose that the reason revealing gender decreases acceptance rates is because corporate contributors tend to use their (gendered) real names and non-corporate contributors tend to use handles like 133T_haxx0R. And suppose that the best people of all genders go to work at corporations, but a bigger percent of men go there than women. Then being non-gendered would be a higher sign of quality in a man than in a woman. This is obviously a silly just-so story, but my point is that without knowing why all genders show a decline after unblinding, its premature to speculate about why their declines are of different magnitudes and it doesnt take much to get so small a difference. Theres no study-wide analysis, and no description of how many different subgroup analyses the study tried before settling on Insiders. Outsiders (nor how many different definitions of Insider. Remember, for every subgroup you try, you need to do a bonferroni correction. This study does not do any bonferroni corrections; given its already ambiguous confidence intervals, a proper correction would almost certainly edition destroy the finding.

homelessness persuasive essay

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Among outsiders, women still get more requests accepted using than men. Among outsiders, revealing genders appears to show a bias against women. Its not clear if this is statistically significant. When all genders are revealed among outsiders, men appear to have their requests accepted at a rate of 64, and women. The study does not provide enough information to determine whether this is statistically significant. Eyeballing it it looks like it might be, just barely. The study describes its main finding as being that women have fewer requests approved when their gender is known. It hides on page 16 that men also have fewer requests approved when their gender is known. It describes the effect for women as larger, but does not report the size of the male effects, nor whether the difference is statistically significant.

homelessness persuasive essay

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Once again, its hard to tell by graph-eyeballing whether these two numbers are within each others confidence intervals. The paper concludes that for insiderswe see little evidence of biasfor outsiders, we see evidence of gender bias: womens acceptance rates are.8 when they use gender neutral profiles, but drop.5 when their gender is identifiable. There is a similar drop for men, but the effect is not as strong. In other words, they conclude there is gender bias among outsiders because obvious-women do worse than gender-anonymized-women. They admit that obvious-men also do worse than gender-anonymized men, but they ignore this effect because its smaller. They do not report doing a test of statistical significance on whether it is really smaller or not. Among insiders, women get more requests accepted than men. Among insiders, people are biased towards women, that is, revealing genders gives women an advantage over men above homework and beyond the case where genders are hidden.

Among insiders, women do the same as men when gender is hidden, but better than men when gender is revealed. In other words, if you know somebodys a woman, youre more likely to approve her request than you would be on the merits alone. We cant quantify exactly how much this is, because the paper doesnt provide numbers, just graphs. Eyeballing the graph, it looks like being a woman gives you about a 1 advantage. I dont see any discussion of this result, even though its half the study, and as far as I can tell the more statistically significant half. Among outsiders, women do the same as/better than men when gender is hidden, and the same as/worse than men when gender is revealed. I cant be more specific than this because the study doesnt give numbers and Im trying to eyeball confidence intervals on graphs. The study itself say that women do worse than men when gender is revealed, so since the researchers presumably have access to their real numbers data, that might mean the confidence intervals dont overlap. From eyeballing the graph, it looks like the difference is 1 ie, men get their requests approved 64 of the time, and women 63 of the time.

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homelessness persuasive essay

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Its a pretty neat idea: pull requests are discrete units of contribution to an open source project which are either accepted or rejected by the community, so just check which ones are submitted by men. Women and whether one gender gets a higher acceptance rate than the other. This is a little harder than it sounds people on GitHub use nicks that dont always give gender cues but the researchers wrote a program to automatically link contributor emails to google Plus pages so they could figure out users genders. This alone cant rule out that one gender is genuinely doing something differently than another, so they had another neat trick: they wrote another program that automatically scored accounts on obvious gender cues: for example, somebody whose nickname was JaneSmith01, or somebody who had. By comparing obviously gendered participants with non-obviously gendered participants whom the researchers had nevertheless been able to find the gender of, they should be able to tell whether theres gender bias in request acceptances. Because gitHub is big and their study is automated, they manage to get a really nice sample size about.5 million pull requests by men and 150,000 by women. They find that women get more (!) requests accepted than men for all of the top ten programming languages.

They check some possible confounders whether women make smaller argumentative changes (easier to get accepted) or whether their changes are more likely to serve an immediate project need (again, easier to get accepted) and in fact find the opposite womens changes are larger and less likely. That makes their better performance extra impressive. So the big question is whether this changes based on obviousness of gender. The paper doesnt give a lot of the analyses I want to see, and doesnt make its data public, so well have to go with the limited information they provide. They do not provide an analysis of the population as a whole (!) but they do give us a subgroup analysis by insider status, ie whether the person has contributed to that project before.

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Long Walk to Freedom: With Connections (hrw library) "A good deal of this autobiography was written secretly while mandela was imprisoned for 27 years. Long Walk to Freedom also discloses a strong and generous spirit that refused to be broken under the most trying circumstances-a spirit in which just about everybody can find something to admire.". The power of Positive thinking "Dr. Peale offers the essence of his profound method for mastering the problems of everyday living. You will learn: How to eliminate that most devastating handicap-self doubt How to free yourself from worry, stress and resentment How to climb above problems to visualize solutions and then attain them.". Another day, another study purporting to find that Tech Is Sexist. Since its showing up here, you probably already guessed how this is going to end. Most of this analysis is not original to me hacker News had figured a lot of it out before i even woke up this morning but I think itll at least be helpful to collect all the information in one easily linkable place. The study is, gender bias In Open source: Pull Request Acceptance Of Women.

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A child Called It: One Child's courage to survive "This book is a perfect example of how the human spirit can provide strength in the toughest of situations. David's spirit helped him to survive through his mother's emotional and physical abuse.". The new Testament of the new Jerusalem Bible (With Complete Introductions to each book and Textual Notes) "I'm pretty sure this was the academic version of the new Testament that i used at the college prep I went to taught and run by jesuits. The new Testament, as many know, is the story of the life of Jesus Christ. His story is perhaps the most important ever told about overcoming obstacles in pursuit of your report personal values and the inherent wisdom you are compelled to share with the world.". Love your Life: O's Handbook for your Best Today-and Tomorrow "A book of astoundingly strong women who overcame issues that the average person just doesn't deal with in everyday life. The 106 motivating short articles in love your Life!

homelessness persuasive essay

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readers how to recognize themselves as the creators of their own pain, and how to have a pain-free existence by living fully in the present. Accessing the deepest self, the true self, can be learned, he says, by freeing ourselves from the conflicting, unreasonable demands of the mind and living "present, fully and intensely, in the now.". Dreams from my father: a story of Race and Inheritance "Elected the first black president of the harvard Law review, Obama was offered a book contract, but the intellectual journey he planned to recount became instead this poignant, probing memoir of an unusual life.". It's Not About the bike: my journey back to life "Just read the reviews. If you know anything about this man, you know he is a model of strength, perseverance and passion. Cancer survivor and 7 time winner of one of the greatest endurance races of all-time.". South: The Endurance Expedition (Penguin Classics) "Veteran explorer Sir Ernest ShackletonÂs excruciating and inspiring expedition to Antarctica aboard the Endurance has long captured the public imagination. South is his own first-hand account of this epic adventure.".

Through a series of events, she met a young man named Robert Mapplethorpe who changed her life.". I beat the Odds: From Homelessness, to The Blind Side, and beyond "Michael Oher is the young man at the center of the true story depicted in The Blind Side movie (and book) that swept up awards and accolades. Though the odds were heavily stacked against him, michael had a burning desire deep within his soul to break out of the memphis inner-city ghetto and into a world of opportunity." by randy pausch The last Lecture deckle edge 1st edition "When Professor Randy pausch. But the lecture he gave â âreally Achieving your essay Childhood Dreamsâ â wasnÂt about dying. It was about the importance of overcoming obstacles, of enabling the dreams of others, of seizing every moment.". The Alchemist "Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself the alchemist replies. "And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second's encounter with God and with eternity.".

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homelessness persuasive essay
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